Building Nova Earth: Toward A World That Works for Everyone


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  1. Lovely ‘logo’.. but don’t we NEED an image of a shining UFO in the top left corner??

    Go On!!

    In Light.


  2. Disclosure is happening now.

    To those anxiously waiting for disclosure, it appears that it is happening now.

    Many of us envisioned disclosure as a sudden dramatic announcement, with some reacting in joy, others in terror.

    However it appears to be unfolding in a very different way. Disclosure is occurring in stages and over a period of time. It is being handled in a psychologically and politically sophisticated manner.

    For those paying close attention, it certainly looks like a soft disclosure plan was set into motion soon after Obama took office.

    Obama appears to be spearheading a global strategy towards eventual hard disclosure. The plan has all the earmarks of the Obama style when implementing change: subtle, inclusive, incremental, well-planned and seamless. It is a quiet, unstoppable movement forward that carefully lays groundwork in stages.

    It is also most likely that Obama and other world leaders are not working alone. It is assumed that Galactics have a standard and successful disclosure protocol. This will not have been the first time a somewhat primitive planet has been introduced to interplanetary neighbors. The how and when of disclosure is most certainly a well thought out strategy on the part of Galactics.

    The strategy is a global one, and appears to be two-pronged. First, there has been an overall ramping up of the public’s exposure to all things UFO and ET. This involves an increase in UFO sightings all over the world, often quite dramatic and visible to many.

    Media output has also significantly increased on this topic. More TV shows and articles in the popular press about UFOS. (The History Channel’s Ancient Alien series has been very popular and has created a lot of buzz.)

    Respected military and high-level officials are coming forward about their own UFO sightings. NASA and other US agencies have released related information, i.e. there is water on other planets, building blocks for life exist on other planets, there are other earth like planets, etc. NASA photos are being released with unusual structures, which are scrutinized on YouTube. Not a week goes by without something on this topic it seems.

    This is not just occurring in America, but all over the world. The Chinese State TV and Chinese scientific groups recently made public statements about UFOs and
    Disclosure, stating that UFOs are real, and that disclosure would come soon. These statements could not have been made without the express permission of the Chinese government, a typically closed, secretive totalitarian regime. It is remarkable and highly unusual.

    This global media blitz serves to permeate the collective world psyche in a subtle but powerful way: aliens do exist. This notion is obviously being moved from fringe to mainstream. We are looking now at serious, professional and respected reflection and discussion.

    The second prong consists of setting up the social/political/ religious infrastructure to handle disclosure. There have been a number of world institutions setting up committees to study or liaise with ETs: The Vatican’s public statements and study groups, the UN appointing an ambassador to interact with Extraterrestals.

    Totally out of character for the Vatican, a traditional and conservative organization not noted for a futuristic outlook. Like the Chinese public statements, this was a stunner.

    There is no denying that something is afoot.

    The PR campaign involves the scientific, professional, military, religious community, international community and the UN. All designed to elevate the level of discourse, to decrease our anxiety and prepare us psychologically for what is to come. In psychological terms, this is called desensitization.

    We are not just being desensitized to Galactic Disclosure but also to all kinds of secret information. Much heretofore secret information is being made public. Weekly we are given information by Wikileaks that moves us out of our comfort zone of denial and ignorance.

    Not only is our collective psychology being changed, but also the global infrastructure is being established to handle the eventual disclosure. It will be an organized methodical process, handled by leaders and institutions we trust.

    The Galactics are demonstrating advanced psychological and political skill.
    If this first stage of disclosure is any indication, the subsequent phases will go smoothly and with little of the chaos and fear predicted by some.

    Make no mistake, Phase 1 is happening now.