Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: Pyramids of Light – The Light Pathway of Return


Beloved Masters, we are constantly endeavoring to give you the most pertinent information to assist you to understand what is taking place, as well as a broad overview of what to expect, as well as methods, tools and exercises to assist you to move through the evolutionary process with the least amount of discomfort via […]


Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: Creating Your Dreams with Light


Dear Ones, We have come to a time of imperatives, where your vibrational frequency, meaning who you are and what you do, affects all of humanity. Because the fields of pure potentiality exist in the frequencies of Light, the more people who become aware of and use this technology, the more the consciousness will be […]


Lynn Grabhorn: How to Get out of the Blame Game


Most of us think of blame as the melodramatic pointing of a long, crooked finger towards one who has done scandalous wrong. Yet we’re actually into blame just about every waking moment of our days. From weather, to rude drivers, to toothpaste caps, we blame from sunup ’til sundown and never think a thing about […]


Breakthrough, Completion, and Closure

Handshake 22

The ability to communicate is important among lightworkers who are leading, especially in the financial field. People who’ve been old virtual friends are now having discussions they’ve never had before. Differences in values are emerging. Relations can become strained or even break down. How are we to manage these exchanges and discussions that’ll stretch us […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – The Lower Astral Plane


The best way to prepare for the TRUTH that will soon be revealed is to activate your consciousness out of the third dimensional lies and into the fifth dimensional honesty. In doing so, you will need to clear your own fourth dimensional aura, which connects the portals of our third and fifth dimensional Self. Most […]


Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: Let the Divine’s Will Be Done in and through You


Notice from Marlene, the Rainbow Scribe: Effective immediately, Marlene is taking an indefinite time off from channeling and all website duties in order to relax, heal some injured bones, re-group, re-evaluate, and complete unfinished projects that need completion. May you all have a great July and August! Beloved Ones, As life on the planet continues […]


Golden Gaia News Roundup: June 29, 2015

news roundup

Politics & Human Rights: Same-sex Marriage is LEGAL in America! Yippee yahooey …Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriages!  Boy, it’s a beautiful day in America, and hopefully all across the world. I pray other countries will take the lead also, acknowledging that love has no bounds. One month ago, I wrote a Special Edition, […]


Peter Borys Jr.: The Divine Life on Earth

Peter Borys

For many thousands of years, humanity has experienced life on Earth in a duality/polarity consciousness that is a dense frequency restriction of consciousness as physical matter. It is a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation.  It operates as a conditioning within humanity through the thinking mind and a narrow range of the current physical […]


Steven Bancarz: How to Deal with Growing Spiritually While Your Partner Is Not

Steven Bancarz

My awakening started in the year of 2011 when I began to research metaphysics, ancient history, alternative science, and all of that fun stuff.  As I began practice meditation and dive deeper into my studies, I found myself in a strange place because the person who meant the most to me at the time was […]


What Might Post-Reval Project Gifting look Like? – Part 1/2

Michael 23

After the Reval, many of us will be taking a portion of the world’s unworkability and gifting in such a way as to impact the circumstances that keep the unworkable conditions in place. I’d like to illustrate how my own project planning is going, to offer an example of one funding effort and the unworkability […]


What Might Post-Reval Project Gifting look Like? – Part 2/2

Michael 23

(Concluded from Part 1.) Reaching a Decision How will they reach a decision in the larger and more complex funding requests? The legal test or standard of proof they’ll be applying is “a balance of probabilities.” That translates into “more likely credible than not.” So not “credible beyond the shadow of a doubt,” which is […]


Gold Mine of Information

Pot 3

A number of readers have asked about Jade Helm. Here is Matthew’s comment on the matter: “Numerous readers in the United States have expressed concern that the military training exercise called Jade Helm is a ‘red flag’ so the government can declare martial law, confiscate guns, and put dissenters in FEMA camps to undergo brainwashing. […]