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The Golden Age of Gaia Invites Your Help

Kathleen and Steve 33Folks, we’re at the end of the month and it’s time Kathleen and I issued our invitation, to those of you who have the financial means, to support that which you love and that which is important to you: and that is this blog, the Golden Age of Gaia.

We’re doing our part to lead in this work, send out the Light and gather the momentum we need to build Nova Earth. We need you as partners in that endeavor to financially support our work.

We’ve proposed a $1.11 voluntary month subscription and many hundreds of you have responded. But that plan will only fully blossom and prove sustainable when many thousands of the estimated 20,000 current readers respond.

So we’re only partway there.

Moreover, we still need the once-only donations of much larger amounts if we’re to meet even our basic minimal needs for this next month. This will continue to be needed until the volume of small monthly subscriptions takes over and allows us to continue on without needing to keep our attention on sustainability.  Read more…

Itinerary: West Coast Express


Lake Tahoe ensemble. It was the share that Janine (second from left) made that had me wish to come down to San Diego.

This is a dynamic post. We’ll change it as details firm up.

(Last revised: Tuesday, 5:10 p.m.)

Kathleen and I are in Seattle.

We’ve put together a very tentative travel itinerary and will add to it or subtract from it as emails come in to “Contact Us” signifying that lightworkers would like us to stop in their cities.

Use us to start a meet-up, if you like. That’s a good use of our presence here. Or meet with us individually. We’re at your service.

We’re on this caravan to assist you to begin to establish your work in your local area. Last week we helped establish a new post-Reval foundation in Southern California and heard of plans for a healing center in Northern California, which finances will be found for. We listened to plans for an LGBT Equality Project. Now we’re helping to establish meet-ups.  Read more…

Last Stop: A Lightworker Gathering Place



It’s Thursday night and I think I’ve just heard the idea that the whole trip has been about finding.

Kathleen and I are at Sitara Williamson’s house and she’s just told me her vision for Bellingham.  It’s of a “gathering place,” where all lightworkers and their services are concentrated and focused. It’s a community center. It’s a healing center. It’s a public forum.

It may provide a place for lightworker foundations, banks, auditoriums, restaurants, fitness schools, yoga centers, alternative-medical offices, art galleries, every kind of thing that lightworkers offer to the general public. But they will all be concentrated in one place.

It’s a lightworker bridgehead into the wider community. It’s a hub for lightworkers. And it’s galactic-friendly.  Read more…

A Mature Lightworker Community

Whidbey 11

Whidbey minus Brad: From left, Wendy, Kathleen, Laurel, Christopher, Pushkara

Kathleen and I are driving up Whidbey Island tonight enroute to Bellingham, our last stop on the West Coast Express.

We’ve just had the pleasure of talking with members of a mature lightworker community and perhaps I can illustrate what I mean by discussing one project they engaged in.

Pushkara wanted to build a gypsy wagon that she could take to peace rallies and “Occupy” events. It was designed to serve as a focal point and could be lived in at the same time, as a home on wheels. (It may even have application as a model home for the homeless.)

She put out the invitation to help her build it and members of the Whidbey and Port Townsend communities responded, contributed their workmanship, donated pretty impressive materials and everything else that was needed and the gypsy wagon was built.

If the lightworker community was not mature, probably no one would have listened to the invitation, no one would have taken it up, no one would have contributed materials, and no one would have built it.  Read more…

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: October 31, 2014.

SacredSaLuSa: Channelled by Mike Quinsey. October 31, 2014.

We will reiterate that nothing can change your destiny to leave the lower dimension behind, except that you lose your way and cannot lift up out of it. The opportunities to rise up are unlimited and, if you are on that path, you should already have made such progress that you have established yourself in the level of vibrations that will see you safely through.

You will get all the encouragement you need and as your level of consciousness increases so you will achieve a greater understanding of what you need to do. Keep in the Light that you surround yourself with, and know that you are secure within and safeguarded from any attempt to interfere with your plan for Ascension. Allow the lower vibrations to pass you by without becoming involved in them.

The turmoil that many countries are going through is a sign that they have tried to solve their problems or differences by force, which will never be the answer to such situations. They will come round time and time again, until it is realised that only co-operation will achieve a solution that will bring lasting peace.  Read more…

Suzanne Lie: Arcturian Transmissions to Our Inter-Galactic Emissaries. Part 3 – The Galactic Post Office

GalacticMailArcturian Transmissions to Our Inter-Galactic Emissaries. Part 3 – The Galactic Post Office. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. October 29, 2014.

Our dear Emissaries of Light assisting dear Gaia HOME to Her true frequency,

Yes, rather a long introduction, but to us there is no time and no separation of words. Could you please take a moment of your NOW to FEEL our message? You will feel, not the words that we have written, but the carrier wave of Unconditional Love that transports our messages to you from the very Heart of our ONE.

FEEL how much we love and support you. Once you acknowledge that YOU deserve our Unconditional Love and constant guidance, you will be able to open the “frequency waveform” of our message. Please allow these messages to enter into your High Heart and higher states of consciousness so that you can best translate these waveforms into your 3D language systems.

We, your SELF in the higher dimensions, are in the process of training our beloved volunteers to become leaders. As you quickly advance into the next era of your reality, it will be vital that there is a certain population of Grounded Ones who can interface between their true SELF in the higher dimensions and their 3D Earth vessel.  Read more…

Mary Magdalene via Pamela Kribbe: The Essence of All Healing

Pamela KribbeMary Magdalene: The Essence of All Healing, channeled by Pamela Kribbe, October, 2014,

Dear women and men, I am very close to you, and you can feel me with your heart.

I was called Mary Magdalene in one of my lives on Earth, and I have lived on Earth with sadness and joy, with fear and courage.

Just like you, I have lived through every emotion while making the journey through the human experience.

It is not a mark of holiness to transcend all human emotions. The characteristic of a saint is precisely that they recognize and understand every furrow in a human face.

They have such a deep understanding of the human path on Earth that there is no room for judgement, only space and silence, and a deep understanding of the other person.

When that other person is so deeply understood by a fellow human being, their burden becomes lighter. A human being who can deeply see in that way, sees the essence of the other person, that essence of infinite beauty and wisdom.  Read more…

Aster via Andrea Scully: Discomfort and Dissolving of Foundations



Aster: Discomfort and Dissolving Foundations, channeled by Andrea Scully, October 29, 2014

Andrea: Greetings. I’d like to get some feedback on the unusual and uncomfortable stage I’m feeling lately. For the last week or so, I’ve been feeling sad and mildly depressed too. I keep myself busy, but the truth is that it feels as if nothing matters.

I know this is both true and false at the same time. I know that I’m the one to decide what matters. Many of these decisions I’ve made are based in knowing what matters to me, regardless of the payoff and regardless of the ease of going forward. I feel deflated somehow, and this is unusual for me. I’m normally more buoyant than this.

Aster: We greet you, sister and self. We’re aware of the current wave of discomfort for you, and we know you’re also hearing it in different forms from others as well. This is a current of discomfort that’s happening throughout the collective and it is being noticed by many, but understood in its broadest sense by few.  Read more…

Golden Gaia News Roundup: October 31, 2014

Golden Gaia News RoundupHappy Friday, dear friends! For those celebrating Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, which is mostly an American holiday, have fun and enjoy the trick or treating! As the girls are both grown and out of the house, I forgot to buy candy for the costumed visitors, and so I will have to rush out after this to stock up! Everyone else, simply enjoy the blessing of a good Friday, with a beautiful weekend only hours away!

Today we are doing the rounds internationally, showing some key changes that look very positive. We first begin with a huge shift in West Africa that does not involve the Ebola situation directly, and we jet around from there, so fasten your safety belts, and let’s get on with it.

Protestors dissolve government in Burkina Faso.

The West African nation of Burkina Faso was originally the French colony of Upper Volta, and it sits to the east of the countries most affected by the Ebola situation. Their President, Blaise Compaore, who came to power in a 1987 coup but was democratically elected in 1991, had recently tried to rewrite the country’s constitution so that he could seek another term. Citizens protested the legislation, wishing for a change in power, and a more open discussion about the future of the nation. The military has now seized power and instituted a curfew for all citizens.

Burkina Faso Army Seizes Power After Protests by Simon Gongo and Pauline Bax for Bloomberg News

  Read more…

Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac: Your Work is Greatly Needed


Oversoul Teachings: Your Work is Greatly Needed, Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, October 30, 2014 –

Like many of you, we’re excited for the time when love and awareness can replace the hatred and division that are common in your society. We, like you, are ready for humanity to embrace the love you have the opportunity feel and express to everyone around you.

While we recognize that many people on your planet aren’t yet ready to integrate or express such a level of love and awareness, we still do everything we can to positively influence you and help you see that something real and pure exists beyond the daily strife and hatred that tend to occupy the minds and hearts of so many unaware souls.

We’re doing what we can to help an increasingly aware humanity find the pure and refined states of consciousness that’ll see you onward, and we rely far more on the things each of you are doing than you think. We look to the conscious community to spread as much love and awareness as you can in every moment, and there are multiple ways you can do this.

Many of you have found the embracing certain creative pursuits helps you talk about spirit to an increasingly receptive audience who’s willing to hear what you’re saying, and others are finding that more direct forms of activism serve to awaken humanity.  Read more…

Second Last Stop: Whidbey

Grants Pass 11

Grants Pass 2014: Steve, Kathleen, Jay and Barb

We’re on Whidbey Island tonight, our second last stop from home.

There’s a well-developed community of lightworkers here, most with no connection to the blog, doing yeoman’s work in various areas of lightwork.  I wish I had a second self or could bilocate, to write up what this community is up to. One project sums it up: it’s called the Giraffe Project. It honors people who stick their necks out.

Many people might more correctly be called lightholders and loveholders, following Buddhist and Hindu spiritual paths. It seems a deeply-related community and it tugged on my heartstrings quite a bit to leave it.

Last night in Seattle we had the pleasure of meeting  person who styled herself a light warrior. And I’d agree. She’s risked life and limb to expose corruption in government to establish the first women’s shelters in Washington State, to write plays exposing 9/11, vaccines, war-mongering and several other social ills.

I could go on and on listing the fields she’s competent in, but you get the picture. Another polymath.  Another example of the quality of person that’s come here to help with Ascension.   Read more…

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff: The Quality of Love Known as Revealment

gabrielArchangel Gabriel: The Quality of Love Known as Revealment, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, October 30, 2014,

Beloved One,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as revealment.

Each individual’s inner nature reveals powerful and persuasive truths that point to the presence of a greater spiritual reality within them, such as the inner world of spirit, of consciousness, of feelings and emotions, of the existence of the soul.

Each individual struggles towards perfection in their lives, ever searching for the one who represents the highest ideals of love, kindness, integrity, honesty, faithfulness, and beauty.

This desire within them to find and connect with the perfect ideal arises from their deeper desire to know their true self as the perfect soul that lies hidden as a great treasure within them. It is this soul that propels each person to seek and find their greater Self.  Read more…

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon: Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality

hathorsBrian: Because this message has what could be considered some ‘alarmist’ elements, it is important to keep the broader perspective in mind.  As Tom himself says later in the article, “While the tone of this message is indeed alarming, I think we would do well to keep intact, and by our side, a good sense of humor. As the American writer, Mark Twain, once quipped, ‘some things in life are so serious all you can do is laugh.'”

The Hathors: A Hathor Planetary Message – Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality, channeled by Tom Kenyon, October 14, 2014,

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

Due to time-acceleration and cosmic forces far beyond your control, you are in the midst of a crescendo of interlocking Chaotic Nodes.

In past messages we have referred to the interaction of chaotic events as a Chaotic Node, singular; but in this instance we are referring to a more complex phenomenon—what we are calling Chaotic Nodes, plural.

Depending upon your vibratory resonance you will be affected in unique ways by the escalation of chaotic events. Those of you sensitive to the ecosystem of this planet may be experiencing extreme duress as you witness the degradation of the ecosystem and the loss of many species of life.  Read more…

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