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Your generous donations support lightworkers in need, as well as Nova Earth Foundation, Golden Age of Gaia, InLight Radio, Hope Chest, and the team of volunteers that make these services possible. Our intent is to continue providing everyone with access to these sites and our radio programs for free. Please consider a monthly donation to support our efforts. Thank you.
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Part-Time IT Generalist Needed

ITThe Hope Chest has a requirement for a part-time IT Generalist. We estimate 20-25 hours per month to begin with. Compensation depends on experience.

The Hope Chest sees to the financial needs of lightworkers, to the extent that donations from readers of the Golden Age of Gaia allows.  It sees to the financial shortfalls and needs of the Nova Earth Team.

Here are some skills and qualities that we are looking for:  Read more…

Readers, You’re Amazing!

Thank youOnce again you heard the clarion call from lightworkers in need.  A truly heartfelt thanks.

Your generous donations of $10,500, which arrived to the Hope Chest on angel wings, funded all twelve people on the original wait list as of 8-1-14, as well as the six people detailed on the blog post entitled “The Challenges of Doing Lightwork and Lovework.” That’s something to be proud of.

We’re in such gratitude. Great job.

From our hearts to yours.

Karen Wilson
President, The Hope Chest

Vancouver Meet-up … and Invitation

meetupChange of plans: We’ll post the first version of “Global Meet-ups” as a post. After that, it’ll be located to the banner as a page and be updated as and when information is received. If there are meet-ups happening, get your information in by Sunday night to “Contact Us” please.

Folks, there’s been such a remarkable response to the Meet-up Invitation that we’ve decided to post an “International Meet-Ups” page every Monday, saying where Meet-Ups are being held around the world. Please send your information to “Contact Us.” Day, time, place, and frequency of meeting.

Virtual reality is OK as far as it goes. But there comes a time to meet! Over a bowl of wonton.

Vancouver GoldenGaia Meet-up

Saturday, August 23, 2014
4:00 p.m.

Hon’s Restaurant
268 Keefer Street
Vancouver, B.C.

Hope Chest Experiment: Adopt-a-Lightworker – Your Participation is Invited

EexperimentSteve: Progress report: $900 funded to Lightworker 523 so far. More to go. Yay, team! Thank you.

I’ve just had a reading with Archangel Michael about homeless people and I’ll be sharing what he said later, because he wanted me to post that conversation and discuss the matter in general.  The Hope Chest has been meeting most of the day to discuss what to do about the plight of the many lightworkers who are facing homelessness at the moment. More meetings Monday. This is a situation we’re determined to address.

Can you believe it? The Mother’s Hope Chest will be 3 years old next month. In partnership with you the readers, the Hope Chest has been able to send funds to many lightworkers in need for rent, food, utilities and medical care.

The funds that Hope Chest gives the recipient provide the opportunity to practice receiving, provide relief from immediate needs, and oftentimes are a stepping stone for the lightworker that attracts additional abundance and prosperity to their lives.  Read more…

Building Nova Earth With Subscriptions

1FB Subscription meme -GAOG

By clicking on the Hope Chest Donate button
and making a monthly subscription for as little as $5.55
we can help shift the planet to a new way of being, for the greater good of all.

Step by step, in this seemingly small and simple direction,
we balance giving and receiving in kindness and partnership together.  Read more…

Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie: Being a Multidimensional Leader

MDleadersArcturian Message – Being a Multidimensional Leader. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. August 21, 2014.

We are in the process of shifting our reality. We say “we” for all dimensions, realities and worlds are shifting into a higher frequency of expression. As it is for the least, it is for the greatest.

Hence, as the third/fourth dimension releases itself from the shackles of the third dimensional reality of illusion and shifts into the fifth dimension of the Light of Cosmic Truth, all the dimensions above the fifth also shift into their next higher dimensional expression.

As we make this transition, there is a release, a letting go, of what has been our predominant expression of Self. For example, we Arcturians are expanding our baseline frequency from the eighth through tenth dimensions into the eleventh and twelfth dimensions.

In the same manner, your human baseline frequency will shift form the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, which was once your higher expression of SELF. In the case of Earth, the third/fourth dimensions will gradually become less and less inhabitable.  Read more…

How Wide Do I Open My Arms?

And I became the Humpty Dumpty man

I used to call myself the Humpty Dumpty man

There are so many people reporting that major vasanas and core issues are coming up at this time and some of the stories are heart-wrenching.

They’re coming up to be cleared.

Here are some noticeings that I wanted to share about this process.

On this side of the truth of a vasana being seen, a person can feel tired, exhausted, etc. Once the vasana is seen and recognized, the same person may feel totally energized, awake, aware. The truth has set us free and there’s no more concrete demonstration of it than this time of occurrence.

We usually think that fatigue is physical, but not always or even often. It’s always a surprise to see that, under the vasana, we have all the energy in the world. The vasana caps our energy.  Read more…

The Reinvention of the Law – Part 5

LawsThis being primarily a look at the reinvention of the law, an important part of future work is the repeal of all draconian laws. Let’s look at that now.

Draconian Laws will be Repealed

SaLuSa tells us that “ all over the world your rights have been gradually eroded, and often draconian laws introduced to replace them.” (1)

These draconian laws were “introduced purely to keep a firm control over everything you do.”  (2)

All that will change. “The Laws of the Land … will be carefully scrutinized and amended, to take out those that are unjust and unlawful.”  (3)  Read more…

Lord Maitreya: Come Walk with Me

Thanks to Ellen for our transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, August 20, 2014, with Lord Maitreya.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Lord Maitreya. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thanks very much, Graham. And, Linda, I’m so excited, I bought my train ticket to go to the Lake Tahoe Conference yesterday and I can’t sit still!

Linda Dillon: Oh, how exciting, Steve! I tell you, the energy is really building. I can’t believe that you’re going to sit on a train — for how many hours?  Read more…

Video: GIant Crack Appears in Earth’s Surface in North Mexico

This video was posted by our old friend, weather and earth changes watcher, Dutchsinse.

What’s amazing is that it has gained mainstream news coverage – see separate story below from – which is where I found it.

According to Dutch, this is a drone video from Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Emergency Management, dated August 15, 2014 (sped up 2x by original uploader at Mexico emergency mgmt).

YouTube Preview Image  Read more…

Oversoul Teachings Q&As via Wes Annac: Hierarchies and Contact With ‘Grey’ Extraterrestrials – Part 2/2

Oversoul Teachings Q&As: “Hierarchies and Contact With ‘Grey’ Extraterrestrials – Part 2/2″ Channeled through Wes Annac, August 21, 2014 -

Concluded from Part 1

With the subject of hierarchies and spiritual royalty addressed, we’ll move on to our next question.

Question #2: Contact With the Greys?

“This is more of a personal question but a little while ago I had a conscious ‘dream’ of contact with the Greys [grey extraterrestrials]. I’m wondering if that was ‘real; and if any future conscious contact will occur in this reality?”

The subject of the ‘grey’ extraterrestrials can be difficult, because negative factions of this race have worked with your cabal for decades.

They offered advanced technologies, some of which are very familiar to you today and some of which are very warlike, in exchange for permission to perform abductions, cattle mutilations, and myriad other things that, in your society’s eyes, originate in the imaginations of ‘crazy’ people or people who make up stories.  Read more…

UN Human Rights Chief Rebukes Security Council for “Failure to Save Thousands of Lives”

 Pillay suggested a number of measures to make UN Security Council more effective [Reuters]

Pillay suggested a number of measures to make UN Security Council more effective [Reuters]

From AlJazeera – August 22, 2014 –

In her last address to the Security Council, the UN human rights chief sharply criticised the body for its ineffectiveness on Syria and other intractable conflicts, saying its members have often put national interests ahead of stopping mass atrocities.

“I firmly believe that greater responsiveness by this council would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives,” said Navi Pillay, whose term as high commissioner for human rights ends on August 30.

” These crises hammer home the full cost of the international community’s failure to prevent conflict. None of these crises erupted without warning.” – Navi Pillay  Read more…

Heavenletter #5018 via Gloria Wendroff: Field of Oneness

HEAVENLETTERS 22Heavenletter #5018 In the Field of Oneness , August 21, 2014

God said:

Despite all the surface differences among My children, despite even all the interior differences between My children, there is an indefinable core that connects. It is called Oneness.

Every single person leads a life different from every other. All possibilities exist within each child of Mine at the same time that there is an irrefutable Oneness, a bond in common, a power of Oneness, a ringing of Oneness, a beauty of Oneness. In this Field of Oneness, all barriers break down. Well, they do not break down. They simply aren’t.  Read more…

Ocean in Space? Sea Plankton Found Living Outside International Space Station

Russian cosmonauts claim to have found marine creatures living on the outside of the International Space Station where conditions for life are believed to be impossible

Russian cosmonauts claim to have found marine creatures living on the outside of the International Space Station where conditions for life are believed to be impossible

By Sarah Knapton, The Telegraph, August 21, 2014 –

Sea plankton has been discovered living on the outside of the International Space Station, Russian cosmonauts have claimed.

Scientists on board the ISS are reported to have discovered living organisms when taking samples from windows.

Head of the Russian ISS orbital mission Vladimir Solovyev said the results of the experiment “are absolutely unique”.

Solovyev told the Russian Itar-Tass news agency that the tiny marine life-forms were not native to the launch site in Kazakhstan.  Read more…

The Ferguson Riots: Addressing and Ending Social/Economic Division – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, August 21, 2014 –

“Today they say that we are free, only to be chained in poverty.” – Bob Marley

It’s crazy to think that all of the mayhem in Ferguson is happening just twenty minutes from my neighborhood.

A short drive away from Alton, IL, rioting and looting is taking place because of the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager, which has once again put America’s (and the world’s) attention on race and the unfair divide between the advantaged and the disadvantaged.

People are making it clear that they’re ready for a change, and they’ve been protesting in an effort to put the spotlight on the issues at hand – namely, economic division and police brutality.

Like some people (including Russell Brand) have said, we can probably expect more of this as the planetary consciousness continues to rise. People are awakening from their slumber, and they’re taking responsibility for showing the world that a change needs made.  Read more…

Billionaire Branson, Fellow Business Leaders Pen Letter of Support for Peace in Ukraine

branson-ukraine_siRussia Today, August 21, 2014 –

Billionaire Richard Branson and fellow business tycoons have offered “whatever support we can” to end the conflict in Ukraine and prevent the return of the “cold war misery of the past.”

Branson posted an open letter (see full transcript below) on the Virgin website appealing for a peaceful solution to the crisis in the Ukraine.

He was joined by fellow business leaders including, former eBay president Jeff Skoll, Unilever CEO Paul Polman, Ukrainian tycoon Victor Pinchuk, and Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov in a plea to governments to find a peaceful end to the crisis.  Read more…