Love Wants In. Love Wants Out

Love 333

Love does have qualities. It flows. It seems unable to stand still. It wants to flow up from the heart and out into the world. It wants to be shared. There’s no hoarding love. It just disappears in the face of possessiveness. I’m sitting here experiencing so much transformative love at the moment that I […]


Who Will Choose Not to Ascend? – Part 1/4


In the wake of SaLuSa mentioning that some people might not ascend, I’ve been asked to comment further on who will and will not ascend. I’d like to do that in several parts, covering  first, what we may think of as ordinary people and, second, what we may think of as dark souls, all of […]


Jesus via John Smallman: A Lesson Newly Learnt Brings a Sense of Peace and Contentment.

Jesus posting

John’s audio reading is available here. Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Saturday August 29th 2015. For a change I am including my whole channeling exchange with Jesus today (Friday August 28th) just so that you can see (or hear) how it happens. I do take breaks, as the energy gets quite intense […]


Saul via John Smallman: You Are the Collective, and the Collective Has Decided to Awaken


John’s audio reading may be found here. Hearts Were Made to Be Filled with Love. You Are the Collective, and the Collective Has Decided to Awaken from the Nightmare Here in the spiritual realms, we have been observing with great joy the amazing progress humanity has been making recently towards awakening from the illusion. Yes, […]


St. Germain via Natalie Glasson: Instigating and Observing Transformation


My love and the vibration of transformation which the Creator delivers and anchors through my being are expressed to you now, available for you to receive and embody, to support your ascension. I am St. Germain. Some may call me a Master of Transformation, and yet I am simply observant of the energy of the […]


The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: August 20, 2015

blossom goodchild

Blossom: Hello my friends. It has been almost 2 months since we were in touch. I am hoping today is the correct time within my energies to speak with you once again. Apparently, there is much news spreading round regarding ‘The Pillars of Light’ that we ‘fell out’ about toward the end of 2011. There […]


What Will it Take to Ascend? – Part 2/2


(Concluded from yesterday.) Increasing our ability to absorb light goes hand-in-hand with releasing rigid belief systems like contemporary religious teachings, Matthew tells us. “You cannot accommodate new ideas if your belief system is rigidly held in place. Unfortunately, generations upon generations of families or institutions have passed on their own misguided knowledge in all good […]


David’s Latest Piece Dazzling, Sobering

David Wilcock 5

The number of mind-boggling revelations David Wilcock just made in his latest article is amazing. (Wes Annac has written an extensive article on it: David has asked that other blogs not repost his articles so I relate instead some of the items that interested me. One is that a weapon from Pine Gap, Australia […]


GCR Historical Overview – Part 10/10

Tree of Life

Please be aware that no one here at the Golden Age of Gaia claims to have the ability to advise you on financial matters. We do not endorse or not endorse the views expressed in this booklet. Download it here:  GCR Download. GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET (GCR) & REVALUATION OF CURRENCIES (RV) HISTORICAL OVERVIEW (EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES […]


Where’s the Inspiration?


Credit: How can we get excited about creating a new world? How can we inspire ourselves to pursue our purpose in the collective awakening and make sure the inspiration sticks? A lot of people talk about a new way of life, the meek inheriting the earth, and various other concepts that point to a […]


What Will it Take to Ascend? – Part 1/2

Ascension 55235

I’ve had an offline conversation about what it will take to ascend and what the fate is of those who don’t ascend. That conversation is one I feel relevant to be repeated here, in an expanded form. I’ll write a series later on the future of those who choose not to ascend.  Here I’d like […]


Effective Altruism – Part 2/2

Effective altruism 2

Thanks to Ed for this Wikipedia reference. (Concluded from yesterday) Behavior Donation Most narrowly construed, effective altruism is about making one’s donations in a way that does the most good. There are two related aspects to this: how much to donate and what to donate to. Charity evaluator GiveWell focuses largely on the latter […]