Things are happening in other parts of the world, and law suits have commenced here in Canada. I believe that we are starting to see the BIG TURNING of the tide! Alberta has downgraded Covid 19 to the seasonal flu, (as we knew it always was), and have said there will be no more covid measures. This is likely due to the public and lawyer pressure put on to reveal the truth.

No more quarantine hotels, testing, mandatory vaccinations, or any other measures. I think at minimum partly due to the work of Reiner Fuellmich in conjunction with lawyers all over the world.

  • David Cheyne

Alberta Drops All Covid Restrictions, Rules it a Mild Flu

And just as I was about to leave the subject, Brian sends this late-breaking news, from Stew Peters. Use your discernment and do your own research, as always.

The Canadian Province of Alberta has apparently stated that mandatory masking and quarantining will come to an end by the time kids return to school in September.  Contact tracing and testing for mild symptoms is all finished. The government will now be treating Covid as a mild flu.

Patrick King from Red Deer, Alberta, challenged the Alberta government to produce scientific evidence of the existence of the Covid-19 virus and the government could not comply.

The government’s response has been to rule that Covid is a mild flu and to cancel all mandatory measures.

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