Let Go, Let Go, Let Go

I’d like to draw a line under these passages from Lauren’s latest message and then I’d like to discuss how to approach what she points to.

“We are enthusiastically being reminded that we will not be able to carry any density with us to the other side, so this month is the final month to release emotional burdens and wrap up outworn affairs.

“‘As you walk forth into the month of December, you will be embraced by more loving energies, but you will also be called to complete many outworn tasks, behaviors, relationships, and activities that have held you bound. Realize that these next 6 weeks are a gift and will serve you well should you be willing to first let go and then fully open yourself to receiving. We cannot stress this enough… completion is the overriding energy of December with regard to your new beginnings.’ Spiritual Hierarchy

“I know I say this a lot, but our new beginnings will not commence until every last personal detail has been completed and finalized and all wayward elements from the past are wrapped up. In other words, we can’t skip any steps…anything that we’ve forgotten, suppressed or ignored will come at us like a spider monkey this month, so be sure to take a good look around your life and see whats left to deal with because this is a sort of last chance offer to empty our proverbial chalice.

“If it feels in any way like you are being pushed too far, it’s because you are…we will be pushed to a breaking point in those areas of our lives that we are not seeing clearly, areas that need a shift in perspective or deeper understanding in order for us to become unhinged. We are being stretched as far as we can possibly go so as to encourage (?) us to deal with every last lingering detail, to strip away every illusion/delusion we’ve honored along the way so that we can be as empty and as pure as possible before we fill ourselves up with the new. Even without our participation, we will be all-but-forced to resolve and absolve it all with the celestial powerhouses lining up to clean our clocks, I mean slates.” (1)

Consider that we are stimulus-response machines.  Consider that stimuli show up for us as one of two things: bringing pleasure or pain. When stimuli show up bringing pain for us, we can respond in one of two ways: by being with or by resisting.

Resisting pain has a number of undesirable side-effects. First, it causes pain to persist and so lengthens the time we experience the pain. Second, it energizes the behavior patterns of resistance to pain and increases the muscle tension in the body. Third, it adds a new set of memories to the particular situation that the pain is seen as being organized around (bad day at work, argument with spouse, spat with store clerk, etc.).  The entire consequence of resisting pain is that we become more constricted, constrained, dense, narrow, arthritic.

Being with pain includes a range of responses: allowing, observing, letting go, etc. First, being with pain allows the pain to move through us in the shortest possible time. Second, it releases the energy in the behavior patterns of resistance to pain that we already have. If we allow the whole of the awakened behavior pattern (yes, that’s right: vasana) to be observed and released, we get to watch the entire spring uncoil and we are released from our denseness and mental and emotional arthritis. Third, it results in release from the memories associated with the particular situation that the pain is seen to be organized around. The entire consequence of being with and observing pain is that we become more released, unconstricted, light, broadened, flexible.

So when Lauren tells us that December is the month to finish releasing all our old issues, excess baggage, unwanted conditions, self-harming patterns, etc., the way to do that is to be with and observe the patterns as they move from the latent to the awakened condition – that is, as the volcano leaves the sleeping state and enters the awakened state. Just allow the volcano to go off and be its witness, without projecting it onto anyone, and you will do what Lauren is advising. You will complete your old issues and release your excess baggage.

Now remember my second prediction: that we are entering a time of spiritual work, added on to our previous stages of physical and emotional clearing?  Well, what Lauren says in this month’s message is another cut at that subject. She predicts that we are nearing the point of ending the clearing of our old issues and that this is our last chance to let them go before a new stage begins.

I would modify that slightly. We are not nearing the end of this phase per se and it isn’t our last chance to let them go. It is our last chance to let them go before a new phase opens. After December, if Lauren is correct, then the new phase of spiritual expansion will begin and we will then have to attend to physical and  emotional clearing on top of attending to that new phase. The old phase will not end, per se.  All the old phases continue, but if we haven’t “finished” with the last phase, our lives may seem a bit more complicated.

So be with and observe, and let go, let go, let go.  Tis the season to be jolly and to release.  May old acquaintance (and old issues, unfinished business, excess baggage) be forgot and never brought to mind, for auld lang syne.


(1) “Lauren Gorgo: Reorienting to the New Timeline,” at

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