The Arcturians and the Galactic Federation via Suzanne Lie: Gamma Wave Lightbody.


We come to you this day to remind you that WE are ONE. “We” encompass all our volunteers who logged in to the third/fourth holographic game of “Third Dimensional Earth.” You may have some movies on your television in which the “Greek Gods” are seeing the mere humans below them. They have the power to […]


Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: The Game of Life – Beta Through Delta Brainwaves

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The Game of Life Your Earth vessel is an energy field that resonates to the frequency of your environment. YOU are the consciousness that resonates to and enlivens the Earth vessel that YOU are wearing. Your Earth vessel allows you to login to the video game of “3D Earth.” Your avatar Self plays this 3D […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Planetary Ascension – Video and Transcript.

Sue Lie

Dear Readers, There was so much information in this YouTube that I posted it again with the transcript. Thank you for all your interest. We are coming into very important times now. Are you ready? Planetary Ascension   We, the Arcturians, as well as our many friends within the Galactic Federation of Light are here […]


Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 7 – Perception IS Creation


In order to be the Master of your brainwaves, which is to be the Master of your consciousness, you need to remember to “clean up your thoughts and emotions”. As you continue your voyage into higher and higher states of consciousness, you will begin to perceive ALL your thoughts and emotions joined into the living […]


Suzanne Lie: The Breathing Mind – by Our Higher SELF


Our mind expands and contracts just like our breath. Our mind contracts when we think in a third dimensional manner, but expands when we think multidimensionally. We can actually feel the difference. Think about a third dimensional duty or obligation… Feel how your face, and body, constricts… Now think about a Multidimensional experience… Feel how […]


Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 5 – Maintaining Higher Consciousness

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Our Dearest Ones, Because of your need, and intention, to maintain a Higher Frequency of Consciousness, you are being called to change your lives in many ways. But, when you are in the midst of the 3D hustle/bustle, it can become very difficult to maintain that higher consciousness. Please remember that it is the frequency […]


Suzanne Lie: Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 4 – Gamma Wave Research

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SUMMARY OF GAMMA WAVE RESEARCH When I am led to write about something that is beyond my current understanding, I check out the Web to get all the information I can about that subject. When my mind has the information stored in my 3D brain, I can more accurately channel information regarding that topic. I […]


Suzanne Lie: Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 3 – Thoughtforms as Portals, by the Arcturians


Thoughtforms are the combination of your thoughts and emotions. It is this combination, packaged as a thoughtform that begins the creation of your own reality. The frequency of the thoughts is determined by your state of consciousness, which is determined by your brainwaves, which are largely determined by the frequency of your emotions. Your emotions […]


Suzanne Lie: Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 2 – Floating Thoughtforms by the Arcturians

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Introduction: Night before last I stayed up late writing the blog about Consciousness and Brainwaves. Then, in the middle of that night, I awoke with the message: Nothing in Nature travels alone. All Life is intertwined. This message was so strong in my mind that it woke me up and demanded that I write it down, […]


Suzanne Lie: Information from the Arcturians – Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 1

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Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 1 The Arcturians advised me to present some information about brainwaves and consciousness in preparation for exploring Gamma Wave Consciousness. Gamma Wave Consciousness allows us to consciously perceive the higher dimensional realities. However, it is best to first present some basic information about consciousness and brainwaves. Traveling in Consciousness Traveling in […]