A Humble Reminder

Nov. 15, 2011

Folks, this is a difficult matter to discuss but I do have to remind people of a few things.

Admittedly 11/11/11 was a tough event to navigate because what we expected did not seem to show up. But that’s not to say that what was planned did not show up. A large number of people found significant changes in themselves as a result of 11/11/11, many of which showed up in the days after. But some points about discussion groups have arisen following 11/11/11 and I feel the need to comment.

Discussion groups are formed to give people who share a common interest a place to come, connect and communicate about that interest.

There are two kinds of speaking venues. One is a “common” assembly, where “free” speech prevails. The other is a special assembly, where people gather (such as churches, mosques, synagogues, temples) where “free” speech is less what is wanted and respect for whatever purpose has brought the group together is preferred.

The former is composed of a mixture of people; the latter is usually composed of people with a single or particular faith, purpose, etc.

If we came into a church and said Jesus Christ was a fraud, and then defended our right to say that on grounds of free speech, our words would not be very well appreciated and probably would cause a great deal of hurt.

Human rights, and I say this as a former human-rights adjudicator, stop exactly at the point where one person, supposedly exercising their human rights, seriously harms another. Human rights cannot be legally used to justify serious harm, as many world leaders are discovering at this moment.

Discussion groups have guidelines that convey their purpose and it’s hoped that people who join the group will honor that purpose. The free-speech provision is that people who don’t want to honor it are free to form their own group. In that new group, their right to discuss their particular topic without being molested is also honored.

When a person says to the group that it’s behaving in a cult-like manner, I would suggest to that person that they have become disaffected with the purpose the group. The honorable thing to do in that circumstance would be to leave the group and to leave it unmolested, without flinging a curse upon leaving, etc. I’m sure we’ve all left groups that weren’t relevant to us any longer, given our changing interests.

If the person continues along that line, what happens is that other group members find themselves needing to choose between confronting the person or remaining silent. Some people look for the moderators to intervene. Some people leave. Many feel cowed.

When a breach like that happens, in this group at least, the moderators do intervene and see that the group is protected and is not assaulted by such an aspersion. Of course the one it intervenes with will usually respond that their freedom of speech is being interfered with, not understanding the difference between a common and a special assembly.

Again, this group follows (reliable) channeled messages. If we’re to conduct ourselves in a responsible and adult manner in a group that has chosen to listen to the messages that the galactics themselves have chosen to give to us, in the manner in which they’ve chosen to give them, then to say that you’re using this group to work out your cynicism around channeled messages and that you’ve stopped reading them, etc., is not really fair to the group. Again I suggest to you that, if you’ve fallen out of sympathy with them, then perhaps don’t dampen our own interest and enthusiasm but do the honorable thing and leave the group. Perhaps form your own.

This group is a safe and sacred space. It’s a space for lightworkers and starseeds. It’s a space that was requested by Archangel Michael and is seen as a place where information from the Company of Light is disseminated and where lightworkers practice to play a leading role in the events we’re expecting.

Part of that leading role is to find ways of communicating that don’t leave other people disempowered, upset, etc. I very much hope that people will in part use this group to step up to the plate and practice playing a leadership role, but the choice is up to you.

But I really have to say this, with all humility and without a desire to be unduly intrusive, I won’t permit this space to devolve into one that derides or disses the galactics, ascended masters, and celestials and their chosen methods of communicating with us, which for now is channeled messages. To assail that is to assail the very purpose of the group.

Please respect our purpose, which is to follow the actions and messages of the Company of Light, if you’d be so kind. If you find you cannot, then please don’t try to persuade us that we’re fooling ourselves, or blind, or a cult, etc. Rather, please quietly leave the group and let us continue with our work unmolested.

Many thanks for your kind listening,


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