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Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff: The Quality of Love Known as Transmutation

gabrielArchangel Gabriel: The Quality of Love Known as Transmutation, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, October 22, 2014,

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as transmutation.

This quality of love within a person comes into effect after great struggle within the depths of their soul to understand who they really are and what they truly stand for.

Transmutation begins when one awakens to one’s spiritual essence and discovers the spiritual path. Along the way, the individual who was identified with their outer persona through the body, emotions, and mind gradually becomes identified with their soul, their inner spiritual being.  Read more…

Children of the Sun: Share in the Love of Global Oneness Day Tomorrow

testimonials children of the sunChildren of the Sun: Share in the Love of Global Oneness Day Tomorrow, October 22, 2014,,

Dear Global Family,

The light of truth is bringing new clarity we are all connected, we are One.  Cutting edge science is revealing this.  Sacred text is filled with numerous quotes by spiritual leaders.  Near-death experiences share similar accounts where we come upon Divine light.  And, increasingly, we are feeling into it directly by communing with the Divine within.  There is growing consciousness that we are all part of one presence, the Divine.

Click Here to Learn about Global Oneness Day  [A Free Virtual Event Open For Everyone!]  Read more…

Golden Gaia News Roundup: October 23, 2014

Golden Gaia News RoundupHappy Thursday, dear friends! The weather has turned stormy here on Paumanok, and the beautiful fall leaves are falling as fast as the rain, and swirling in the brisk wind! I love a good storm, to stir up the energy. As a child, I once rode out a hurricane on a sailboat, in a tiny island harbor, spinning around at anchor. I think that is when I truly learned to go with the flow.

I am very happy we have this time together today to share the news, before we all run off in different directions, so let’s get to it.

Our focus today is on the Ebola situation around the world, which is showing many small shifts in a positive direction, and we can be of great help, by flowing our love to all beings who are affected by it. We then jump around a bit from there.

A beautiful statement of thanks from Ashoka Mukpo, who recovered from Ebola in a Nebraska Hospital.

There is plenty of news, about the Ebola situation, flooding the internet, but I was moved to share this message of extreme gratitude, from a patient that has recovered from the illness. My thoughts are, to send loving energy to all those who are going through the situation on a very human level, so that we can hear more good news on this front. The feelings he shares, about his care givers, remind me that spirit is working even in the darkest of situations.

Ashoka Mukpo’s statement after release from Nebraska Medical Center by Ashoka Mukpo for Live Well Nebraska

  Read more…

Oversoul Teachings Q&As via Wes Annac: The Spiritual Significance of Hypnosis


Oversoul Teachings Q&As: The Spiritual Significance of Hypnosis, Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, October 22, 2014 –

With all of the inexplicably pure love you now have the potential to feel, you have little reason to continuously turn to the ego or go out of your way to feed or stimulate it.

You’re spiritual beings who are just beginning to rediscover your innate spirituality and the immensely important things you’re on the earth to do, and while we understand and empathize with the fact that you’ll fall short of your potential or the expectations you’ve set for yourselves every now and then, we still encourage you to stick to the paths you’ve forged for yourselves as much and as often as you can.

You obviously aren’t on the earth to be perfect, but as many of you are learning, the more you feed the ego, the more you’ll be pulled into its universe.

An ego-filled universe is a universe of strife, difficulty and depletion, and we’re confident that you’re each ready to anchor and adopt a new way of life that transcends the wants and desires of the ego and embraces the love you can now access.  Read more…

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: Do Not Let the Delusions of Another’s Perceptions Splatter Mud on Your Own Heart’s Joy

Picture 470Do Not Let the Delusions of Another’s Perceptions Splatter Mud on Your Own Heart’s Joy, by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, October, 2014,

Time after time, existence after existence, you have been lived, died and been born again.

In this lifetime alone you have birthed and died a hundred times already, and there will be a thousand more to come.

Level by level, week by week, you birth another level of you, another nuance that is not known and has not been seen, another possibility, another perception.

Every night as you sleep, you have the option to let go of what has hurt you, what has lessened your light, what has landed in your heart; and to fly to the stars and dance in the heavens, and be birthed anew on the sunrise.  Read more…

You Proved It to Me

Grants Pass 1

The photo does not do this angel of love justice. I’m sure she lights up Grants Pass

Kathleen and I are the guests tonight of Wally and Ardis Johnston in Portland. Both are nearing 90 years and Wally has just finished telling me his life story. Ardis had not heard much of it because so much of what Wally did in years gone by was top secret.

He flew B47s, which would have carried thermonuclear weapons and would have flown on missions which the whole crew knew they would most likely never return from. He went from one teaching post to another until he ended up in a college that wanted to innovate.

And so Wally’s way of innovating was to invite the young Elisabeth Kubler-Ross to discuss her work with the dying and others in the newly opening field of parapsychology.

Wally traced the history of parapsychology for me, including Kirlean photography, near-death experiences, mediumship and so on, right up to the present. Much of it happened twenty or thirty years before I was born and so I heard a piece of the puzzle of the emergent field of spirituality that we all are heir to but which few of us know about.   Read more…

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: October 21, 2014

Sheldan Nidle 2014Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: October 21, 2014

7 Muluc, 7 Tzec, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come with very good news! The legal aspects of our Earth allies’ programs to defeat the dark cabal are gaining successful inroads. Both the common law courts and the statute courts agree that the present de facto US government is deeply in debt and cannot proclaim a bankruptcy to save its remaining assets.

Instead, the US “corporation” and its prime ally, the Federal Reserve Bank, need to deny any assets to their largest creditors and go into a special receivership. This action is shortly to put an end to both entities, which have long masqueraded as legitimate federal institutions.

The end to this set of shenanigans is finally to allow our allies to take over the general control of both institutions. As a result of these developments, we expect a number of prosperity programs to fund, and the RV and global currency reset to occur. At the right time, NESARA can be declared, along with a total moratorium on government in the US. We have agreed with our allies as to who is to lead the interim US government and the policies they need to enforce.  Read more…

Golden Gaia News Roundup: October 22, 2014

Golden Gaia News RoundupHappy Wednesday, dear friends! What a wonderful day, sitting right in the middle of the week. We are already settled into our schedule, but we can look forward to the weekend!

It’s raining steadily here, and starting to feel more like winter.   This hot coffee mug in my hands sure feels good, as we settle in for another sharing of the news.

Today, we focus on breaking news on the international oil front, and then we jump around from there.

Head of fourth largest international oil company, dies in a plane accident in Moscow.

Christophe De Margerie, CEO of Total, the French oil giant, was killed when his private jet hit a snowplow, during take off from Moscow over the weekend. There are preliminary reports, that the snowplow driver was drunk at the time of the crash. De Margerie was in Moscow attending a summit, with other investors, interested in creating opportunities with Russia. He was seen within the industry, as a charismatic and cutting edge leader, and his death puts many future projects in jeopardy.

French Oil Giant Boss Dies in Moscow Executive-Jet Crash by Joe Carroll, James Paton and Nidaa Bakhsh for Bloomberg News

  Read more…

The Care and Feeding of the Awake and Aware


Editor Brian and other selfies have a business meeting along the way. Steve sports one of his collection of seventeen white T-shirts

I said earlier that I’m not in the habit of naming the names of people we visit with or recounting what they said. That’s so that the next people we meet don’t recoil in terror when we approach for fear of appearing on the blog.

But I can summarize some of the things we’re seeing. And show you some of the people we met.

But before I do, I have to acknowledge that the opinion I formed of the places we’ve visited where I said I met uniformly happy and amicable people was … well, battered a bit by an incident in one major city.

Bizzarre behavior reined in it and it was returned by the opposite side (since quarrels always erupt in polarity) as equally-bizarre behavior. I felt deflated. But I had to admit that the hope I had that we had experienced a universal up-shift in vibration took a bit of a hit. Not quite there yet as a society.

Now some of my impressions. So much of what we saw confirmed the Company of Heaven’s descriptions of us. They’re telling us how masterful we are. Did we find evidence that we’re masterful?  Read more…

On the Road

images-2As Steve and I continue our trip listening to and speaking with lightworkers down and up the west coast of the United States, we’re continually amazed. The deep heart sharing of life stories and spiritual journeys in town after town is phenomenal.

At the beginning of our trip it was individuals who were stepping forward to visit with us. The transition to groups gathering to speak happened seamlessly, first in San Diego, then Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Mount Shasta and Ashland.

We’re entranced with the depth of work that has been done and extend great gratitude to all who stepped forward to share. Thank you so very much to each and every one of you.

The community work is fascinating. A year ago in a personal reading, Sanat Kumara told me that the abundance flows will begin with “a sharing of wealth”. The listening Steve and I have been doing with individuals and groups has illustrated the spiritual “currency” flowing, heart to heart to heart: circles of light-workers – “light-players”- coming together to share and work together in Joy.  Read more…

Universal Mother Mary: Inertia to the Creation of Nova Earth and Nova You

Mother MaryUniversal Mother Mary talks of  inertia… that moment of quiet, that moment of stillness, it is that moment of stillpoint where all the energies of her Tsunami are re-gathered, re-integrated, deepened, before the final battle… and that final battle is our surrender to Love. Below is a discussion from Linda before Universal Mother Mary’s channeling.

Linda: Before we begin I just have to say, “Thank you to everyone who attended either electronically or spiritually or physically to Lake Tahoe.” It was phenomenal… for me it was such a gift and it was the Mother’s workshop and boy, she’s not finished with us!

I have this rule of three. When I hear something consistently, in meditation and/or in individual channelings, I wait until I’ve heard it three times and when I do, I go in and look at it deeper to see if this is something that is applicable for the collective. This next information on inertia fits this category of three.

The Council, especially Universal Mother Mary, has begun talking about a new phase in terms of our Ascension process that we are just entering. It’s an exciting phase called inertia.  Read more…

Golden Gaia News Roundup: October 21, 2014

Golden Gaia News RoundupHappy Tuesday, dear friends! I am finally settling into the groove of the new week, after so much celebration and fun over the weekend. I notice that when the kids come home, we have way more laundry and dishes to do. Imagine that?

I still have a lot of housework to do, but I always enjoy sharing news with you in the morning, so pull up a chair, and top off that coffee cup so we can get started!

Today we begin with a focus on existing gender violence in our world, so we can shine some light into the subject, and share a few steps in the right direction as well. We then move on from there.

Old ways of controlling gender are still affecting many the world over.

While it is sad to share such news, it is important to do so, for without knowledge, we cannot focus our energies on making positive change. A young Javelin thrower in India reports that she was tied up and beaten for being a witch in her home province of Assam. While charges have been filed against another woman, who may have incited the incident for personal reasons, witch hunts are still quite common in the area, and over 90 people have been severely brutalized or killed in the region in the last five years. Superstition has been used for centuries as a form of gender control, and hopefully, the more we illuminate the situation, as well as sharing positive news on gender equality, the more quickly we will see a shift to a world where all beings are safe, no matter their race or gender.

Indian athlete Debjani Bora beaten in ‘witch hunt’ by Subir Bhaumik for BBC News World

  Read more…

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