The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Forgotten and Remembered – Messages from the Arcturians

message from the Arcturians

Note by Sue from March 18, 2015. I found these notations in my journal. When I was on vacation and meditating, I scribbled the information out quickly so I wouldn’t lose my thought. Usually I have the computer, but lately I’ve been feeling a need to handwrite the message because is more tactile. I can […]


Sandra Walter: Focus, Activation and the Divine Self


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe, So much unfolded through the Solstice passage. June did indeed zoom by, and we are quickly moving into the July opportunities for expansion. Deep gratitude to the Gatekeepers, Lightservers and all who anchored their intentions and crystals during the Solstice Gateway. Thank you for holding the intention, ceremony and service from […]


Sacred Money

sacred money 1

As I continue to plan for the post-Reval period, I go over each of my plan’s features, expanding this part and reflecting on that one. Having lain down one afternoon and drifting off in thought, I imagined myself addressing my new colleagues, whose function it will be to disburse funds to women’s groups. And I […]


Intenders of the Highest Good: A Vision for Borders and Boundary Lines


The Vision Alignment Project We picture a world with no borders or boundary lines; where everyone sees our beautiful planet as if they were gazing down from space seeing only the natural topography instead of the manmade maps that were set up to keep us apart from each other. We envision a world where everyone […]


Jennifer Longmore: The Next Phase of Your Soul’s Ascension Journey


Welcome to the next phase of your ascension journey! As you continue to align yourself energetically to this journey through the New Earth paradigm shift, you may be experiencing several symptoms beyond the physical.  In a previous article published here, I discussed the various physical symptoms that may be occurring for you as you ascend […]


Children of the Sun: Deforestation Transmission – Full Moon, July 2, 2015 (Repost)

Soberania National Park, Panama --- The sun lights up the rainforest in Soberania National Park, near the Panama Canal. --- Image by © Paul A. Souders/CORBIS

Final Coherence Transmission… Please Join Us Morphogenesis Sacred Activism  Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions Bringing Coherence to the Reflection of Deforestation       Full Moon, July 2 8pm across all time zones If you’ve already registered, please use the same audio. Free Transmission Registration In our final Planetary Coherence Transmission, we are standing firm as […]


Depression and Spiritual Support


Credit: You might know someone who suffers from depression, and if you do, you probably know that life’s a struggle for them. As hard as they try, they can’t seem to overcome the harshly negative thoughts and feelings that swirl deep down, and they basically have a little bully in their mind that won’t […]


Sigmund Fraud: This Is How the Matrix Invades Your Body, Mind and Soul


Stress is a genuine pandemic, a full spectrum attack on the nervous and immune systems that greatly contributes to the unhealthiness and unease in our world. Few would disagree that modern life is far more stressful than it should be, and when you consider its main sources, it appears to be a built in feature of […]


News of the News


Folks, I need to mention a change in the blog. I’ve made an executive decision that we’ll no longer be covering the news of the world. (1) Why have I decided that? (1) Even the best among the “insider” news reporters and commentators appear to “get it wrong” a significant amount of the time when […]


Heavenly Blessings ~ Conversations with Galea, Part 3

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

June 30, 2015 ~ Suzanne Maresca and Linda Dillon are pleased to continue our discussions with Galea, Communications Officer of the Neptune. Today the discussion was around partnership with various species, what’s going on with animals, and the LOVE that this place and all of us are about. It’s fun and wonderful. We join with […]