Overcoming Challenges and Overwhelm Mode

Alex and Guardian Tree Bess

The other night, I was watching a movie with my husband after shoveling out from the snow storm. We were both exhausted from our physical labor and wanted something light to watch. We settled on the movie, The Replacements with Gene Hackman as the coach chosen to lead a team of strike-breaking football players, and […]


The Arcturians and the Galactic Federation via Suzanne Lie: Gamma Wave Lightbody.


We come to you this day to remind you that WE are ONE. “We” encompass all our volunteers who logged in to the third/fourth holographic game of “Third Dimensional Earth.” You may have some movies on your television in which the “Greek Gods” are seeing the mere humans below them. They have the power to […]


Golden Gaia News Roundup: January 30, 2015

news roundup

Happy Friday, dear friends. Have you ever had a day when you were cranking along and getting a ton of stuff done and then something steps into your way? Today was like that for me, and all of a sudden I felt stressed out. Someone asked me to do something for them, and my flow […]


The Higher Realms Are Calling… Will We Answer?


This world is as beautiful and heavenly as we let it be, but it’s worth noting that there are higher dimensions beyond our surface perception that, if we raise our vibration high enough, we’ll find are even more blissful. There are realms beyond the physical earth that boast spiritually advanced entities who want to help […]


Zen Gardner: Reaching the Tipping Point – It’s Up to Each of Us

Zen gardner

So many are asking, “What can I do? How can I make a difference? How do I go about helping to effect the changes the world so direly needs?” Good questions. I repeatedly say to people to get conscious and you’ll know what to do. What does that mean? Gain empowering knowledge and information for […]


The Target in Building Nova Earth – Part 1

End 432

For me, there is a target in building Nova Earth – or perhaps I should say a target relationship. It’s: Unworkability ——-> Workability My hypothesis is that the work of building Nova Earth is the transformation of the conditions of unworkability into workability. What are the sources of unworkability? The basic source of anything is […]