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Golden Gaia News Roundup: October 29, 2014

Golden Gaia News RoundupHappy Wednesday, dear friends! Ah, how Wednesday whispers to us, assuring that ‘we are half way to the weekend’! It is a time for quiet reflection, gauging how the week is going, and starting to plan for some fun times, only two work days away!

Let’s get down to business with the news, so we can get on with our beautiful day!

Today we focus on some renewable energy news from around the world, including big business investments in green energy, but first, we cover breaking news in space.

Breaking News: NASA cargo rocket explodes on launch pad.

The Orbital Sciences Corp, in conjunction with NASA, had planned to launch an unmanned Antares rocket yesterday from Wallops Island, Virginia, but the launch was aborted, after a sailboat entered the protection area. The launch was rescheduled for October 28, 2014 in the early evening. All conditions for the launch were perfect, but 6 seconds into the launch, the rocket exploded. There are no reports of casualties or loss of life, but the launch pad area sustained extensive damage.

The rocket was part of a re-supply mission for the International Space Station, supported by $1.6 Billion in private funding. The payload contained over 5,000 pounds of supplies, scientific experiments, what has been termed as classified crypto technology, and a new satellite prototype that was to be deployed upon delivery to the space station. The Russian Space Agency is planning it’s own supply delivery to the station in the next week, so the astronauts will not be left in the lurch.

The mission represents the 5th launch for Antares rockets in the last 18 months, but the payload was increased by 15% over previous missions. When the space shuttle program ended at NASA, they enlisted two private companies to supply the space station, the Virginia based Orbital Sciences, and SpaceX located in California. Orbital Sciences personnel immediately instituted it’s contingency plan to secure the site, collect crash site data and telemetry from the rocket, to be used in an investigation of the crash. It is not yet known whether the NTSB will be involved in any investigation of the failed mission.

NASA cargo rocket EXPLODES on delayed launch to ISS in $1.9billion Antares project by Snejana Farberov and Mark Prigg for MailOnline

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The Golden Age of Gaia Invites Your Help

Kathleen and Steve 33Folks, we’re at the end of the month and it’s time Kathleen and I issued our invitation, to those of you who have the financial means, to support that which you love and that which is important to you: and that is this blog, the Golden Age of Gaia.

We’re doing our part to lead in this work, send out the Light and gather the momentum we need to build Nova Earth. We need you as partners in that endeavor to financially support our work.

We’ve proposed a $1.11 voluntary month subscription and many hundreds of you have responded. But that plan will only fully blossom and prove sustainable when many thousands of the estimated 20,000 current readers respond.

So we’re only partway there.

Moreover, we still need the once-only donations of much larger amounts if we’re to meet even our basic minimal needs for this next month. This will continue to be needed until the volume of small monthly subscriptions takes over and allows us to continue on without needing to keep our attention on sustainability.  Read more…

Our Bird’s-Eye View

Kathleen and Julie

In Seattle with Julie

We’re back in Seattle tonight, where you could say it all began. I can’t remember how it was we decided to have a Seattle meet-up perhaps a year ago. But that was the first meet-up we had.

I feel like the flock of geese we saw over Su’s place in Onalaska. They were supposed to be flying south. But we noticed that they were flying west. Except in about ten minutes they came back again, this time flying east.

That about describes how it’s been for us on occasion, going west when we should have gone east, getting lost in some of the most unlikely places, etc.

But soon we’ll be able to rest and have all the amenities again.  Read more…

Divine Cosmos: Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

David Wilcock headshotDivine Cosmos: Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal, October 27, 2014,

[David Wilcock comes out with another epic article explaining his views on what's showing up as evidence for the fall of the reign of the cabal or Illuminati. As usual, we'll post the a bit of the first section and link to his site for the rest.

The first section talks mostly about the recent Hollywood productions that are, according to David, spilling the beans about what's truly going on behind the curtain. A teaser below and a link here: Part 1.

The second part talks about the cyclic nature of history, and the possibility of extraterrestrial bloodlines being at the heart of the cabal lineages. (Also, more about related movies.) Link here: Part 2.

The third part talks about reincarnation, with many interesting examples and pictures, along with his own possible connection to Edgar Cayce, (and what is to me the jewel of this article), the reading David gives for the current times. Scroll half-way down the page to find and read it. Link here to Part 3.]

After a much-needed ten-week sabbatical, here we are — with a message of hope, positivity and a future far greater than our wildest expectations.

In spite of the headlines we are now seeing, is it possible that we are witnessing the fulfillment of a vast, cosmic plan — with a remarkably positive outcome?

Hollywood movies are exposing the Cabal like never before — suggesting a highly positive change is coming. Strap in and prepare for takeoff!  Read more…

Earth via Pamela Kribbe: How Do You Change Society?

Pamela KribbeEarth: How Do You Change Society?, channeled by Pamela Kribbe, October, 2014,

Dear beautiful people, I greet you all. I am the voice of Earth. Receive me into your midst for I am your mother.

Open the cells of your body to me so I can sustain you.  I would like you to relax, so do that now.

Let go of all tension, the many thoughts in your head, the repetitive worries that many people have; let them blow away. Let air flow through and around you.

You are so dear to me. I love you so much, and I welcome you. Trust me, which is something that has never been taught to you. In fact, you have been taught to distrust me. As a child, you learned very early to rely on the energy, and the capabilities, of your mind in order to organize life so it can be managed.

A large part of the upbringing and education of children aims at making life manageable, as well as making people adapt to a social system that has already been firmly established.  Read more…

Golden Gaia News Roundup: October 28, 2014

Golden Gaia News RoundupHappy Tuesday, dear friends. I woke to a beautiful, sunny day here on Paumanok, and I had a lovely drive through brilliant fall leaves taking my daughter back to college. Now I am back home, and ready to share the news with you all, so please get comfortable and let’s begin.

Today we ask you to shine your love and light into some dark places related to gender violence. The more we bring light to these issues and share them with the world, the more rapidly compassion and love will bring healing. We then hop around the world for a few other topics.

Nigeria is deeply affected by gender violence and religious extremism.

Nigeria continues to reel from militant attacks by a group called Boko Harem, which means, “Western Education is Forbidden,” that began military activities within the country in 2009 to establish an Islamic state. The group has captured many local women and children, the majority of which are girls, since declaring a “caliphate.” While most main stream media focuses on other international areas that seem to have more political and financial impact, let us send our light to these areas, where women and children are being used as pawns in a circle that draws a nation back into the past.

Nigeria’s Boko Haram ‘sends girls to front line’ on BBC News Africa

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Nature, Hard Work, and Meditative Creativity

2e170-path-of-nature-wallpaperWritten by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, October 27, 2014 –

As I write this, I’m sitting outside with my laptop and enjoying the wonderful weather we’re having here in Illinois. I’ve been caught in quite a conundrum lately, because I’m starting to have a lot of different interests and I just don’t feel like I have time for them all.

I’ve always been interested in channeling, but lately, my interests have expanded to include writing, music and getting outside as much and as often as I can. Some of these interests are obviously conflicting, and I’m learning that the only real way for me to merge all of them is to start taking my work outside.

That’s exactly what I’ve decided to do today. Nature provides such a wonderfully uplifting vibration, and I notice a huge difference every time I walk outside from the energy I feel in the house.

The house is obviously great, and my family and I are nothing less than blessed to finally have our own space, but I notice that getting outside and enjoying the good vibration that permeates everything out here feels a lot better than staying inside all of the time.  Read more…

Heavenly Blessings Encore Presentation ~ The Law of Elimination, October 28, 2014

Leap in the sunsetThe show is running now, fifteen minute delay.   Apologies. ~ Suzanne

We’re nearing the end of our encore series on Universal Law, and this week we have Sanat Kumara joining us to discuss The Law of Elimination. The Council of Love tells us that this is the truest form of letting go.  This method of dis-creation is seldom used because often at the core of an issue, there is something worth preserving.  There are many patterns upon this planet, however,  that have need to simply disappear.  This law is an essential tool for Nova Being.

When one is plagued time and again by the same issue, it is an act of mercy to help the individual eliminate it, but first we need to learn to do this for ourselves.


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Sharing is the Social Expression of Loving

Cannon Beach 10

Steve, Josie, Sandy, and Michele, at Cannon Beach

One of the themes that Kathleen in particular has been developing as we move around the country down here (we’re in Cannon Beach today) is the importance right now of sharing. Sharing, sharing, sharing.

We watched the homeless in Portland. Kathleen became so sad at the situation that she remained depressed for about as long as an angel can remain depressed.

We spent a goodly portion of our walk through the streets simply observing homelessness. That’s been a large part of Kathleen’s ongoing financial work: planning how to relieve homelessness.

We’ve looked at buildings made out of railway container cars. We’ve heard of Ikea pods for the homeless, portable shelters, and so on.  Read more…

West Coast, Express Yourselves‏

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away... named Onalaska

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away…

We were visiting with Su in Onalaska, when she asked us if our trip was an invitation for people on the West Coast to “express” themselves (West Coast Express?).

Well, we hadn’t thought of it but I guess it was.

What is it about being fully self-expressed that releases us from our pain, suppression and resistance? What is it that restores us to our Self?

There’s something very powerful about the truth once told completely. When people around us succeed in telling “the whole story,” so to speak, something happens. It’s almost as if they want to give out a big whoop. The whole story has been known! They are free from … something! I don’t think I know exactly what it is.  Read more…

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele: October 26, 2014

Arcturian Group October 26, 2014The Arcturian Group Message, channelled by Marilyn Raffaele, October 26, 2014,

Greetings Dear Ones,

In these present times of confusion for so many, we see great Light shining forth.

Much is happening that you are unaware of for chaos is acting to bring forth a change of consciousness for many who otherwise would not be open to change.

The human condition fears change, finding a sense of security in sameness regardless of how uncomfortable, painful, or outgrown it may be.

Those experiencing chaotic situations have, for the most part, all given permission before incarnating to be a part of some experience that may be needed to help to shift world consciousness. In doing so they are completing personal karma as well as serving to help awaken and shift world consciousness.

Not every chaotic experience is pre-planned. There are times when a soul becomes so overwhelmed by life on Earth that he forgets his pre-birth contract and lashes out in ways harmful to others and Self.  Read more…

Suzanne Lie: Arcturian Transmissions to Our Inter-Galactic Emissaries. Part 2 – Through the Portal

ThroughPortal2Arcturian Transmissions to Our Inter-Galactic Emissaries. Part 2 – Through the Portal. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. October 24, 2014.

Dear Inter-Galactic Emissaries,

We wish to tell you that you are in the process of download and integration of a higher Light that was, and is still, being delivered from the higher dimensions. How does higher Light download into Earth from the higher dimension? One way is that they “catch a ride” on the current “space weather.”

Whenever there are energy fields flowing from your Sun, or even from outside of your local Solar System, the higher Light takes advantage of that opportunity to ride the energy waves into the atmosphere of Gaia. It is important that you remember that all planets, solar systems, galaxies and universal Beings are sentient Beings.

As you, our Inter-Galactic Emissaries, continue to expand your conscious interaction with your higher expressions of SELF, you will become increasingly aware that Earth is a living, sentient Being. If Earth is a living Being, then so are all planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes.

A Logos protects each of these immense Beings. A Logos is an extremely evolved and highly trained Being that interfaces with the inhabitants, human and non-human, of a planet, solar system, galaxy, and/or universe.  Read more…

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