Children of the Sun: Freedom from Addiction Campaign Starts July 31 (Repost)


Morphogenesis Spiritual Activism Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions Lighting up Addiction in the Mass Consciousness Tobacco Transmission – Full Moon, July 31st 8pm across all time zones Share This Link with Your Networks! Free Transmission Registration For our next act of service we are lighting up one of the most deeply imbedded distortions in the […]


Memo (Revised)


Folks, thank you very much for supporting the “Captain” as he … well, heavens, you see? I cannot say. But I assure you that “everyone” will benefit from the journey he’s on and that’s all I can say on that as well for now!  More on that soon.  The Captain has been in contact with […]


Keeping Secrets: None of Somebody’s Business – Part 1/3


I woke up this morning at 2:30 a.m. ready to scream. I’m carrying so many (necessary) secrets that the emotions these generates inside me were worse than burdensome. I felt like a pressure cooker about to explode. I could throw down my willingness to keep secrets and acknowledge my unfitness for the roles I play. […]


Earth History According to Ra: More on Confederation Assistance


We left off from a discussion about the South American contacts made by the Confederation, which, like the visitations in Atlantis, ended in the distortions of the teachings that were offered and the civilization’s eventual downfall. As we learned, along with the Confederation entities who visited the South American civilization, Ra feels responsible for the […]


The Watchers via Jean Rockefeller: A Wave of Perpetual Motion

img_5791jack's corner new pic

Hold onto your hats people, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride… As William and I previously mentioned, our Solar System and Gaia will be experiencing perpetual waves of energy that are emanating from the center of the galaxy, originating from Heart center of this Universe. Just as ocean waves rhythmically beat against the […]


Heavenly Blessings ~ Conversations With Galea, Part 5

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

July 28, 2015 ~ Suzanne Maresca and Linda Dillon are delighted to continue our discussions with our friend Galea, Communications Officer of the Neptune. Today our topic was frequency, and what we can do to keep ours high in order to bring our reunion with Star Family that much closer. Our Galactic brothers and sisters […]


Arising as That

That 1

As I watch myself make forays into the area of leadership, I sometimes find myself in a situation where, if I allow myself to have a preference, I’m going to make a gaffe. If I get bored with something being said, underneath that boredom lies a preference. If I assert the preference, I may seriously […]


None Other


A fairy tale for adults. The One was faced with a problem. It wanted to know Itself and it couldn’t. How can we know ourselves when we’re all that is? Where’s the room for a camera or a tape recorder? Or even a looking glass? Who is one to phone if there is no other? […]


Suzanne Lie: The Past and Present Story of our Journey HOME – Mytria and the Galactic Family. It is the NOW.

SueKepier (1)

Dear Readers, I was guided to the below message in my site. I wrote this long ago, perhaps in the ’90s. This is Part One of that message. I am also including the link to my free recording “Coming HOME” (see below.) I am also including the script of the recording as a download […]


Sandra Walter: Power of the Unknown and Fear of Transfiguration


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe, As you open to the unknown, the unscripted personal experience, you create bridges to the highest possibilities of the pure and true Ascension. For many, not knowing what is occurring creates discomfort. It is when you feel most vulnerable with these new energies that the external may pull you off-center. Discernment, […]