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Steve 104Steve Beckow

Steve Beckow is founder and chief executive officer of the Golden Age of Gaia (formerly 2012 Scenario), The Essays of Brother Anonymous, and several other blogs and websites as well as a member of the InLight Universal team, founded by Graham Dewyea. He lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

He attended the University of British Columbia, Carleton University, and the University of Toronto, graduating with a Masters degree in Canadian History. Steve is a member of Mensa Canada.

He studied in three Ph.D. programs but was uncomfortable remaining within disciplinary boundaries or paradigms. One dissertation was rejected as being outside his chosen field. Another proposal (on enlightenmment as the purpose of life) was rejected as being outside the university’s paradigm of empirical materialism.

He began his career as a Cultural Historian for the National Museum of Man (now the Canadian Museum of Civilization) where he published articles redefining the fields of cultural history, popular culture, and artifact studies. He finished his working life as a Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, his chief interest being gender issues.

Steve has written perhaps 30 books and a thousand articles, many of his earlier works being pseudonymous. His websites are on enlightenment, the common ground of spirituality, life on the spirit planes, global gender persecution, automation, the truth of 9/11, the dangers of depleted uranium, and the Ascension scenario.


My favorite fantasy

All but two of his books and articles are available without cost and may be reposted freely.

His spiritual disciplines included Gestalt, encounter groups, spiritualism, the est Training, rebirthing, Zen, Vipassana meditation, and Enlightenment Intensives.

In 1977, Steve had an out-of-body experience which dissipated the fear of death. In 1987, he experienced a vision of the total journey of an individual soul from God to God, which demonstrated to him that the purpose of life was enlightenment. Steve does not consider the vision to have been an enlightenment experience. It was written up here. It took nearly 20 years to fully express in words what he saw in eight wordless seconds that day.

Steve is apparently from Arcturus and has lived on Earth just eight lifetimes: as a priest of the Non-Dual in Atlantis, as a community leader, as a warrior, as a formulator of mathematical principles and sacred geometry, as the founder of a religious order, and as a helper in the development and spread of the printing press. This lifetime he works as a communicator serving Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother.

(He is not an aspect of Archangel Michael, as has been suggested. He wishes he were!)

He’s enjoyed several ephemeral transformational or direct experiences of Self, none of which he considers “enlightenment.”  His assignment is “to go up with everybody.” Today, Steve lives a life of voluntary simplicity and research as a non-denominational “urban monk.”

His earlier writings can be found at The Essays of Brother Anonymous.  The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment is located here. For additional material on the Ascension scenario, see First Contact.

Favorite Music: It’s Time to Say Goodbye, Vivo Per Lei, and Pachelbel’s Canon
Most Influential Books: The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, The New Testament, Autobiography of a Yogi.
Favorite Destinations: Florence, Italy, and Kovalam Beach, India
Favorite quote: “I want to be all used up when I die.” George Bernard Shaw

Andrea Scully

Profile pic 7-10-13Andrea is Managing Director and Managing Editor of the Golden Age of Gaia, in charge of all matters related to the production of the blog.

Born and raised in California, Andrea is a hearty mix of immigrants from Germany, Sicily, and the Cherokee tribe from North America. Both sides of her family were strongly matriarchal, and she was raised more by my grandmothers than her parents, bringing their values and wisdom forward a generation.

Raised in Christian fundamentalism, she found her ‘home’ in her twenties as a pagan priestess. She has been an elder since 1983. Because of this formal dedication, she sees it as her sacred duty to serve as a representative of the Divine Mother/Goddess of the Universe.

She lived through ‘terminal’ cancer at 25 years old, during which she had many mystical experiences and holy personages visit her. Angels, devils, and elemental beings are all part of her personal experiences; as are drug addiction (30 years of it), abusive/toxic relationships, suicides, legal prostitution, criminal cartels, homelessness, poverty, wealth, incarceration, and extreme personal danger from repeated attacks coming from both earthly/3D and etheric/4D forces.

Among her skills/life studies are divination/study of symbols (36 years now), natural/metaphysical healing methods (these being self-taught), and master hypnotist, studying for a year under a great pioneer, Lavona Stillman, at the Stillman Institute in San Jose, California.

Andrew Eardley

Andrew is an editor of the Golden Age of Gaia.

Born into a medical family, Andrew grew up in the North of England, was schooled in the Midlands area and qualified in medicine at Manchester University in 1966.

He served for several years as a Medical Officer in the British Navy, travelling extensively throughout the Far East and the Atlantic regions, before returning to England to found and run a general medical practice in a village in the county of Devon.

Andrew returned to a seagoing life and travelled all over the world when he joined the Cunard shipping line as their Principal Medical Officer on board the company’s former flag ship, the QE2. More recently he lived and worked in Germany as a civilian doctor with the British Army, until his retirement in 2010.

Andrew has always accepted that life throughout the Universe and reincarnation are self-evident truths, but only really began to ‘awaken’ in 2011 when he realised innately that he had a Galactic heritage.

He now knows that he has been ‘forever Pleiadian’, has always been a healer and that his ‘Star name’ is Elias. In June 2013 he had an out-of-body reunion with Ellisa, his Twin Flame, on board his Pleiadian Mothership. He understands that this is his first incarnation on Earth, although he has visited this planet from the Pleiades previously on many occasions and has always had a great love for Gaia and her inhabitants.

He incarnated in 1942 in response to Gaia’s call for help in her hour of need and is committed to service to the Divine Mother and to Gaia and her human Collective to see the Ascension process through. He also serves Archangel Michael and has roles to play in Disclosure and subsequently at a grass roots level in a ‘bridging’ mission to assist integration of the Collective with their Star brothers and sisters.

Before his present incarnation he was also Commander of a science, explorer and all-purpose Starship and played a role in the past in the Sirian Migrations whereby certain species not native to Gaia were brought here, including whales, dolphins, canines and bears.

Andrew is greatly looking forward to his Ascension roles and, following the completion and fulfilment of his missions, to returning home to his beloved Pleiades.

me 8-18-14Graham Dewyea

Graham is an editor of the Golden Age of Gaia, and is the founder and producer of InLight Universal, and host of radio show series The Brilliance Within.

Graham lives in Vermont, U.S. He is a seeker of truth and inspiration, and finds regular yoga, meditation and being in nature ways to connect to Spirit and his path.

With a deep love for Mother Earth and her inhabitants, Graham has been working most of his life toward a vision of a better world. He is deeply interested in spiritual/personal growth and raising consciousness. He is so pleased to be working with the Golden Age of Gaia, and InLight Universal teams to build love and light, and to help create a world that works for everyone.

Anchor, Cosmic Vision News.  Co-host, An Hour With An AngelGeoffrey West

Geoffrey is the anchor and producer of Cosmic Vision News and formerly co-host of An Hour With An Angel.

Geoffrey has a Masters degree in Peace Education from the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica and a Bachelors degree in Radio and Television from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He has knowledge of Swedish, Spanish and French.  His work experiences have included the media, the airline industry, the corporate travel reservation industry worldwide and also now as a Visionary Consultant on Galactic, Global and Inner Peace/Healing.

His LIFE-path has uniquely prepared him for the role he is serving at this time – one of bringing awareness to humanity about the oneness of LIFE and humanity’s relation to it, in each moment of ‘now’.  Along with this message, he is also bringing a deeper holistic and understanding of the word ‘peace’, and how one’s relation to LIFE influences not only the personal, but also the larger collective experience of what peace is.

Part of his role at this time is to bring a complicated message of how humanity has been separated from LIFE, how we are connected to it, how we can co-create with it, while also introducing humanity to our galactic families that are here to help with this incredible and exciting shift in human and planetary consciousness!  The challenge and the joy, is in attempting to bring this message to the people of the world in a way and with a language that is as simple as possible, so all individuals can live their uniquely different yet equally beautiful ‘truths’.

Choices.  It is about choices based on one’s relation to LIFE in each moment.  Choices that honour Self, humanity, Gaia and now our galactic/celestial families.   Global peace and healing begins with a choice – a choice that can only be made by you!

Cosmic Vision News:

Greenprint for LIFE:

me and the ferretSuzanne Maresca

Suzanne is host of InLight Universal’s Heavenly Blessings program.

She has looked after the site’s Reader Relations area since June 2012. It’s a role that sees her manage, forward and respond to the hundreds of queries and news tips that come in via our “Contact Us” form each week. She used to pen a regular Connections by Suzi column.

Answering readers’ questions and suggestions has quickly become the perfect landing spot for Suzi to step into a greater role in assisting the shift of humanity into the Golden Age of Gaia. Her column also became a natural progression for her to share what’s in the hearts of readers, as well as the answers that came through her, which she feels are directly influenced by the Divine Mother and the Company of Heaven.

A single mom living in northwest New Jersey in the U.S. with her beautiful daughter, Merinda, three cats, and a cockatiel, Suzi began her early working life training and caring for animals (her first love). At the age of 24, she found herself traveling across the US doing a wide variety of jobs – from baling hay and working on a cutting-horse ranch, to picking blueberries and doing restaurant and hotel work.

When this ‘nomad’ phase came to an end, Suzanne decided ‘to get serious’ and settled into paralegal school in New Jersey. Certification led to hands-on experience in a variety of law firms, culminating in her role as an executive assistant for a bond insurer in Manhattan – which is where she was working when the first truck bomb went off in the World Trade Center back in 1993. It didn’t take long for her to realize that the big city wasn’t where she wanted to be!

After another brief attempt at finding satisfaction through corporate work, Suzi took a hiatus from professional life to raise her only child, her daughter Merinda. Being a mother was a real game-changer for her and becoming the best model of humanity she could manage soon became her priority.

This newfound focus led to a series of events that saw Suzanne become interested in a number of different therapeutic modalities and, ultimately, Shamanic training and initiation. Having always felt that she was Shamanic by nature, her initial impetus was mostly for personal development of innate skills and wisdom but, learning her craft, she discovered a gift for visionary work, which continues to interest her.

Then in September of 2010, she met a Hawaiian Kahuna. The work she did through her benefited Suzi immeasurably, and around this same time she initiated a daily practice of stillness and meditation: a practice which continues to serve to deepen her felt connection to God.

According to Akashic record and other readings, Suzanne has been on this gorgeous planet from the beginning…Lemuria, Atlantis, and on through many incarnations, many as a healer. Her journey of self-discovery goes on…

alexandbess3Alex Clark

Alex Clark was born in Brooklyn to immigrant parents and raised on Long Island, New York, where she currently lives with her husband and two college-aged daughters, a cat, a water frog and two parrots. She holds a Bachelors degree in biology but her career, before becoming a full time mother and textile artist was in advertising, marketing and sales promotion.

Alex was born into a family of empaths, intuitives, prophetic dreamers and energy readers but didn’t realize until much later in life that this type of connection to the energy around us was not the norm. She has always been deeply connected to the Divine Mother, even after rejecting her Catholic upbringing in order to follow her own spiritual guidance. She feels a strong connection to our beloved Gaia and all her kingdoms as well.

Her spiritual path has been eclectic and wide ranging, intermingling with her healing journey related to Lyme Disease and leading her to work with chakras, palmistry, yoga, auras, crystals in an effort open joyfully to a balanced, healthy and harmonious life. In 2010 she began to actively pursue a more spiritual life and frequented many blogs and information sites where spirituality was discussed. She came to the Golden Age of Gaia yahoo forum in mid 2012 and became an active contributing member of the forum. In the beginning of 2013 she became a member of the forum moderating group.

As a child in an internationally blended family, she realized early on how important a wide world view was and has always endeavored to see the many facets of situations that present themselves as one-sided. As her children grew, Alex expanded into traditional food blogging and ran a successful site called A Moderate Life before retiring in early 2012 to pursue a career in web site design, content research and creation and social media management.

Alex is a news editor and original-content author for the Golden Age of Gaia. She’s also the social media curator for the Golden Age of Gaia Facebook group, and a moderator on the Golden Gaia forum group. Additionally, she provides web design, technical and marketing services for the platform.

1656272_10154939139170001_5016421323099257781_nBrian Ramsell

Brian is executive editor and channeled message editor for the Golden Age of Gaia, and managed the First Contact database until Nov. 2014.  He also co-manages the Facebook page.

He recalls how even as a child he knew he was not bound by the limitations that have been imposed on humans through ages of conditioning. He recalls an inner knowing that he was from a “somewhere else,” and this inner knowing has only grown stronger through the years.

In 2003, he began his spiritual quest to uncover this sense of magic that was partially subdued by the process of “growing up.” Although it began as slow process that evolved over a number of years, by 2009, he’d discovered channeled material, which proved to be the missing link in rediscovering the power we all innately possess as aspects of God. With the shift that took place on December 21, 2012, he no longer feels any sense of doubt that we’re shifting into an experience far richer than we’ve been led to believe was ever possible.

Brian has an eclectic background, having received degrees in Psychology, Counseling, and Library Science. In 2006 he became initiated as a Oneness Blessing (deeksha) giver in India. He’s also been trained as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. He considers himself to be primarily an energy-based healing facilitator. He’s an avid practitioner of Bikram Yoga and Pilates. He’s honored to be part of the Golden Age of Gaia team.


Gavin HarrillGavin Harrill

Born into the social upheaval of the ’60s and of the Chicago riots throughout 1968-69, Gavin Harrill is a true Indigo Spirit charging into Nova Earth with passion and purpose.

As a news editor with the Golden Age of Gaia, Gavin is very grateful to have a voice in spreading the good news of our communities, transforming right before our very eyes.

Though currently living near Denver, CO (arriving there on a calling from Spirit), he is a ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ native.

Growing up in the urban landscape in the shadow of a big city, Gavin fostered deep connections with his Spirit Guides. His mother encouraged his intuition and kept handing him books with authors such as Edgar Cayce and Paramahansa Yogananda, which the curious Gavin would peruse.

He found life to be simple, pure, joyful, and innocent. Yet life itself within the 3rd Dimension was never quite what he thought it ‘should be’, for his life was never able to synchronize with the understanding and Truth he knew in his heart. Tragedies colored his teen years and as an unknowing empath, he turned to the field of psychology to better understand the world around him.

With a Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling and a lifetime on the brink of social change and spiritual awakening, Gavin is happy to be serving the Divine in the ways his Guides invite.

Gavin (Gawain from King Arthur’s Round Table) means white hawk of battle, a bird clan protector whose purpose is to offer perspective and to see the bigger picture from above soaring high amid the winds of the blue sky. It is in this role which Gavin feels he can best contribute in the coming changes as we create Nova Earth.


sierra-robertsSierra Roberts

Sierra Roberts lives in sunny Nelson, New Zealand (Google Abel Tasman National Park to get an idea of the idyllic coastline near her home).

Sierra has worn many career hats during her last lifetime on planet Earth: radio broadcasting, journalist, author, life coach, smoking cessation coach and past life regressionist to mention a few. However her true happy place is writing spiritual articles, so she loves writing her weekly column for the Golden Age of Gaia site. The eagle has landed!

Sierra enjoys walking on the estuary foreshore every day, admiring the inhabitants of a flourishing bird sanctuary. Ceroc dancing is her new passion. Mostly she is ridiculously proud of her two gorgeous daughters, aged 20 and 23 years, whom she loves with all her heart, and hugely grateful for the support and love of her best friend.

Sierra has been spiritually awake since 1985 and has read hundreds of spiritual books, attended countless workshops. She feels a close connection to Lord Sananda, Commander Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light.  Star ship sightings have become a regular highlight of her nightly star-gazing.

Sierra writes a daily blog at

Selamat Ja! (Sirian for ‘Everlasting Joy’)


Lindsey NoblesLindseyNobles

Lindsey grew up in the Alleghany Forest in northwest Pennsylvania.  She’s has had a deep connection to the woods and the freedom it brings her.  She has been able to lucid dream from the time she was a child, but also has had a number of experiences that has brought her to an intense and very rapid awakening to who she really is.

At the age of four, she awoke to a glowing 3 foot in diameter blue and white arcing light.  As she sat up in bed, a group of beings materialized and introduced themselves to her as the Sirian High Council.  They reminded her that her presence here was very important to the ascension process of Gaia and humanity as a collective.

Lindsey and her business partner, Chuck, have recently opened an office where they assist those who are seeking to come back into themselves to heal on physical, emotional, and etheric levels.   Lindsey and Chuck are able to see blockages in the endocrine systems, emotional body, physical body, and central nervous system and how that is shutting a person down from their own consciousness.  They are also able to remove these blockages and facilitate multidimensional healings.

They also assist those who are looking to grow their own abilities and seek understanding on what dreams/visions they have or how to control their multidimensional experiences.  This means, anything that may have happened in your childhood that shut down a chakra or endocrine gland can be removed so that the energy can flow again.  They are also able to remove entities or energies that are attached to the ethereal body.

Lindsey is also a mother of two and is now currently living in western New York.


Golden Age of Gaia Yahoo Discussion Group Moderators

Barry Kapp

Barry was brought up in Northern Virginia when the little town of Vienna boasted of having a population of 900. Educated by both traditional and melting-pot surroundings he moved forward towards the hippie movement and became an outspoken enthusiast during the upstart of the Vietnam War counseling others that Divine Love was the only true answer to everything.

“Do No Harm” was paramount in his heart and landed him in prison as a conscientious objector. He knows that to raise our vibration to peace, love and loving our neighbor as ourselves does work. He had his first feeling and visual experience with one of his guardian angels at age 15.

Always desiring to stay close to Mother Earth he began dairy farming in the 70s and sought out people of like mind. It’s absolutely very difficult for Barry to live here on Gaia but he chose to answer Her Cry for help immediately after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He continues to be a champion for Mother Earth via Medicinal Aromatherapy. Barry has written two books about the Tree and Plant Kingdom and offers pure essential essences from around 70 Tree and Plant Farmers world wide. He teaches and consults on a regular basis internationally how Mother Earth via the Tree and Plant Kingdoms pure essences facilitates in the Ascension process spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Barry and Cynthia (his wife), have 12 children which has taught them so much about relationships and the work we must accomplish to clean up any unfinished business .

Favorite Movie: Powder

Eating Desire: Vegetarian, Smoothies

Keeping the 3D Changes and Bodily Pain at Bay: Swimming Laps, Hiking, Work Out Machines, Yoga, and Lots of Stretching.

Hobbies: Vectoring, Star Gazing, Gardening Vegetables and Flowers, Sustaining My Bird Sanctuary especially Finches and Hummingbirds.

Main Energy Focus: Ascension


Born as an indigo of the 60s into a chaotic German family situation, from early childhood on Devapriya was searching for home and family, and for “the real”, beyond the lies, masks and untruths she perceived everywhere around.  Aged 12 she started studying religions, only to after 4 years find out that in essence all religions believe the same, the major difference just being in mind sets and languages.  As she wasn’t interested in religion, the system, but in religiousness, the Being, this path of her search came to a close.

In her early twenties, meeting the enlightened being Osho opened her heart and focused her search on enlightenment.  No more looking for God on the outside, but going inside and being the light that I AM.  Home and family ceased to be a goal out there but a space to be found inside.  She moved to India for 13 years where, besides taking on a regular meditation practice, she got trained in Breath Therapy, Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Energywork and Aquatic Bodywork, and returned to her country of birth together with her little son in 2003.

The Harmonic Cenvergence 1987 had plugged her into “Ascension Gaia”, and a vision has accompanied her and kept her straight through all the hardships of the search:  there is a caravan of love, people walking and singing and dancing on their path towards unity consciousness – a few early ones starting, soon thousands joining, multiplying to millions, potentiating to billions, all heading towards the portal… all of humanity ascending …

This vision is what she has dedicated her service to.  The joy of sharing with people, face-to-face and on the internet, has brought her to the 2012scenario discussion group, where she can follow her most beloved part-time.  Divine Service is not designed to be hard work, it’s more a state of Being:  be the light that you are;  sing the song of your own voice;  play with what gives you most joy;  follow your heart.  Simple as that :-).

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