Suzanne Lie: Blog Entry for the Journal #2 – By The ONE With Many Names

Mytria copy

Dear Readers, Those of you who have followed me for years, may be familiar with some of these stories, but I hope you can join me as we weave together the tapestry of their story. Part 2 THE JOURNAL ~Meeting Mytria~ ~LISA~ Lisa drove to a restaurant she seldom went to, but knew it had […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Messages from Home – Learning/Remembering to Read Light Language


Many of you are beginning to perceive thought-forms and energy packages. Your Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (kinesthetic) abilities are coming online. With all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive, receive and interpret Light Language. In this manner, we (The Arcturians, the Elementals, Angels, & Beings from […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – The Arcturians with Mother Gaia


As you leave the fourth-dimensional Causal Mystery School you look up to see what resembles light sparkling off the surface of the water. You are drawn to follow that ever-present flow of liquid Light as it pulls you towards the glistening surface. As you move upwards to the expanding flow of spiritual Light, you hear […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – The 4D Causal Sub-Plane


We now assist you to continue your journey through the fourth dimension. Remember to hold the intention of creating a clear portal that unites the third and fourth dimensions with the fifth dimension. You, the members of humanity, are particularly suited for this assignment as humanity represents the link between the Mother Earth and Father […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: The Two-Way Circuit Home


Dear Ascending Ones, We, the Arcturians, are always happy to answer some of the questions that we have perceived in the consciousness of our volunteers to Earth. We will not state the questions, but we will directly address the answers. Our answers will be perceived differently when you are in different states of consciousness. For […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – The 4D Mental Plane


When it is the NOW to continue your journey into the next fourth dimensional Mystery School, you gather all that you have learned and remembered so far and tuck it into your High Heart. Within your High Heart, which is between your Heart Chakra and your Throat Chakra, all the information that you have gathered […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – Entering the Emotional Sub-Plane


Now that you have completed your journey through the Lower Astral Plane Mystery School, you continue your journey by entering the Emotional Sub-Plane along your journey through the fourth dimension. As you make your journey, be sure that you leave “bread crumbs” so that you can easily recognize the pathway that you have created. This […]


Arcturian Message via Suzanne Lie: The TRUTH Shall Set You FREE


Many of our Higher Consciousness Ones are experiencing an extreme range of “agony and ecstasy” because you are traveling through Gaia’s, as well as your own, fourth dimensional aura. The last three ninths of any project is the most challenging. The end of any project is the most challenging because you have been working on […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Forgotten and Remembered – Messages from the Arcturians

message from the Arcturians

Note by Sue from March 18, 2015. I found these notations in my journal. When I was on vacation and meditating, I scribbled the information out quickly so I wouldn’t lose my thought. Usually I have the computer, but lately I’ve been feeling a need to handwrite the message because is more tactile. I can […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – The Lower Astral Plane


The best way to prepare for the TRUTH that will soon be revealed is to activate your consciousness out of the third dimensional lies and into the fifth dimensional honesty. In doing so, you will need to clear your own fourth dimensional aura, which connects the portals of our third and fifth dimensional Self. Most […]


Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians – Remembering What You Always Knew


In between your third dimensional reality and your Multidimensional reality is a portal. More and more, you are connecting your 3D Earth body with your Multidimensional Lightbody. With every higher thought and loving emotion, that portal expands to encompass both, and all, versions of your current expression of Self, as well as ever-increasing dimensions of […]


Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians – The Top of the Ladder


Thoughtforms are the alphabet for Light Language. From the top of the ladder everything appears different as reality is no longer limited to the third dimension. From your new perspective, the physical world is something that you observe rather than live. From the bottom of the ladder, you can only perceive the physical world, but […]


Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians – Climbing the Stairway


Beloved Ones, You are ALL creating your New Home on New Earth. Your new home may be on New Earth, your new Starship assignment, and/or your new Lightbody. In fact, you are all building your NEW LIFE thought-by-thought and emotion-by-emotion. Within this NOW, your consciousness is continuing to expand into higher and higher frequencies and […]


The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Living In-Between – Introduction to Become ONE ~ People and Planet


It is all about attention and intention. In the higher dimensions your attention sets your intention, and they are as loud as your voice is in the third dimension. In fact, they are louder because they create powerful thoughtforms that feel like the wind against your face, rain on your head, the smell of something […]