Can Spirits from the Astral Planes Lie?

The question has been asked whether we can lie on the Astral Plane? And can sources who speak through mediums and claim to come from the Astral Plane lie?

Everything you want to know about the astral planes you “may” find, I think, in the website New Maps of Heaven at

The thing that fools us about the Astral Plane is that we compare it to the Third Dimension and so its differences become obscured by the use of the word “Dimension.” Most dimensions are uniform, except for the Astral Plane, which has many subplanes, hosting the evil all the way up to the virtuous.

Here on the Third Dimension all types of souls mix and mingle in one plane, so to speak. We have the saint and the sinner, the statesperson and the assassin, Mother Theresa and Jack the Ripper.

Then they die and go to the Astral Plane, at least for a short while. The vicious go to the lower planes; the virtuous to the higher. But all can be said to live on the Astral Plane.  That can be confusing to us. Jack the Ripper assumes his place in the basement – the Winterlands or Dark Planes – and Mother Theresa, if she doesn’t go to a much higher plane altogether, goes to the Higher Summerlands.

So on the Astral Plane or Fourth Dimension, people are sorted out.

All Dimensions are designed or created in the last analysis by God, who is All there is. I imagine we can all agree on that.  A Dimension can do any work He/She/It wishes it to do, simply by God’s creative decree.

The Astral Plane has been designed as a temporary respite between incarnations for a wide range of people. It is sometimes called the “plane of desires,” because on it we get to work out our desires before going to higher planes which are more often of selfless service.  We’re able to create through thought, travel wherever we wish, do anything we want, rest, and take time off, so to speak. Many people spend perhaps 100-250 years on the Astral Planes before reincarnating; a very few reincarnate sooner for specific reasons.

We can tell a lie on the Astral Plane but, if we did, it’d be immediately visible in our aura as a darkish color so there’s no sense lying if you’re trying to pretend you didn’t. All is known.

If you told enough lies on the Higher Summerlands, you probably could not stay at the level you’re at.

The Astral Plane is designed in such a way (as are all dimensions except the Third) that, if one conducts oneself in a dense manner on a refined plane, one cannot remain on the higher plane. The more vicious one is, the farther down the ladder one might fall.

Just as people who make their vibrations dense in a refined environment must descend, so if people of a dense vibration are allowed to visit the higher realms they will find that, without some sort of protective measure, they cannot stand the higher vibrations there for very long.

I discovered this when I was outside my body in 1977 and began crying (watching a friend be insulted on the Astral Plane). Because I was weeping, I could not remain on that plane and had to return to my body. It’s a law that one has to drop back a plane if one cannot live up to the requirements of the higher one, which is why we’re all raising our vibrations now to gain access to 5D. When you’re outside your body, the next lower plane is your body.

The spirits in the basement usually are unable to return to the Earth Plane and so they bother us no further. But the denizens of the Lower Summerlands may return and they can be entities who lie through mediums. It would have to be a fairly-coarse medium though because a refined medium would know he or she is channeling a low entity.

A spirit from the Middle Summerlands might not lie perhaps but may simply not know the truth.  There would be a gradation of spirits returning to Earth and speaking through mediums and a gradation of mediums.

That accounts for only the spirits. It doesn’t account for the “spooks” – namely, the CIA operatives and other black sources who imitate spirit sources or in other ways put out disinformation.  Marshall Vians Summers is an example of this type. I don’t mind mentioning his name.

If you read his declaration of human sovereignty, I think it’s called, it exactly reverses the situation saying that the ETs here today threaten our way of life.  It’s exactly the reverse. The cabal and its operatives, like the CIA, threaten our way of life. The ETs are here to rescue us from them.

As far as I’m concerned, the best lie detector is the inner voice. How do we feel reading a source? This lie detection can also take the form of seeing how many times an inner alarm bell goes off when reading the source.

The second best lie detector is the comparative approach. How does the source stack up against the best sources, which for me would be SaLuSa, Matthew, Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman or Linda Dillon, the Arcturian Group, and so on.

The third best lie detector is one’s own knowledge. Here is an example of applying knowledge. There is a supposedly-enlightened man who gave his cosmology once, in which he said that the cosmic male created the Andromedan galaxy, because “andros” means “man” in Greek, and the cosmic female created the Milky Way galaxy, because “Milky Way” referred to a mother’s milk, etc.

Give me a break. The creative powers didn’t create by the Greek language. The Greek language would not even have been around at the time of the creation of the Andromedan and Milky Way galaxies.

And the cosmic male does not create anything.  When I say “God” creates, I mean through the creative force, not by Him/Her/Itself. God has no gender and God is still. His creations are illusory, having no permanent status, like smoke in air.

Every thing is actually created by the cosmic female, who is not a female – the Holy Spirit, Shakti, the Divine Mother, the creative universal vibration known as Aum/Amen, Procreatrix/Prakriti, etc.

The difference between the cosmic male and cosmic female is not gender-related because there is no gender at that level. It is a conventional distinction used by ancient sages to get across the difference between formlessness and form, silence and sound, stillness and motion.   Hindu statues depict Shakti dancing on the recumbent body of Shiva, which conveys the idea that the cosmic female creates; the cosmic male does not.

And so matters went in assessing this “enlightened man’s” cosmology – no, no, no, no. This use of knowledge then is, in my estimation, a third way of assessing a source.

And a fourth is to ask a trusted source. I used to ask Suzy Ward for Hatonn or Ashtar’s opinion of channels regularly and was much helped. Archangel Michael has regularly commented, when asked, on various mediums and sources.  He has also commented on  elohim who’ve incarnated and avatars.

So we can actually hear lies from people claiming to be Astral-Plane sources.  It would be difficult for Franklin D. Roosevelt to lie on the higher Astral Plane. It just wouldn’t come easily to a person of his stature.  But it would be easy for someone on a lower subplane.

All the articles to be found on this site on life after death have their basis in what is said in New Maps of Heaven. (1) You’re welcome to dip into it and write your own articles on life after death. Or First Contact, which is on the same site, on the 2012 scenario. (2) Or From Darkness unto Light, which is on enlightenment. (3) All the primary research has been done and it just awaits someone to do the composition. No need to credit me. Just get the word out. What good is reputation, fame and fortune in 5D? No future for them.





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