Cannot Hide Any Longer

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Will I ever get around to posting on Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, etc., or even candidate Obama?


I have to acknowledge a few biases I have. What are those biases? The first is that I don’t believe there will be an election in 2012. Well, not an election of the kind we’ve had until now. So why waste a lot of ink?

The second is that I’m not actually politically inclined. I’m more inclined to spirituality and inner growth.

You’d be hard-pressed to get me to generate much interest in what the candidates are saying. It all sounds like ingenuous statements that very few people would actually feel bound by later on or that would translate into very much action. How many times can one listen to the same old slogans and promises before one begins to doubt whether any of them are true or relevant? I’m afraid I find myself in that place.

The third is that I believe that Congress is so extensively owned by the Illuminati and Congressional Representatives and Senators so controlled, blackmailed, suborned, or manipulated that I don’t really have a great deal of interest in notions like “new faces” or a great deal of faith in “integrity” as far as the great majority of politicians is concerned.

The fourth is that I’m feeling a growing fracture inside me and, like anyone who lives in a closet, I need to come out of the closet if I’m to prevent major dissonance in my personality.

I actually have lost faith in the political structure as it exists in America at the present time. I frankly don’t think it can ever be made to operate successfully. There I said it. Burn me at the stake if you wish.

I’ve reached the conclusion within myself that the American system of checks and balances only works to check, never to balance, and certainly almost never to work. It does not, and cannot be made to, produce any useful, workable, and comprehensive program of legislation and, even if it could, the fact that the leader of the government does not sit in and is not responsible to the legislature, would not allow it to administer a comprehensive program of legislation, even if one passed.

The Congressional model (if I may call it such), in which the President sits in his office across town and is not the leader of the largest party in Congress and not responsible to Congress has been shown, I believe, simply to not function. The only legislation that seems to find its way through Congress is anything but comprehensive, loaded with pork, benefits only the elite (i.e., is bought and paid for), etc.

The deadlock and gridlock which are the results of a system based on checks and balances rather than direct responsibility of the leader to the legislature (in other words, the difference between the model of the American Congress vs. the model of the British Parliament) has been so polarized by the Illuminatis’ dead hand, elitism, the military-industrial complex, that I would favor scrapping it and starting all over again, this time contriving a model that is not so susceptible to elitism, special interests, corruption, etc.

OK. I’ll step down now and leave the hall if saying that requires I do so. But I can no longer listen to CNN gear up for a new Presidential election almost two years away (as it was last November) and trot out the newest faces and subject me to two years of arguing and haranguing when probably no candidate, if successful, will be able to make the slightest bit of difference with a system constituted as it is.

That’s it. I needed to say that, come what may. The system is broke. It does not work. The Emperor has no clothes. Finished with the subject.

I may be whistling in the wind, but I’ll whistle now with a lighter heart.




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