Social Vasanas: A New Phenomenon

Jamie Dimon

In the middle of An Hour with an Angel on July 9, 2012, Archangel Michael suddenly said: “And, yes, Jamie Dimon is one of the people that is being contained by the way.”

I thought he had said “Jamie Diamond” and did not know whom he was referring to. The remark came out of the blue, no pun intended. (1) I replied: “I don’t know who Jamie Diamond is, Lord.” And he said: “Your reader will.” I still did not wake up to what he was talking about and said: “My reader? Really? … So you’re addressing yourself to one of our readers,” thinking that he had just tuned into a reader, out there in the ethernet.

I didn’t know that he was referring to Jamie Dimon, head of JPMorgan Chase, which related back to a question from a reader that I’d mentioned earlier that I was going to ask him.

Archangel Michael had just identified a second person under containment, the first being Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Please keep in mind that many months earlier I’d asked him if George Bush Sr. had been born in Germany. He paused and replied that this soul did not want him (AAM) to communicate that information. So my sense is that the being in question has to permit the information to be conveyed.

Thus in the case of Dimon and Roberts, I believe that they’d also have to have given Archangel Michael permission at a soul level to refer to them or he would not have. I think they’re allowing their cases to be known for the salutary benefit to people that their example provides.

If mass arrests had gone ahead, we’d be speaking about those under arrest. It would seem also permissible to speak about those in containment – at least a few, presumably, who’d have given permission. It might not be advisable to speak of large numbers because it might interfere with the process that containment initiates. But perhaps a few just to solidify our certainty of and around the process itself.

A second matter that comes into play here is the phenomenon of divine deadlines. Prior to any specific divine deadline for a 2012 Ascension event, the Company of Heaven must respect the universal laws. They can’t intervene in a matter that involves our karma or our free will.

But past a divine deadline, they can intervene because the exigencies of the Divine Plan then come into play and take priority over our free will and karma. So, for instance, the whole policy of containment represents an intrusion on the free will of the cabal, which I believe is allowable because we’ve passed the divine deadline for the cabal to surrender.

After that date, whenever that was, the cabal could be arrested, contained, removed from the planet, etc., obviously against their free will.

So I began to research Jamie Dimon today, to write up an article that might trace any abrupt changes in character that might have been observed recently, similar to Roberts’ sudden reversal on Obamacare, where he voted against the position of the other conservative justices and saved the President’s health care plan. But halfway through the exercise I stopped.

What a Catch 22 is involved in the very task of discovering proof that people are under containment. If I don’t find proof, people will say that there’s no evidence of containment. If I do find proof, people will accuse me of praising and supporting the cabal.

Granted some will realize that I’m simply trying to find support for the practice of containment, which itself promises to stop the incursions and devastation wreaked by the cabal by depriving cabalists of their ability to do more damage.

But there will be people who’ve been harmed by the cabal for whom the simple sound of someone seeming to say nice words about a former Illuminati will cause revulsion.

What a difficult situation to address. And behind it what difficult emotions will be coming to the fore in the next part of our journey to Ascension on the part of so many people – people who’ve been foreclosed on, who’ve lost jobs, who’ve been falsely imprisoned, who’ve been mistreated by authorities.

On this site I’ve addressed the subject of vasanas many times – the habitual reaction patterns we have that are rooted in the past but triggered by events in the present. But these have always been examinations of personal upsets and reaction patterns. Here we’re dealing with what I might call “social vasanas,” if such there be – the projections and transferences made onto social figures who are seen as having wounded people. These vasanas are felt as social injustice rather than personal injury.

Certainly we’ve never been in a situation where a global elite has been overthrown on the planet and its overthrow was accomplished by the beings who are doing the work at present. So we’ve probably never seen social vasanas emerging on the scale they will be in the weeks and months ahead. There’s no literature on how we’ll address the emotions and upsets that we’ll be seeing on this planet in the near future. There’s no precedent for the work that faces us as lightworkers.

How in the world are we going to complete social vasanas? I have no idea. That perhaps is the next place to go and will bring up again the whole topic of collective compassion, the nascent but developing faculty of those who are experiencing the first tugs of unitive consciousness towards having compassion for the collective, rather than just for individuals.

Archangel Michael said he wouldn’t discuss the total range of approaches being used by the Company of Heaven in neutralizing the cabal and removing it from power. But I had asked him if it included the use of walk-ins for departing cabalists and he did confirm that particular strategy. He describes the walk-in phenomenon here:

“We will not explain the entire plan [of approaches to neutralizing the cabal] because it will boggle your mind. …”

“Let us just say that these beings that have been in a position of authority who did not have the welfare of the collective or the restoration of love in their heart are being dealt with…. Yes, you would be shocked to fully comprehend the number of walk-ins upon your planet…

“So are there walk-ins that are taking the roles of people who have been in positions of authority? Yes. Because rather than shift, when these souls are confronted by such bright light, there are situations when they are simply so exhausted and so tired and so overwhelmed by what this life has been that they have simply asked to return home, to come home and rest and regenerate so that they will have the restoration of love, so that they would bask in the glory of one.

“And that request is being heard very frequently and not just by those of people you think of as people in positions of leadership. But that is what we are addressing right now. “And there are masses on this side saying let me go and be part of this shift. I had no idea. So it is like refreshing the troops as it were.” (2)

So while he hasn’t given us additional information on those Illuminati who are being taken off-planet to intergalactic courts and has not commented on the numerous other approaches being used, he has at least added the use of walk-ins to the use of containment.

He added the reassurance that the Illuminati “will not be left to continue to rule, as you put it, or continue to reign in power because that is simply not part of what is acceptable or even possible in the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Dimensions. It simply is not possible.” He discussed the advantages of leaving the contained former Illuminati in positions of power with a change of heart and change of perspective.

But that may not comfort people who are experiencing the triggering of social vasanas. We have our work cut out for us as lightworkers.

I think AAM is releasing one piece of information a week. I think he knows that it would be inadvisable to just dump the whole body of information on us at once and so he discussed containment last week, naming one individual (John Roberts) and now discusses walk-ins this week, naming a second individual (Jamie Dimon). This may be how he proceeds: week by week.

And do notice that we now have two columns from Suzan Carroll’s Arcturians (3) in which they acknowledge the plan of containment. The Arcturians are the first of the galactics to confirm what AAM has been saying. Although I know of Suzan, I’ve never met with or talked to her so there cannot be collusion here.

Several articles have also now come from Siera Neblina that also confirm the reality of containment and describe her participation in several containments. (4)


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