Explosions in Mumbai? Could the Same Group be Responsible as in 2008? (You Bet)

Three explosions rocked Mumbai today and the big question on everyone’s mind is could the same group that caused the Mumbai Attack of 2008 be responsible?

It’s generally agreed by early sources contacted that that could very well be the case. And who might be the group that caused the 2008 attack? Al Qaida? Lashkar-e-Toiba?

Matthew Ward helps us here (but I could have chosen SaLuSa):

“The deaths, injuries and property destruction in Mumbai, India, were the work of the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA.” (1)

Oh, my gosh. Not Al Qaida? Not Lashkar-e-Toiba? The CIA?

The American assistant undersecretary of state for South Asian affairs currently being interviewed on BBC attributes the new bombings to Lashkar-e-Toiba. But I suspect that the perpetrator is indeed the same and that it’s the CIA.

Why would the CIA want to set off three bombs in Mumbai … and why now?

Well, here’s a guess: The British Parliament is meeting today to discuss the terms of the parliamentary probe of Rupert Murdoch’s empire. So what?

Does it not strike you as strange that Murdoch’s operatives … I mean, reporters would tap the phones of victims of the London bombings? Excuse me. Victims? Why not alleged terrorists in Britain? Why victims?

Is it not possible that Murdoch’s people were part of the same false-flag operation that caused the London bombings in the first place? And if one could allow the slim possibility that they were not, is it not possible that Murdoch’s operatives know a great deal about who was?

Well, wait a minute. Let’s back up a second. Who in heaven’s name caused the London bombings? Whoever it was, would they not have a strong interest in preventing the investigation from going anywhere? Who was responsible?

Wasn’t it four young Arab men, terrorists all? Matthew helps us here as well.

“The four young men identified as the suicide bombers had nothing to do with the events. They weren’t even mind-controlled pawns, but simply innocent young Muslims who were picked by a London CIA segment to be the ones blamed for the death and destruction caused by that segment. A large group within the CIA, which only superficially is an intelligence gathering agency to serve the security of the United States, is composed of Illuminati leaders and operators with diverse nationalities, political persuasions and belief systems, but with one aim: world domination.” (2)

Oh my heavens! Let me see if I understand. The CIA caused the London bombings and the CIA caused the Mumbai attack. Any other bad news?

“We have mentioned before that the major terrorist acts, such as the bombing of the trains in Spain, are planned and executed by the so-called ‘Black Ops’ faction of the CIA.” (3)

“The suicide bombing in Islamabad was a CIA ‘black ops’ undertaken with the intent to create more turmoil and fear in Pakistan and hopefully unseat the leader, who is not under the Illuminati thumb” (4)

And where do they get their money for all this?

“The enormously profitable illegal drug industry funds both factions’ ‘black ops,’ including terrorist activities blamed on innocents and vast underground areas where their scientists conduct unconscionable experiments on humankind and develop spacecraft, weaponry, surveillance and weather-control systems using technology introduced by the ‘Little greys.’” (5)

Oh, heavens. So, all in all, you’re saying that the CIA stands to lose a great deal if Rupert Murdoch or his operatives sing and so they caused the Mumbai bombings of today … for what?

To remind everyone involved with the phone taps and email hacking (and much worse) to stay in line? To remind them that the CIA plays for keeps? To remind them of past debts? To stave off a general landslide of disclosure over who really is responsible for all the terrorist attacks of the last decade and more … in fact much more?

After all, if you begin to connect the dots and see the CIA’s involvement in the London Bombings, won’t the next question be asked be: What about 9/11? When the truth of that Mother of all terrorism comes out, what will that mean? Matthew says:

“The truth about who planned and executed ‘9/11’ … in the higher vibrations in which Earth is now orbiting, … cannot be hidden much longer; when it emerges along with its even deeper purpose than controlling oil resources in the Mideast, which is to dominate the entire planet and kill or enslave its peoples, the Illuminati’s long reign of terror will meet its just end.” (6)

So a lot more than Rupert Murdoch’s empire is at stake here. Putting Rupert Murdoch and his operatives on the witness stand is one really big way that the London Bombings false-flag operation could unravel and with it 9/11. And with it, the whole story of Illuminati control of the planet.


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Or you can read the “official version.”

13 July 2011

Mumbai: Explosions shake India’s financial hub

Three near-simultaneous explosions have shaken India’s commercial capital Mumbai (Bombay), police say.

Twenty-one people were killed and 113 injured, said Maharashtra state’s Chief Minister, Prithviraj Chavan.

He called the explosions, during Mumbai’s busy evening rush-hour, “a co-ordinated attack by terrorists”.

(Go to the BBC’s site if you wish to read the official version … I mean, report of the latest “terrorist” … or should I say, CIA? attack.)

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