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Unflinchingly, Unabashedly Pro-Obama

This website is unflinchingly, unabashedly pro-Obama.

That doesn’t mean I don’t regret President Obama’s errors, like using the words “kick ass” in relation to BP. (If he did use those words. I’m relying on a press account and haven’t heard the words myself.) “Kick ass” alienated a lot of Britons whose pensions are in BP. Not a wise selection of words.

But we all make mistakes. Heavens, I’ve made several today and the day is still young.

However, in my view, Barack Obama is a good man, with a good heart and good intentions. George Washington was a good man. Abraham Lincoln was a good man. Both made mistakes. In the same way, I see Barack Obama as a good man.

He has the intelligence for the job, the courage, and all the other pre-requisites. I think he is being unfairly bashed by the press, the New World Order, fundamentalists, and other critics on the left and right.

However, don’t tell President Obama that I unflinchingly and unabashedly support him. Because then you’d have to ask where I get my information from. I get my information from channelled messages emanating from spirit and galactic beings. Nothing that Bill Nye, the Science Guy and Larry King Live would validate. President Obama might be embarrassed by my support.

No matter. If I listened to embodied terrestrials, like Alex Jones, Chris Story, Sorcha Faal, and others who claim to represent truth and goodness, I’d be in far worse shape. I’d be repeating what I think are baseless stories, following what Alfred Webre calls a “meme.”

The dictionary defines a “meme” as “a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person, much like an esoteric inside joke.” Martin Heidegger would have called it an “always-already listening.” Werner Erhard would say it resides in the “background of obviousness.”

In past years we would have called it a “party line” or “the buzz.”

The buzz on Obama is that he is incompetent, gutless, in bed with the New World Order.

I don’t believe that for a moment.

Everything I’ve heard from President Obama has been exemplary, courageous, far-sighted. He has taken on the work of turning America around, freeing it from the clutches of the secret government, the military-industrial complex, a task that got John F. Kennedy killed – by that same military-industrial complex, not by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Keep in mind that Dr. Steven Greer asked Bill Clinton to disclose the presence of UFOs and Clinton replied, through an intermediary, (paraphrase) “Do you want me to end up like John Kennedy?”  Barack Obama risks ending up like John Kennedy every day.

When President Obama revealed himself as no friend of predatory capitalism or the military-industrial complex, the cabal turned on him and used its control of the mainstream media to spread stories about him that started the current “meme.”

The New World Order controls the mainstream media at the present time.  Admittedly there are some voices of sanity among them, like Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Anderson Cooper. But I think we’ll find one day that the NWO owners of the press have mandated an anti-Obama meme, which critics on the right and left have taken up.

My life is a creation. I get to create what I want. And one of the things I’m creating is support for President Obama. I see him as the political leader who will lead us into the New Age fast approaching. I see him as a world leader, and not just America’s President.

I don’t hold him responsible for all the New World Order has done to date. He has not inherited President Bush’s mess. He is attempting to clean it up. He has not inherited President Bush’s war. He is attempting to end it. Both of these tasks have to handled carefully because, believe it or not, there are a lot of corrupted, bad people out there who mean to see that these situations continue.

President Obama has few allies right now, not as many as he had before the meme got started, and danger lurks for him and for people who work with him. So he cannot be expected to turn the situation around in a short space of time and he may meet reverses, all of which will be blamed on him.

But I intend to be loyal to him, not because it is written on the wall by the Moving Hand, but because I choose to. My life is my creation and I choose to give my support to Barack Obama.

Send me numerous anti-Obama comments and you’ll end up in my spam filter. This is not the site for an  anti-Obama meme.

I intend to create a counter-meme. The buzz I intend to create is that President Obama is a good man, the right man for the job, the right man at the right time in the right place.

I intend to create a context that encourages the essential goodness I see in Barack Obama. Rather than sapping his energy, I intend to give him some.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you Steve!!!!! FINALLY, someone not afraid to speak up and out about their unwaivering support for Obama!! I am with you and support him 1000% !!!!! I will continue to send him positive energy and light daily and be ever grateful that we are blessed enough to have him in the oval office during such a crucial time in our history. He was elected by the people and as an American I am completely proud to call him my President!!!! Namaste, Stephanie

  2. Well, Steve, you may very well be right. Yet I am reserving the right to give him credit till my intuition gets louder. I don’t think though that Obama is experienced enough to handle this period of time without making mistakes, I just wish they weren’t so blatant :(

    Yet working behind the curtains, not to give away his true strategies is hard to do and takes a special talent. We shall see??? :)

  3. I’m right there with ya Steve….well said, I might add!

    Obama’s the man…he’s doing the best he can with the can of crap he was left with by the former administration, and a larger can that keeps getting offered to him time and time again.

    I pledge my wholehearted support to Obama knowing he’s trying to do the right thing of the US and the rest of the world!

  4. preachin’ to the choir baby! Hallelujah!!!!!

  5. very well said!!!!
    I support you.

  6. As I stated in the last post…I am right along with you on this one. I had two dreams about Barack Obama that took away all of my doubts about his purpose and what he is doing for The World at this point. We must remember that many people are still sheeple and have the veil pulled over there eyes to where they can not see what he is doing or chooses not to see.

    So we must continue to stay positive and help him in these hard times.

    Thanks again Steve!

  7. As I listened to Obama speak at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, my soul leaped and I remember saying to myself, “that guy is going to be President in 2008!” Something awakened within me and drew me to Obama as a moth to light. I was overwhelmed with hope and joy! At the same time however, I was perplexed. “Who is this man? Why am I so happy and excited?” I didn’t fully understand but my soul did! The long awaited Ascension had just announced itself!

    From that address; through his inaugural address, I refused to miss a single step of Obama’s journey to the White House. Every night I froze in front of the television to hear the latest news, debates, and world opinions. The entire World was memorized by Obama. Indeed, the entire Universe! Just as the Ascended Master Y’eshua said, “Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear…” I (we) all knew the same undeniable fact: We were finally reaching the end of duality. Obama’s words were being heard around the world sending code and light to those with ears to hear!

    On the night of November 4, 2008 I openly wept as I watched Obama stand in Grant Park, Chicago before thousands of dazed and overwhelmed people. “This is our chance to answer the call…. this is our moment!” he said. There is no denying the joy and hope I felt. The world was not alone in its celebrations. Appearing as thousands and thousands of orbs the universe was also proclaiming mother earth’s coming transformation! (

    What has happened to us? Why do we continually allow the dark ones’ lies, fear and control to rob us of our joy and hope by placing blinders on our eyes and plugging up our ears? Surely we have matured spiritually from the cycle of praising our chosen leaders, as we did Moses for leading us out of slavery, to bitching and complaining when the going gets tough, “”If only we had died in Egypt or this desert!”

    I refuse to allow myself to slip back into spiritual immaturity! I refuse the blinders and ear plugs. Instead, I choose to listen to the voice of my higher-self and to BELIEVE IT! I choose to embrace my rightful place as a sovereign being, a spark of GOD, an awakening Ascending Master, and to walk boldly into the Ascension and once again reunite with my Galactic Brothers and Sisters.

    Therefore, I will continue to co-create all the doors necessary to allow Obama entrance into the innermost chambers of the Illuminati in order to defeat them. I will continue to co-create white light to surround him with protection. I will continue to love and support him with my trust and allegiance. And very soon, I will stand with him as we greet and embrace representatives from the Galactic Federation of Light!

    Through himself, Obama is allowing us to collectively rescue Mother Earth and all her inhabitants! We are very close to winning everything! WE are the ones WE have been waiting for.

  8. What if Obama’s role was to bring hope to awaken us? He completed that task! If that’s all he does then he served us well. Thanks and Gratitude for that.