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Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Monday January 29th 2018. Today I was chatting with him about my own sense of inadequacy, and he came up with some guidance for me, and also suggested that sharing it with our blog followers would be appropriate. So here it is!

Jesus Channeled 10.00. Monday January 29th Blog # 349 for Monday January 29th 2018.

A chat with Jesus.

Me: Good morning Dear Jesus. Very frequently I do feel uncomfortable calling on you for a chat or conversation, or even guidance. Within me I feel that to call on you is an intrusion on your space. I feel that with others as well. It’s like asking for help, which I feel uncomfortable doing – I shouldn’t ask – and also I am often unwilling to help or offer help to others. Thoughts as to why I feel like this do arise, but they never seem to be the full reason. So perhaps you can offer me some guidance here.

Yes, it just occurred to me, I like reading guidance in books or hearing it in interviews – particularly the ones on Buddha at the Gas Pump, when Rick Archer interviews some very bright and interesting people – but I have difficulty taking it from loved ones, friends, or acquaintances. Is it silly self-righteous pride on my part, or just fear of being wrong. When reading a book or listening to an interview I can’t be “made wrong,” whereas in conversation I can. Anyhow, over to you, if you have the time and the inclination to chat with me and offer some sound and valuable guidance.

Jesus: A very good morning to you John, as always I would be delighted to converse with you. Pause just a moment to release that inner fear of communing one on one with me, then listen and type. What I have to say will help and uplift you, and anyone else with whom you choose to share it.

We are all One with God/Source and inseparable from Him. We are all just different and unique expressions of that One, and we are all equally loved and cherished by our heavenly Father in every moment of our existence. When in human form it is very difficult to truly know and sense that, except for an occasional and mostly unexpected flash of awareness that: “the Oneness that is All That Exists includes me, always.”

The game of separation that humans are playing is all about maintaining: Unawareness and unconsciousness of the Oneness that is God, which includes All that He creates, and therefore, each and every individual oneAnd the consequent unawareness of the fact that there are NO exceptions and NO enemies, because there cannot be exceptions or enemies when all are One.

Thus it is readily apparent that separation must be unreal. Therefore you, everyone that God creates, is always totally connected with Him. He is the Source from which all arises, and all that arises is, by His Nature and Intent, perfect.

Your human form is unreal, a temporary vehicle of intense limitation, which each one who is incarnate chose to occupy for a strictly limited time for the separate events and happenings it makes it possible for each individual to experience uniquely for itself. When you lay it down to return to the spiritual realms all sense of separation dissolves, but your individual sense of Self not only remains, it intensifies, because your awareness of the immense and immeasurable Power and Love with which God endowed you at the moment of your creation returns to you.

As a human you always have a sense that you are far more than your human form suggests, but the distractions of that state, not the least of which is your sense of smallness and insignificance in such a seemingly vast and immeasurable universe, make it very difficult for you to come to a full realization of what that means. Some, who do make a conscious choice to follow a spiritual path, do come to know that they, and everyone else, are far more than they appear to be as embodied humans. But full realization of your real and unchangeable nature is not possible until you release yourselves from your human forms.

When you do amazement, awe, and intense joy utterly replace any sense of smallness, insignificance, or worthlessness that you lived with as a human. The awe arises because the realization of the magnificence of who You truly are is absolutely mind-blowing after living with your limited sense of self for so long. It truly is an awakening from a nightmare of being terrifyingly insubstantial and insignificant into the infinite brilliance of your own Light, which is way beyond the brilliance of the brightest star in your universe by an enormous order of magnitude.

Smallness and insignificance are not of God! God is the infinite field of Love in which all have their eternal existence, and in which all events occur. There is no beyond it, there is only within it, and that “within” is limitless, boundless, all-encompassing, and all-embracing as it holds to itself in Love all of creation. All are of infinite value, irreplaceable, essential, and are eternally fully consciously aware of the Love that is God’s and their nature.

I always remind you to go within daily to commune with the Love residing there because, as a human, you truly do need to take the time to connect consciously with your Source daily. It is Life, and It powers your seemingly individual energy fields, and then you are more fully able to interact with those of all the other individuals that you think of, communicate with, or just pass in the street or in your motor vehicles on the highway. Interaction between you all is constant, ongoing, even if you are convinced that you are a single physical entity quite separate from everyone or everything “out there” in the world where you live your human lives.

You have the choice to be loving, unloving, or unaware. Once you know this then your tendency is to hold the intent to be only loving, because Love is your nature. But, having free will, you can choose to ignore the multitudinous opportunities that occur in your daily lives to offer and receive Love, by keeping your hearts closed in fear, and thus almost – but never completely – blocking Its normal and naturally occurring back and forth flow through you and all of the One.

You are always connected to your Source with an utterly unbreakable or inseverable link. Without it you would not exist, because your existence is totally dependent on your connection to Source through which Life and Love flow constantly and endlessly. However, you can, and many do, restrict or block it. But why would you?

Well, because in the separated world of the illusion there is a fear of others, of what they might and could do to your bodies that would cause them intense pain and suffering. And it is true that through your bodies – mental, emotional, and physical – you can experience intense pain and suffering, as many or in fact almost all of you have done. Within the illusion many believe that love is weak and that they need to be strong, so they block it from their awareness in order to be strong.

But when you open even just a little to Love any suffering that you are undergoing will diminish, and even physical pain will become less intense. If, however, you engage with judgment, blame, and anger, your pain and suffering will increase.

You have all met or interacted with ones who are suffering and who blame others for it – and, of course, you do have the ability to cause suffering to one another – and who are extremely unhappy. While others, in similar circumstances, are not so unhappy because they rise above it, accept what has occurred, and then choose to move forward instead of engaging with the blame game. You always have a choice as to how you will respond in any situation, and if you choose to be loving instead of fearful and blaming you will far more easily find peace within yourselves.

As you know, and as you have often been told here and in other places, your nature is Love. Therefore when you choose to engage with It you will be far, far happier and more at peace than when you choose to blame others and seek restitution. Blame and restitution never bring satisfaction because they constantly ask for more. The more a person believes that they deserve restitution the more of it they will seek as they engage in endless cycles of judgment and blame.

Satisfaction comes from within, it cannot come from outside yourself. Yes, admiration or congratulations from another are uplifting, but their uplifting effect is only temporary. Unless you value and love yourselves the praise from others will never satisfy you because you will need to have it repeated and repeated endlessly to drown out your own sense of inadequacy or worthlessness.

So many people have a public persona behind which they hide and shelter their sense of inadequacy, and if that persona is uncovered or disclosed unexpectedly shame almost always ensues, because, due to their own sense of inadequacy, the person is not prepared or ready to be seen as the little selves they believe themselves to be. A false persona is just that, and the owner knows it and fears it, even though it is unreal, an ego construct.

You cannot be another, and you are not meant to be another, you are always the being God created, and you are also the human you chose to be before you incarnated. And you made that choice most carefully and with wise guidance from those in the spiritual realms whose task it is to assist you in every moment of your life. The way to find the enormous value that resides forever within yourselves is by being yourselves!

Call on those guides, mentors, and angels who are on your permanent support team and ask them to help you see clearly the purpose of whatever arises in your lives, and then ask them to assist you in dealing with it for your own highest good and for the highest good of all involved. They will, and then you will find the courage to just be yourselves. And truly, that self is magnificent. How could it not be when God Himself created it like unto Himself?

Your loving brother, Jesus.