Is Society Falling Quiet?

Several rumors and several events are being discussed around the Internet, that make it advisable to comment.

There’s a rumor of a false-flag “alien invasion” scheduled for the London Olympics. A lightworker recently speculated that Iran would succeed in blocking the Straits of Hormuz and launch a false-flag attack against the USS Enterprise, which would provide a new Pearl Harbor and start World War III.

The election in Mexico is alleged to have been fraudulent. And some people are describing their national governments as corrupt and asking if they’ll be removed.

The thread that links all these rumors and events together is that they all have potentially dire consequences to the people of some country or to the world and people want to know if they will succeed or fail. Put more generally: Is there a calamity in store for country X or for the world?

Perhaps I can respond to all these events by saying that Matthew Ward, SaLuSa and others have stressed with us that the galactics will not allow any major disruption to or interference with Ascension. There will be no calamity for the world, they say.

Yes, there will be Earth changes. Yes, there will be clearings of negativity such as the storms presently occurring in the southeast United States and the wildfires occurring in Colorado and New Mexico.  But no eruption of the Ring of Fire, no coastal flooding, no falling away of a significant part of the coast carrying Los Angeles with it, no monster volcano, celestial object slamming into Earth, pole shift, three days of darkness, or nuclear World War Three.

Let’s start with the first two rumors: both involve a major false-flag operation. The galactics have foiled probably more than a dozen since 9/11. Yes, an individual “terrorist” may blow himself up, but a largescale “terrorist” operation like the attack on the Twin Towers will not be permitted – apparently at Gaia’s own request.

SaLuSa: “There have been a number of false flag incidents that have been controlled by us, so as to prevent the likelihood of a major confrontation. Some have been too big to be fully concealed, and some details do leak out. Be observant and you will undoubtedly pick up on some unusual reports.” (1)

Matthew Ward:  “It … was ordained that lightworkers on and off-planet would prevent all subsequent major terror attempts, and they have done so on numerous occasions.” (2)

Matthew: “Our light family’s on- and off-planet intelligence units intently monitor everyone who has the means to set off a ‘false flag’ operation to ignite widespread violence. By God’s honoring Earth’s free will decision that killing and destruction end, not escalate, the crews are authorized to intervene however necessary to prevent the free will of those who attempt to start another war or anything else to create chaos.

“However, the crews cannot interfere with Earth residents’ free will decisions to be suicide-bombers or halt troops from obeying commanders’ orders — those kinds of activities will end naturally as the higher vibrations touch people’s hearts or physical death results from lack of light in the bodies.” (3)

To quiet fears that there’ll be a new world war, let’s listen to our sources on that matter:

SaLuSa: “We have prevented a Third World War, destruction of the Earth, and plagues and diseases of proportions that would have decimated your population. That has been in accordance with our responsibilities to ensure that you safely reach the point of Ascension, and that the opportunity to ascend is not denied you.” (4)

Matthew: “Strategically publicizing this [incident] as leading to World War III, and possibly a nuclear war at that, is the most successful of the fear factors.  We tell you: There will be NO nuclear war!  There will be no Third World War! ” (5)

Today (July 2) we heard SaLuSa say that the arrests have begun. Blossom’s Galactic Federation sources said: “This is D-Day!” And Archangel Michael described at length how the cabal are being neutralized in an operation that started June 25, 2012. So corruption in government, finance, and the military is now coming to an end.

Therefore to the citizens of Mexico, I think it safe to say that any corruption in government that still exists will not endure very long. And the same applies to people who live under other governments. We’ve already been promised new, temporary governments composed of uncorrupted lightworkers.

I forgot to ask AAM in today’s An Hour with an Angel about the drug cartels, mafias, etc., but I’m pretty sure that they too are being contained. It would not make any sense for it to be otherwise.

To anyone who is still saying to himself or herself, yes, but he did not mention X, let me allow Matthew Ward to mention, X, Y and Z:

“I shall add that as long as any dark tentacles are lashing out, dire-sounding pronouncements, predictions, speculations and warnings will continue to swirl, and judging from emails my mother is receiving, these cause concern even to lightworkers. To ease minds about several issues that keep popping up in Internet articles or channeled messages: There will be no war with Iran; concentration-type camps will not be filled with the millions who oppose government policies; no ‘Planet X’ or any large celestial body is on a collision course with Earth; there will be no need for your space family to evacuate all peoples before planetary cleansing makes Earth uninhabitable; NESARA is not an event that will be ‘announced.’

“And these current issues: Russia will not engage in a major war and neither will China; and martial law will not be declared to postpone the US election and keep the Bush administration in power—a dramatic event would be needed to achieve that, and technologically advanced souls off-planet and living among you would prevent that kind of attempt.” (6)

Unfortunately we still lack some absolutely tangible, visible proof that the arrests are or containment is happening. I’m sure we’ll all feel a whole lot more comfortable when we see some, whatever it may be. But we at least have the assurance of our sources that they are in process, even if we cannot see the results yet.

And if they are, we can also see how non-violent that operation promises to be, at least with the top-level Illuminati who are being contained and restrained.

Moreover, Archangel Michael in An Hour with an Angel on July 2, 2012, said that the visible sign resulting from the “containment” was that society would fall quiet: “So look to the changes that all of a sudden things get terribly quiet. That is your sign. Now, in that quietness, we are also joining with you.”

That would be welcome, but it may also be hard for some of us raised on drama (OK, me).

But whatever the case, it does illustrate that the very worst time we could think of – the time of the neutralizing of the cabal – may just pass relatively peacefully.

That would be one big hurdle passed. The next will be Disclosure. And a mini-bump for NESARA. But it just may be that from now till Ascension, which AAM reinforced was expected before the end of this year (not 2013, not 2015, 2030 or 2050), will also be relatively peaceful.

Chaotic perhaps, saddening at times when some clearing events happen, revolting when truths about the cabal emerge, but peaceful as in non-violent.

If the times of war are over, is that not also a visible sign? When was the last time we saw an event that was shown to be weather warfare? A pandemic?  A false-flag operation? Any other major episode that could be laid at the doorstep of the cabal?

Is it safe to say that we’ve emerged from the Dark Ages? Is anyone bold enough to make that claim? Six more months before Ascension and counting down.

Congratulations to everyone for making it this far. Next stop, planetary freedom, global abundance, and a family reunion.


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