Global Warming and Other Earth Changes – Part 1/4

I’m not a scientist and so I cannot give you a well-reasoned statement of current scientific theories on such matters as global warming. What I can say however is that what the galactics and celestials tell us stands in stark contrast to what our terrestrial scientists believe.

If we read the galactic and spirit teachers communicating to us through mediums, we hear none of the allegations that the planet is warming catastrophically, that species are disappearing in a global crisis for biodiversity, that the Sun threatens to upset the planet’s electrical networks, or that the planet is headed for a disastrous pole shift.

None of these theories is validated by the galactics and spiritual hierarchy. What they tell us instead is that a Divine Plan is unfolding to return the Earth to its original pristine beauty in preparation for a global, in fact a universal, Ascension on or before Dec. 21, 2012. All the effects we’re observing are part of that Plan.

The Earth Ascending

Readers of this site will be familiar with the galactics’ contention that the planet and all its inhabitants who so choose are destined to ascend to Fifth Density on or before Dec. 21, 2012. Ag-Agria of Sirius, for instance, tells us that the Earth will ascend with us and be returned to her original beauty: “The Earth has been your home for a long, long time and you have come to love it. Fortunately Mother Earth is ascending with you, and will again show her true beauty and magnificence as she returns to her pristine condition.” (1)

In fact, spirit teacher Matthew Ward tells us, Earth’s desire to ascend was a major reason that brought the galactics here in the first place.

“Earth’s desire to be the world she wants preceded yours. She asked for the assistance of other civilizations so she could leave the darkness of third density and their immediate and continuous help has assured her ascension into fifth density, where the low frequencies of darkness cannot exist.” (2)

“Earth’s soul … asked for help to restore the light she had used up to keep all her life forms alive to that point, and chose to ascend intact as one body and soul entity.” (3)

SaLuSa of Sirius confirms Matthew’s allegation that the galactics came to help the Earth ascend: “Ascension is the goal and our arrival will speed up your upliftment, whilst at the same time dealing with the need to bring Mother Earth up with you, as you will ascend together.” (4)

Atmos of Sirius tells us that these changes are necessary to take us to the next level.

“Many changes … will take you forward to another advanced level that comes with Ascension. There is also Mother Earth to be considered, as like you there are levels she needs to attain for her own evolutionary upliftment. You are ascending together and will experience changes together.” (5)

Ascended Master Kuthumi describes what the planet faces as she prepares to release negativity prior to Ascension.

“The circumstances on the Earth are shaky now. The Earth is in a lot of pain. She needs to release the painful memories of war. She wants to feel lighter to make way for the higher dimensions. Like you she cannot take the old destructive energies with her into the higher dimensions. She does not want to bring pain to her beloved children and she needs to be able to breathe again. She needs to feel free.” (6)

Steve Rother’s “The Group” says the Earth’s process of shedding negativity is no different than our own process. Both are designed to prepare us for upliftment.

“The Earth herself is adapting. If you look at your physical body as you re-wire and you consider what we are telling you is that much of your energetic system is now going to house much more of your spirit, the exact same thing is true of planet Earth. She is re-wiring as we speak and has been for some time in order to hold more of the energetics, in order to hold more of spirit from Home on planet Earth.

“If you were going to create heaven on Earth, you are going to need Earth’s cooperation. That is what is happening. She is starting to evolve faster than you ever thought possible.” (7)

Ascended Master Hilarion compares the Earth’s adaptation process to birthing. Again they too describe the two Ascension processes as similar: “The Earth is … continuing in her birthing process and her metamorphosis is proceeding in the same manner as for her inhabitants, with waves of movements and changes that are occurring on a consistent basis.” (8)

Atmos of Sirius tells us that out of this process of change, a new way of life will emerge for the New Humanity.

“The Earth is now closing this cycle and is also rising up with you, and before long you will move into even higher dimensions. … Your world is clearly in a changing mode and the disruption to life will continue. However, out of it will emerge a totally new way of life more fitting for the new Man of Light that is emerging.” (9)

The Ascension changes are affecting not only the Earth but the Sun and the rest of the solar system as well, as Matthew explains. Whereas many people interpret the changes happening with the Sun as indicating a coming catastrophe, Matthew calls them natural.

“What is your sun doing? It is responding to the rapid changes going on throughout your solar system. If your astrophysicists were aware of Earth’s ascension through the ‘universal time window,’ they would know that stepped-up solar activity is a natural effect and that Sol poses no danger to your planet.” (10)

SaLuSa reminds us that Ascension is happening throughout the universe. Our solar system is just a part of a much wider divine drama.

“The Light is growing exponentially and is creating changes of a solar nature that is affecting your whole system. It is a massive process involving many planets and millions of souls that extends throughout your Universe. It is carried out with great love at the Creator’s request, and cannot therefore fail in any circumstances.” (11)

Thus the happenings on Earth are not a prelude to disaster. The changes associated with the Sun will not swamp us and end life on the planet. All is unfolding as a result of the Divine Plan for Ascension which cannot and will not fail.

How can we interpret the profound changes that are taking place around the Earth at the present time in light of what we’ve just heard?


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