Goodbye, Occupy Together. Hello, Join Together

We’re told that very little happens by chance, especially these days. If that’s the case, why would the Divine Hand want the Occupy protesters in various cities evicted?

To spare them a long winter in tents? To have them become active rather than stationary so that their protest moves from place to place? So that greater numbers can assemble in town squares as in Tahrir Square and other Arab Spring venues? (1)

Is it meant that the Occupy Movement now enter another phase and move throughout the city, circulate, get out and meet people (and offer free hugs, like in the video)? Is it meant that the emphasis shift from Occupy Together to Join Together?

Was Occupy a difficult metaphor to get? And Unite Together would smack of union protests and invite the ever-ready tag of “socialist.” Perhaps We’re meant to Join Together now.

Perhaps this is timely and fortuitous. Perhaps we’re meant to gather outside venues in numbers, show our strength and our resolve, live in warm locations out of the winter cold, and march from place to place.

I actually think that now that Occupy Together has established the extent of public discontent and outrage, this show should indeed be taken on the road.  What looks like a devastating blow may just turn out to be a good thing.


(1) See for instance

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