Be the Observer – 1

In his March 2012 message through Celia Fenn, Archangel Michael said: “In this phase [currently occurring], you may feel very heavy in your body, you may feel exhausted, and you may have difficulty sleeping.” (1)

Certainly I can vouch for myself that I probably have never felt more exhausted in my life than in the last two days.  It isn’t as if my mind is. But I have only been up long enough these past two days to eat and bathe. Immediately after that it’s back to bed.

And the quality of it too is very distinctive. It’s not fatigue. It’s not even a feeling of being drained. It’s distinctly a sleepiness. It also occurred right at a time when I had a reading with AAM and so we discussed it.

I’m not really as interested in discussing the full subject as I am in discussing one part of his guidance which I found very, very interesting.

As our light work goes forward, as we come together, and as we expand, AAM’s advice to me was to assume and come from the place of the observer more and more. Now part of this, I believe, comes from the fact that he knows that I follow the path of awareness because we discussed various paths in this hour we spent conversing.

If I were a devotee, he might be asking me to step back into a place of loving. Or an artist, a place of painting from the heart. But I am a student of awareness and he suggested observation.

Any path, as far as I’m concerned, takes a set of actions or behaviors that humans do and stresses within it that part of it that’s divine. If we consider the path of awareness, which is itself a divine quality, then it can be said without fear of contradiction that the Divine observes, can it not? God is said to be the only observer of every experience. In my view, Krishnamurti’s name for God was passive awareness. The witness is said to be another name for the Self.

I feel as if I’ve been given permission to refashion my life along lines I’d most like to take anyways. I could honestly spend all day in a place of observation. As I said in an earlier article, (2) that which I enjoy observing most are the internal events that transpire in the life of me as an individual – the rise, persistence and passing away of feelings, the flow of thoughts, the persistence of an unwanted condition, the sudden rise of a vasana.

If you think of the macrocosm, whenever a cosmic event of tremendous significance happens, like an asteroid colliding with a planet for example, there is a tremendous explosion and a residual condition of whatever kind and eventually all recedes back into a primordial peace or calm. Peace is the default of everything because peace is an attribute of God.

Passive awareness, peace, love, bliss are all defaults and residuals because they are what God is. At least as far as I’m aware.

I say that with a wee bit of certainty because I’ve had moments in my life when I have known that I, like you, am God. They have passed after a short while, but I believe them to be genuine awarenesses nonetheless. And at those times, I could see that who I was was awareness, love, bliss, and so on.

So here I have been tasked for the rest of my life, from this point on, to be the observer. I’ve been asked to reconstruct my life so that the manner in which I enter into it is the manner of the observer. And I’m deeply thrilled by the suggestion.

There’s no telling how successful I’ll be. I may forget the advice tomorrow as I have many other things. But it resonates deeply with my being.

Meet through observation. Know through observation. Follow life moment by moment. Witness what arises, persists and falls away. Remain as that which persists after the changeable subsides. Be that which does not fall away. Notice who observes and observe that. The mere thought of it causes me to drift away.

Somehow timelessness and observation exist in the same dimension. Peace and observation. Love and observation. Somehow whatever I am knows the importance of passive awareness or observation. My mind draws back. The words cease to flow and I fall back into the observer role and everything driving and driven about me ceases. All the hubbub, all the heightened need dissipates, sensitivity falls away, and in its stead comes peace.


(1) Archangel Michael, “The Multidimensional New Earth Takes Shape,” through Celia Fenn, March 2012,

(2) “Ushering in the New Age,” March 14, 2012, at

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