Be the Observer – 2

In a recent reading with the Boss, which I’d like to combine with past readings in my discussion of it, I complained to him that I was feeling exhausted and asked him why that was and what I should do about it.

He explained that it was a result of the job that I agreed to do which was to communicate and comment on what was happening in the world.

In a previous reading he had explained that the human race had “recently” become aware of the “collective consciousness” but it had not yet become aware of “collective compassion.” And our pursuit of unitive consciousness promises, it seems to me, to take us into this territory of collective compassion.

He suggested that the work I was doing of taking a planetary perspective was obliging me to exercise collective compassion. However because its use was unfamiliar to humans, the result was that I was ending up drained.

Just as a healer who forgets to shake off the vibrations of illness from someone he or she has healed can become ill, so a communicator who forgets to shake off the planetary vibrations he connects with can become drained.

His advice to me was to shake off those vibrations after connecting with them. The behavioral posture or stance that dovetailed with this act was being the observer.

One of the things that happens after a reading is that my night-time learning then expands on it. And last night, in my dream-time, I was dreaming of big changes in which what was demanded of me was taking me to the limits of my endurance. And the changes were happening one after the other, giving me little time to catch my breath. The only posture that worked for me in the dream was to adopt the stance of the witness or observer.

If I were to give examples of what was happening in the dream, I worry that people would then think that I was saying that these changes would be happening in the outside world. But that would miss the point. It isn’t that the changes would be happening. It was that I was being shown big happenings because I was being given a lesson in being the observer.

In his advice, the Boss said that I was to try on feelings that so many in the world were having but then become the observer afterwards as a partial means of shaking off the vibrations. (Besides this and shaking off the vibrations, he also discussed wrapping myself in his shield, cutting down on non-essential social contact, diet, and other ways of handling matters as well.)

The lesson to become the observer has a much wider application. If we’re to leave behind everything associated with the Third Dimension, then we must have reached a place of completion with everything connected with it. And being the observer is a wonderful way of practicing completion and detachment from it.

Furthermore, we know that balance is a quality that promotes detachment and that balance is something that many of the Company of Heaven, like Matthew Ward, Hilarion, and Archangel Michael, have urged on us. Balance means to come to rest. It means that we’re complete with things. Being a balanced lightworker and responsible adult is the target I aim for and being the observer promotes the achievement of balance as well.

Being the witness or observer is a divine position. The formless God is the observer of all that happens, through each pair of eyes, through each and every set of senses. All is only experienced by the One, the only Doer. It is the One who samples life just as it is the One who meets the One in the experience of enlightenment that represents the culminating event of all our lives, up till that point.

So being the observer is being my Divine Self and is a practice much encouraged in spiritual circles.

In my dream, what I noticed was how being the observer allowed me to flow through situations – and, since many situations were happening so rapidly, it was very useful to develop the ability to flow through them.

When one situation after another after another occurs, to get stuck in experiencing any one of them would cause the centipede to trip over its hundred legs. It’s vital to remain detached, experiencing them and then simply witnessing or observing.

My dream was forcing me to take the observer position, to try it out, to resort to it. The dream was to the dreamer what a flight simulator is to a pilot. I was encountering circumstances without any “real” cost to me. I was having a simulated flight or dry run.

So to avoid exhaustion as we encounter rapid and radical change in the weeks and months ahead, find ourselves more connected to people worldwide ,and experience collective compassion, I suppose the lesson is to experience it, yes, but to remain the observer after. That’s a bit of a two-step dance.

Experiencing and observing are two different sides of the same coin. While we’re experiencing, we’re in the midst of things; we’re engaged, up close and personal. When we observe, we take a step back from or outside of the experience; we disengage and simply watch.

But that’s what it appeared I was being asked to practice and perhaps we are as well. Experience and observe, experience and observe, experience and observe. Enjoy the many changes happening around us and then take the observer position with them.

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