Mapping the Higher Dimensions – Part 1/2

Imperator (Malachi)

Thanks to the new editors whose contribution to this site now allows me to write more articles of special interest.

When writing New Maps of Heaven I found that mapping the higher dimensions was a very difficult process. Many observers used representational schemes that did not match up. Many planes did not have distinct borders or had transitional zones. Words failed spirits who wanted to describe some higher dimensions and others were prevented from saying things about the sacred higher spheres.

On and on the difficulties went making the task of creating a cartography of the planes of life above 3D complicated and the representational schemes of others difficult to compare.

Discrepancies Among Representational Schemes

Some commentators use a representational scheme that features seven planes, as Mike Swain attests to here: “There are seven planes of existence and each plane is more positive than the one below it.” (1)

Others use a representational scheme that uses many times seven, as Imperator does, through medium Stainton Moses: “Imperator described the earth as the seventh sphere, with six below it, seven above (spheres of work and probation: progressive spheres) and seven beyond (spheres of contemplation).” (2)

Some see nine planes, as Donald Macleod did: “There are nine planes of spirit, dominated by the high spiritual powers.” (3) Others see twelve or more, as A. Farnese tells us.

“I have heard the spheres divided differently by different spirit teachers. … Some will tell you there are seven spheres and that the seventh means the heaven spoken of in the Bible; others say there are twelve spheres; others again extend the number.” (4)

Some refer to Astral planes and some to Hindu or Theosophical terms like Kamaloka (“Astral Planes” and “Kamaloka” are the same thing). Stewart Edward White says that “I am informed [that] almost everyone here is used to the Theosophical set of labels.” (5) That was then. I don’t think it may be so now.

I can illustrate the lack of agreement among representational schemes with this example. First, let’s listen to Archangel Michael telling me that Starseeds come from many higher dimensions.

Steve: “And [Starseeds are] already ascended, mostly, they’ve already been through this?

Archangel Michael: “That is correct. And that is why the shifting inter-dimensionally is becoming so profound and clearer and clearer. So sometimes they do not know, and it is confusing for them, whether they have their feet in the third or the fifth, the seventh or the ninth. But it does not matter, they are here to help.” (6)

OK, so we come from the fifth to the ninth dimensions. Next let’s listen to Suzan Carroll, who describes the dimensions and their inhabitants in her August message:


“The twelfth and eleventh dimensions are the Stellar, Galactic and Universal Elohim.
The tenth and ninth dimensions are the Solar Elohim.
The eighth dimension is the Planetary Logos.
The seventh dimension is the Oversoul.
The sixth dimension is the Divine Matrix for the lower worlds.
The fifth dimension represents the return to Multidimensional Consciousness.
The fourth dimension represents physical Earth’s Aura/Dream-world.
The first through third dimensions represent the Physical World.” (7)

Excuse me?  Those of us Starseeds who hail from the ninth dimension are Solar Elohim? I don’t think so. In a previous reading, Archangel Michael mentioned someone I know who hails from the eleventh dimension and that person is distinctly not a Stellar, Galactic or Universal Elohim.

I’m not saying Suzan Carroll is somehow wrong. She probably just means something different when she uses the word “dimension” than the Boss did when he spoke to me.

Words Cannot Describe

Another difficulty encountered is that the higher one goes in the planes or dimensions, the more refined is the vibration so that it becomes difficult for discarnate people in the lower spheres to say very much about the higher, as Psychical Research Society founder Frederic Myers explains from the spirit planes:

Frederic Myers

“There never has been and never will be an incarnate or discarnate being who has complete and certain knowledge of the realm of ‘Divine Things.’ For, even if he were capable of expressing the whole truth, yet he may not utter it for there is no language created by finite minds which can convey a clear and whole conception of God and universal life.” (8)

If we rely on incarnate clairvoyants, like Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant for instance, we find that their ability to actually go up and investigate the higher realms of Jacob’s ladder of consciousness, no matter how advanced they are, is also limited.

Beings in higher-dimensional states say that they find it difficult to translate what they see into terms we’d understand, as Claude Kelway-Bamber suggests:

“I know you sometimes find it very difficult to follow my explanations, and I find it difficult to explain, for our experiences are limited, and language is limited and is inadequate to express spiritual things.”(9)

“I understand why spirits don’t return and give more about the ‘make-up’ of the spirit-world in a scientific way. There is so much that is so difficult to put into words at all, especially to have to imprint on another person (who is still in the limitation of the physical body—the medium) that which to us is a great shining light—the truth.

“We feel it, we move in it, we breathe it; but it’s too great and vast a thing to explain in an hour or so, for no sooner do I start to explain one phase, than I find it leads me to have to explain another, and then another, and so on.” (10)

Arnel expands on the difficulties.

“There is another aspect of this Sacrament we will treat of at this time, but with brevity. For it were not of any use to endeavour to give you a full account of its significance…. You would not understand our words that we should use, and there are none of your own which would serve us. This thing reaches far beyond where tongues of earth are remembered, and is spoken of, in its inner mystery, only in those forms of language proper to the Spheres far removed in sublimity, and near that of the Christ.” (11)

Some are prevented from talking about higher spheres, which are regarded as too holy to be described in profane words. Here is John Heslop referring to planes above the Christ Sphere in which he lives: “Beyond the seventh sphere there are other celestial states, but of these I cannot speak.” (12)

We know from our own studies that galactics on higher dimensions are invisible to us though they can see us. This situation illustrates how we may find it hard to know about them, though the same is not the case in reverse.

All of these factors mean that dimensional cartographers have a great deal of difficulty mapping out the higher planes of life.

(To be concluded in Part 2.)

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