Matthew Ward on the Life of Jesus

While Matthew Ward is usually very soft-spoken, he is also very passionate on one subject: the extent to which religions have sometimes departed from the truth.  Often around Christmastime Matthew has turned to the subject of religion and decried the manipulations of the church. In Dec. 2007, he predicted that among people who would reject Ascension would be those who could not reconcile it with their religious beliefs:

“That religions are teaching the ‘word of God’ will be shown in the fullness of the deception that spawned that falsehood, and among the challenges you will encounter [around Ascension] are the many individuals who will not believe the truths that will be revealed. Some will do battle, convinced that it is their divine right and duty to defeat the Anti-Christ or the infidels through bloodshed. You will witness the shock, confusion, anger, disillusionment, and, yes, very likely fear — the deceivers who made a vengeful God have been masterful for eons — of people whose minds are not totally closed to the revelations.

“Provide a compassionate safe haven for their questioning and rely on your intuition for the best responses — they will be there when you need them. However, it is not your responsibility to convince them that the foundation of their beliefs — maybe even their very life purpose — is a lie.

“Rejoice, just as we shall, when your efforts succeed, but please do not feel despondent when they don’t. The resistant souls, like all others in the universe, will continue their evolutionary pathways wherever their needs shall best be served, and the eternal and infinite love of Source will undergird their way.” (1)

And at Christmastime 2008, he lamented that “nothing more so than religious beliefs have denied the Christ consciousness within every soul and prevented your knowing the truth: You are gods and goddesses, inseparable parts of the ruler of this universe and every other soul within it.” (2)

In May of this year, he discussed at some length the manipulations of the church. Since this subject will be a hot one during the time of accountability, I cite it at length as an interpretation that we do not hear anywhere else.

“The historic side of religion is not that positive. The radical beliefs of some individuals are the distortions passed down through generations of hatred and oppression; but the basis of religion did not derive from noble purposes. The intent of the originators, who then ruled church and state, was to control the masses through rigorous religious rules. They decided what should constitute sinning and claimed that whoever sinned would feel the wrath of a vengeful God.

“When Christianity arose, the people in power altered the records that became the Bible so it would suit their purposes, portrayed Jesus as the ‘only son of God,’ and put layers of ‘authorities’ between the people and God. They also were greedy and amassed great wealth by instituting tithing and other means of extracting money from the believers.

“The influence of religion through the ages has been so powerful that it led to the Crusades, persecution, execution, torture, imprisonment, assassinations. The divisiveness, caste systems and ostracism that religions have caused still exists, and so do fear of disobeying ‘God’s laws’ and guilt and remorse when one strays from strict adherence.

“In the Mormon Church, families of the deceased can pay to have their beloved souls assured one of the limited spaces in heaven; and, despite glowing accounts from some celebrities, the Church of Scientology basically is a mind-control organization. Even Satanism is officially acknowledged as a religion!

“Of all that the darkness has devised throughout the ages to capture souls, religions have been the most effective in keeping believers in bondage. Once back in spirit life, souls realize that they had fallen into that spell still another time and once again they choose to break religion’s hold when next they incarnate.

“Although some of the foregoing has been mentioned in previous messages, it bears repeating because the religiously devout will become lightworkers’ greatest challenge. There will be widespread disbelief and confusion, and likely militant resistance in some quarters, when ancient records are brought forth as evidence of what we have been telling you.

“The souls whose religion is the foundation of their lives will need compassion, patience and kindness—simply by living your light you can assist those whose minds are ajar.  We shall rejoice with you when they embrace the truth of their power and unlimited potential as parts of God, but if they choose to deny that, it would not be a failing on your part. Or theirs. No experience, however different from soul contracts, ever is wasted, and each soul in its own timing will return to the pure love essence of its Beginnings.” (3)

I leave it to Matthew to explain what the sources of his information are. Many sources of accurate information are available to people who exist in spirit or in higher dimensions. SaLuSa mentions one in the course of discussing religion: “We come not to destroy your beliefs but present you with another version that is supported by the Akashic Records. It will then be up to you to take from it what makes you feel comfortable and at ease.” (4) The Akashic Records are indisputably true. I’m sure that Matthew, once he can communicate more freely with us, will draw on them to settle any questions we have.

Some of the details of Jesus’ life which Mathew gives us are not contained anywhere else as far as I’m aware. They are details that are definitely at variance with the Biblical account of Jesus. Matthew explains this by saying that the Biblical account was manipulated by the Church.

On Sept. 11, 2010, for instance, he said that “the truth about Christianity is, it is based on fabrications about Jesus’ birth, crucifixion and resurrection, and his teachings were deliberately distorted through dilution and omission.”

“Jesus was conceived and born just like every other human baby, and he never was put on a cross. He was flogged by the Sanhedrin, who ruled church and state, and was banished — they wanted him out of that land, not make him a martyr whose death would increase the numbers of his followers.

“With his pregnant wife Mary Magdalene, Jesus went back to the East, where he had gone as a youth and spent many years studying with the master teachers. From them he had learned the interconnectedness of all souls with each other and with God and how to use the universal laws for healing bodies, changing or multiplying forms, dematerializing and rematerializing matter and the like — so-called ‘miracles’ that every soul has the innate capacity to perform. That is what Jesus was teaching to the multitudes.

“Because spreading that knowledge would spell doom to the purposes of the self-serving Sanhedrin, they dealt severely with the disciples who continued Jesus’ teachings, and by making him ‘the only son of God,’ they elevated him to a status that no one else could ever attain.

“Also, both Jesus and Mary Magdalene were from highly respected families at the top of Hebrew society. Having him born in a lowly stable and portraying her as a prostitute were other false parts of the story whose roots were in avarice, hubris and power lust and has been handed down through the ages.” (5)

When asked for proof of these allegations, he replied:

“Ancient records long hidden in the depths of the Vatican eventually will come to light, and those will prove that much of the biblical Jesus story, including his birth in a manger, crucifixion and resurrection, was conceived by early church leaders. They had to retain some of the records, some of his teachings that would appeal to the populace, but they expunged Jesus’ explanation of how others could develop the same powers that he had, which the record-changers, not Jesus, described as miracles that he alone, as the only son of God, could perform.

“Later groups of self-serving leaders destroyed all passages in the early Bible editions that mentioned multiple lifetimes and reincarnation, and still later editions added passages to portray God as a fearful being, Jesus as his only son, the Immaculate Conception and the virgin birth.” (6)

In April 2007, a reader of his messages questioned why he would say thing that no other source of information says, such as that Jesus was not crucified. Matthew responded:

“If truly I were alone in ‘that claim,’ the gentleman would have a sound argument.  He, like almost every other soul on Earth, does not have access to the records that prove Jesus had a long life with his wife Mary Magdalene and their children; and on a very recent basis, he didn’t read God’s message about Jesus’ life in one of the books [the “Jesus” chapter in Illuminations for a New Era].

“I can’t give a definitive explanation why some contend that the biblical story of Jesus is correct, but it would seem that their unwavering belief in religious dogma is the decisive factor. Regardless of whether a belief is based in fact or fiction—that is, in truth or falsehood—the belief is the person’s reality, and it can ‘over-layer’ the information being telepathically transmitted.  Do not underestimate the powerful energy of belief!” (7)

On two occasions, Matthew was asked if Jesus had reincarnated anywhere on Earth. In April 2007, he responded:

“The soul that embodied as Jesus and other major messengers of God throughout the universe has not reincarnated anywhere on Earth, but the Christed energy that is the LOVE/LIGHT essence of that soul is there in such abundance that it is indeed tangible!” (8)

In July 2008, he said:

“What needs to be understood is that there is NO separation of soul energy throughout not only this universe, but the cosmos; and it is the Christed energy of those souls who embodied in one lifetime as Jesus and his mother Mary and who originated in the realm closest to Creator, the ultimate Being in the cosmos, that ‘is back.’

“Actually, it never left, but after being hidden from consciousness due to the denseness of the energy in which your world revolved for millennia, the peoples weren’t aware of it.

“The persons you know about as Jesus and his mother are not on Earth in their original bodies or even new ones that look the same, but their soul essence—the all-powerful Christed energy of love and God-ness—is on Earth in massive abundance. It is what you are feeling yourselves and sensing in others; it’s what is motivating soul-searching and sustaining light workers; it is the force that is propelling Earth’s ascension into the higher densities and manifesting the Golden Age!” (9)

Finally one reader asked if Jesus was a Pleiadian walk-in, to which Matthew replied, “I can only wonder where that fanciful tale comes from.” (10)

We can therefore look forward to a wholesale retelling of the life of Jesus in the years before Ascension. Matthew has prepared us for some of the details that will not survive the accountability process and he has predicted that his version of events will be supported from documents presently on deposit in the Vatican Library. We can also expect him to draw on the Akashic Records to support his version of events. I anticipate that the new history that will result will reinvigorate the deep respect in which the Nazarene is held by Christians and non-Christians alike.


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