Truth and Harmlessness

Originally posted to Galactic Roundtable, July 12, 2009

Seldom do I feel a need to address a serious word to the group, but I do at this moment.

My comment is in light of a careless CIP post that was made which, in the course of discussing the Illuminati, appeared to incite hatred against a social group.  The thread has been deleted.

I acknowledge allegations of the existence of a group called the “Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks” (KZV), said to be a constituent organization of the Illuminati.

I have attempted to research them, but I confess that I cannot separate truth from untruth and must leave that task to others.

I also acknowledge that Illuminati elements in the Israeli government and their allies have committed acts of genocide, torture, treason, war crimes and crimes against humanity and that that record extends back in history.

I myself have written articles that detail the crimes known to me that have been committed by the Illuminati. (1)

However, no matter how difficult it may be at times, I personally consider it unacceptable to extend responsibility for the acts of a criminal minority to an entire nation, race, ethnic group, religion, or other global social group.

You can probably imagine how uncomfortable you’d feel if I said that all Americans are responsible for the actions of the Illuminati, the “New World Order,” the secret government, shadow state, etc.

You would probably say that Americans in general are not responsible for what secretive, criminal elements do.

By the same token, any social group as a whole is not responsible for the work of lawless elements among it.

I and the Mods have promised you a “safe, sacred and workable” space on GRT and CIP. That requires work on all our parts. The level of our discourse has to remain above the careless, the ignorant, and the prejudicial.


Since I am discussing this topic, I would also like to make a related point.

I just want to know the truth. That is accurate.

But I also know that, where humans are concerned, I follow Gandhi’s teaching that harmless intention must precede truthfulness.

That is so because we humans have shamelessly used the “truth” for partisan purposes. We have massacred each other in the name of the “true” faith, capitalist or communist “truth,” etc.

In my opinion, the truth expressed harmfully cannot be the truth. (I have much work to do in this area myself, by the way.)

There is a wonderful scene in the movie Gandhi where his followers line up at the gate of a factory to protest the salt tax. They are not chanting slogans or throwing bricks. They are offering their bodies to the army’s batons, meeting
violent with harmless intention.

Not a word is spoken. The entire message is in their act.

At times when Hindus or Muslims responded with violence to each other, Gandhi would suspend his campaign against the British. The truth had to stand down until it could be expressed with harmless intent.

The same applies here. I have no argument with unmasking the Illuminati, but not in a manner that, intentionally or otherwise, promotes hatred of an entire social group.




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