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The Purpose of Life

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    to evolve

    open heart, compassion to all, humility, mindfulness of the divinity in all things at all times are a few attributes that will help us to learn and evolve.


  2. It takes a long time for us, mankind, to realize who we are and what our purpose is here on earth. But slowly we are coming to an awareness that we are spirit beings, and that our true selves are spirit. It is the natural man the ego that gives us all of the negative fields that we either choose to believe, or we stop them in the subconscious mind, through the belief of our spiritual connection with our creator.

    :) Peacemaker09

  3. Life transformation only occours from within. It is this shift in conscious awareness on a spiritual level of wisdom and purpose that will make the difference to mankind.

  4. The Purpose of life?
    It’s my understanding that it is to have Right Human Relations.

    Those five words sum up the purpose of life. In other words, the purpose of life is for us to have correct, fair, just, honest, respectful relationships with everyone, regardless of race, gender, and other differences. We have to eventually (in this or a future lifetime) grasp that we’re all members of one huge family and to see that it is very important for us to treat everyone with respect. When we are doing that, we are maturing (evolving) as a group, and as individuals. It can be done with or without religion.

    There are karmic laws that say that the truth must be shared and spread around
    when feasible, for the good of the human family. According to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings – service to humanity is what turns the evolutionary lever. IOW- If we want to really move forward we have to do things that help the human family.

  5. The purpose of “life” is to live and beget “life”.
    That and no other.

  6. To understand and Recognize Forgivness thereby Ascending to AWARNESS OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS

  7. Zicky BoB Says;
    To Communicate with your TRUE SELF which is a part of LOVE or GOD or LIGHT or CREATOR or BUDDA or JESUSor WHATEVER YOU WANT… the beginning of your own ENLIGHTENMENT/ASCENTION/CONVERGENCE.
    ( 3.11.+ youth st.60,DWJC. is the formula of ID for source. )
    Go then my friend from here to experience yourself here un into………….
    Love; Your Brother/Sister/Self/

  8. The Purpose of Life is knowing we are part of the Human Family all of us six Billion Human beings and growing on Plant Earth, we are all Love and Light and are apart of the new millennium energy that started in 2000 the begining of the 21 Century.
    People are waking up all over the planet and saying we know Love is the purpose of Life for us all to give our fellow man and woman as we near 2012 and on; and believe it or not our family is on the other side of the veil as well.

  9. I don’t know about you guys, but the purpose of my life is life itself. Not living to achieve something or worst – to survive, but simply to live. To be.

    There is no destination, just the road. The purpose of my life is to live every moment, co-creating the next one.

    So what can one do in the moment? One can experience with form. Energy creating energy. Consciouness becoming conscious of itself. A piece of consciouness that has been given the greatest gift: free choice – looking all around, wondering about the big infinity, looking inside, wondering about the small infinity… A small piece realising it is not “a piece” but part of something great, part of everything…

  10. The purpose of life is self-discovery and actualization of that self. That is what Joseph Campbell referred to as “follow your bliss”. What you love in the deepest part of your heart is what you are here to express. Nothing more, nothing less. Creativity is the only reason to be alive, in a body, so that one can see the results of their creations. Being connected to your heart means being connected to your soul and therefore knowing you are Divine. As a Divine being you get on with the business of expressing those Divine gifts you came here to deliver. As you do what you came here to do you express love and help the Creator, of which you are a part, to grow. There is only one reason for life and that is to grow! What else is there to do on such a fine planet that offers so many opportunities for creative expression. Each act of creativity is both a prayer and a gift to the One who sent us.

    Let us celebrate that.

    Dr Moe

  11. How many times have I just sat and looked at my hand, being amazed at all the many lines, indentations, in short it’s tactile and physical existance? The wonderment in the simple fact that although a person next to me may also have a hand, sharing similar appearance of lines and indentations ~ his or her fingerprint is ultimately unique, and to my knowledge can never be traced over by mine.

  12. what a wonderful website……many thanks….peace and love to all mankind <3