A Group Process Has Started (on Galactic Roundtable)

Originally posted to Galactic Roundtable, Jan. 19, 2009.

There is a sensitive thing occurring behind the curtains at the moment which I need to discuss with you. You probably already know that GRT has been “temporarily closed” so that we didn’t suddenly mushroom.

At the same time, in my estimation, we have entered into a particularly-delicate time as a group.  People have begun introducing themselves. Given our own background as men and women made aware of the whole subject of galactic life earlier than the general population, many of us have histories to relate of debunking, rejection, and trauma. Members may deeply feel the need to share, be heard, and be accepted.

Those who share may feel enlivened at getting pretty painful matters off their chest for perhaps the first time in their lives (for some). They may regard these as what one sociologist (Erving Goffman) called “deep dark secrets.”  You heard what “Sister Anonymous” had to say.  I imagine that took tremendous courage to share. And we may only have heard the barest outline of what has happened to her.  She may wish to share more.  This space needs to feel trustworthy for even that much to have been said.

Those who hear can feel pretty inspired at the level of sharing that is happening.

There is often a tendency to turn to one’s friends and say, “Hey, you should see what’s happening over here at this site.” Some of you may really like your friends to join us in what is an empowering process of telling the truth.

At the same time, this is a time in which trust was never more needed.

In light of this need for trust, Melinda and I have decided to keep the doors shut temporarily. The group is in session and at a particularly vulnerable time in its process.  I don’t think that it is wise right now to admit new members (generally) who might, from no ill intention, interrupt the group’s process — with perfectly natural questions, that just may be inappropriate to what is transpiring right now.

There may be exceptions. Mark [Huber], for instance, may recommend a galactic who can help us in this process, a higher-dimensional counsellor.  Apart from that, we hope you support us in allowing the process of introduction to unfold to its conclusion uninterrupted by new members.

In introducing themselves, people may tell us what they have never told anyone else.  We will get who is here and what some people have gone through.  (You are welcome to share anonymously through Melinda or me.)

Then, afterwards, when we have a sense of who we are as a group and when people have seen that the group as a whole is a “safe and sacred” space in which to share, as we originally promised it would be, then we can again absorb new members into the group culture that will have arisen.

I know some of you have been telling us that I am moderating too zealously. I hear you. Rather than replying to each person directly, let me apologize generally for my overzealousness. I am new at the wheel and have made mistakes.  Melinda and I (OK, I) have agreed to loosen up, but not so much that the site loses its special value as a place to prepare for the Golden Age.

Melinda and I listen to all your complaints.  We talk them over and try to arrive at a solution that improves the situation. In our phone call today, we discussed how one of my ways of operating was not working for a member and we found a correction that promises to make things better.

I acknowledge that I am being careful in the matter of the channels we are posting.  The integrity of this website is important to me and that means the integrity of the channels is important. I ask your permission to allow me to continue erring on the side of caution here for the sake of keeping the space quite clean. I even may post fewer channels myself if I think it detracts from the real business that is happening here on the developmental side – namely, emergence.

None of this means we wish you to walk on eggshells. It just means that we’d like you to understand and assist us in creating a space here that is not normally available outside.  If that is not something you can support, then perhaps, out of consideration for the rest of us who remain because we want that space, quietly exit the closed session and allow the process to proceed – i.e., please don’t slam the door. 😉

I am committed to a space that is “safe, sacred, and workable.” I am aware that members of the group will use that space how they do, as long as it is empowering and promotes emergence.

You may wish to hold onto your membership in other Yahoo groups in which more of your social needs are met than in this group.  Just keep this one, if you will, for this process of sharing, receiving, and emerging. What is there to emerge from? Your fears. How to emerge? Communicate.

Tell us what is there for you on the matters described above. Tell us what you’ve never felt you could tell anyone before, a little bit at a time, using discretion, when you feel capable of doing so. I can tell you why I am here. I am here to receive your truth, without judgment and without haste.



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