Extraordinary Year Interview on 2012

Tim Bravo

Here’s a one-hour show with Tim Bravo of Extraordinary Year. Tim has an excellent command of the events of 2012 and a very easy and engaging manner.

Both of us had just read David Wilcock’s acknowledgement that “aliens and angels” were behind the arrests so the excitement was pretty high.

I think I’d be willing to offer this particular version as an intro to 2012.

Extraordinary Year Interview for the PC

Extraordinary Year Interview for Mac

For all of you who are just starting your communications lightwork, I can say that I find the opportunity the shows present very helpful in assisting me to find my communicational ground of being, or perhaps I should say voice. I encourage all of you who are sitting on the fence to take courage from the example of Tim, Graham Dewyea, Geoff West, and Stephen Cook, all of whom are starting up their programs and getting mileage before the Big Event comes. I should add BZ Riger in video production as well and Dave Schmidt in presenting.

Who’s next?

I congratulate Tim for being in on the ground floor of 2o12 communications programming. I’m sure the galactics are listening to his program and will have a spot for him on the ground crew.

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