We the Arcturians

This symbol appears in Milanovich's book as the symbol for the Arcturian spaceship Athena. Note the Greek name for the ship as well as the alpha and omega symbol in the graphic. Did the Arcturians influence Greek culture too?

I’ve recently picked up Norma Milanovich’s We the Arcturians to find out more about that star nation which I am told I have an affinity with. The book was published in 1990 and I wanted to reproduce some passages from it.

One interesting thing that’s noticeable right off the bat is how the vocabulary has changed in 20 years. The language the Arcturians used then has become standardized today and many of their constructions have not survived.

For instance, they speak about us joining them in the Fifth Dimension whereas we more often today speak of Ascension. The word has passed into the language as the standard term for the event that for most of us will occur in 2012.

Often hearing a matter put in different terms brings existing distinctions into relief and deepens understanding. I say that as a former historian; it’s one of the reasons why the historian pursues that line of inquiry.

The difference in vocabulary obliges us to link the two concepts, allowing us to see the more usual distinction from another perspective and to think the matter through. This is often helpful.

So, to deepen our understanding of the mission of the star nations, here is the Arcturians’ introduction to Milanovich’s book. A part of this introduction appears in this video. Where the video ends in the text, I have inserted three x’s (thus: XXX).

Good evening in the Light of Our Most Radiant One.


We, the Arcturians, do collectively welcome you to our home in the skies and to the dimensional frequency that will soon be the home of the planet Earth, as well [i.e., the Fifth Dimension].

Our journey to your beautiful planet is one of friendship, dedication and love to you, our brothers and sisters of Earth.  We acknowledge the importance of your missions with as much respect as we accord the importance of ours, that being to assist Earthlings to enter another dimensional frequency of reality, which is the fifth dimension.

In order to do this, the fundamental ingredient of the process demands that one become love. In this process, the human must reach a new state of ecstacy that will enable him or her to a higher frequency of behavior. This higher frequency will lend itsaelf automatically to the perfection of he physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that are contained within each of your electronic circles.

This progression into the unknown must come to pass and is the natural state of evolution that humans must encounter. We have been in his dimensional frequency for many of your Earth centuries and are here now to assist you in this “rebirthing process.” (1) We are also the watchtower, so to speak, that will enable the beloved Terra to make her transition into the New Age with as little pain as possible.

In order for her to do so, the human quality of negativity must come to a halt. This quality, which is developed out of fear and guilt, must be exchanged for the qualities of love and Light. In the exchange will come the peace, harmony, and ecstacy that each soul has longed for on Earth.

We are here to assist any soul who will journey with us to this higher level of consciousness. We will work and communicate with any Being who finds that this higher state of consciousness is deserving of the attention it receives. We are also here to achieve our mission, which is the fulfillment of the plan of the Ascended Masters of the Universe, who are commanded by Jesus, the Christ, who is also known as Sananda on the higher realms.  (2) The Masters have a dedicated mission to save the planet Earth from its own possible, fatal destruction. They have the command the vision to guide all who will continue on their evolutionary paths to a better world.

We take our mission very seriously. We understand whom we serve. There is no doubt as to where our loyalties lie in the serving of the Masters who so lovingly dedicate their energy and consciousness to the children of the planet. We share in their vision and in the glory that a new day will emerge on the Earth.  We rejoice in the day when this vision also will become your reality.

We come in peace. We bring you love and Light  from a distance across the galaxy that is incomprehensible to any mind on Earth. We bring you tidings of good will and joy from the Elders and the officials who serve us well, back on Arcturus. XXX

Our journeys are far and are destined to fulfill the highest of movements and commands. Our journeys are also weary, for we have been away for so many Earth years that it is difficult to assess the conditions of what we left behind. We have been here with you, our sisters and brothers of Earth, for so many years that it is not even comprehensible to you that we have worked among you for that long. It is the truth and has been the plan for two thousand years.

We have learned much about our own history from observing you in your struggle to achieve a higher consciousness. We watch in amazement at your battles against the delusions of the illusions that surround your essence. We weep for the torment and the anger that you bestow upon one another – for what purpose, we cannot say.

In these observations we have also learned of the beautiful quality of life on Earth, that is worthy of preserving. We have learned of the grace and beauty which you command. We marvel at your independence and the maneuvers which you use to maintain and preserve that independence.  (snip)

We now shall discontinue this transmission.

Adonai, (3) our beautiful sisters and brothers in the Light.

We, the Arcturians, do salute you for the journey on which you are about to embark.


(1) It appears that, at this time, the term “Ascension” had not come into general use.  It’s curious that the Arcturians  choose the term “rebirthing” because that term had become popular in the late 1970s through the work of Leonard Orr and others also called “rebirthing.”

(2) Again, as I did in several articles on Jesus published this Christmas (2010), I point out the widespread knowledge of and reverence for Jesus that exists throughout the universe. I have also heard from other terrestrial sources that Jesus is considered to be the head of the Ascended Masters. Representative of their views is this statement by Helena Blavatsky, regarded as the founder of Theosophy: “You know, Jesus Christ is not actually in the White Brotherhood. He is not in any of the hierarchies. He is the Hierarch.

If He decided to reincarnate at this time, He would most likely come back as a janitor, as He has said sometimes. [Laughter.] And nobody would have to tell anybody who He was. Nobody would care – He would be such a wonderful person.”  (H.P. Blavatsky in Robert R. Leichtman through the mediumship of D. Kendrick Johnson, H.P. Blavatsky Returns. Columbus, OH: Ariel Press, 1980, 48.)

(3) A curious word to use because it is also the Hebrew word for Lord or God. (See for instance  Could it have originally been an Arcturian word?

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