How Do We Know We Can Trust the Galactics? – Part 1

Billy Meier meets Semjase: trustworthy?

A reader has asked how we know that we can trust the galactics. How do we comfortably determine for ourselves that they are worthy of our trust?

Please know that this is in many ways an unanswerable question. No matter what I say here, whether one trusts another is not something that can be forced, pre-determined, made to happen, etc. Whether one trusts, similar to whether one loves, depends on the individual and conforms to no rules, such as the rule that would say under what conditions hydrogen would combine with oxygen to form water.

Trust is an individual matter and conforms to no rules, any more than love does.

So the answer to this question could go on for pages and pages and still would not influence anyone necessarily to trust. And, in fact, some people who are deeply skeptical might enjoy asking others to induce them to trust and then hold out. Their response is something like: “See? You thought you could make me trust. But I’m still skeptical.”

So neither I nor anyone else can make you trust. And that needs to be understood from the outset.

But I can give some suggestions about why many people have said they trust the galactics currently around the planet, as opposed to those who were here decades ago and primarily abducted and sometimes did bad things to people.

How We Feel in Their Presence

How many stories have we read where someone comes into the presence of a saint like Mata Amritanandamayi or Papa Ramdas and were overwhelmed by the love they feel? I remember interviewing the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel and being overwhelmed by the bliss I felt fully an hour and a half prior to the interview. Both Linda (the channel) and I had to lie down afterwards because we were both overcome by bliss.

Bliss is a quality of the divine. It cannot be manufactured. It cannot be induced in someone, perhaps apart from some exotic chemicals that I’m not aware of. But we do tend to surrender to the experience of it because it shows up like everything we’ve always wanted. I once spent three days in bliss after a vision and nothing more could have been added to the experience to make it better. It was complete in itself and I was the happiest man alive.

The point of my saying this is that the galactics around the Earth are ascended beings, many like Ashtar and Sanat Kumara from beyond the twelve dimensions associated with human life. If we were in their presence we’d feel love and bliss and this is what would in a sense identify them as benign beings and trustworthy. One cannot live in a state of bliss and transgress. If one could, one would lose the bliss. If one could, Ascension would not be the goal we seek. We’d be seeking something else. Ascension would not offer us what we want, which is a more evolved, spiritually-beneficent life filled with bliss.

So the first answer to the question of how do we know we can trust the galactics is that your response in their presence should tell you. Being in the presence of an ascended galactic will bring you the experience of bliss and that cannot be falsely manufactured. Trust the love and the bliss you feel. It’s their calling card.

That’s why SaLuSa says: “If you could glimpse such levels [as will be available on Ascension] you would see out the remainder of your time in a joyous state, without fearing the future that is opening up to you. Far from it, you would be euphoric and know beyond doubt that it has been divinely decreed, and that no mortal can prevent your fulfilment.” (1)

Or: “[Our ships] are alive with the higher vibrations of love, and visitors seldom want to leave the harmony, joy and happiness that they feel all around. Unlike Earth there is no negativity or lower vibrations, as we have moved far beyond them.” (2)

Or Hatonn speaking of all souls, galactic and terrestrial, at Matthew Ward’s level of evolution: “All souls at Matthew’s station are highly-spiritually evolved, and as their spokesperson, he relays their unified feelings about souls on Earth. They love all equally and send healing light to all. They are able to honor all people as parts of God and separate that from their ungodly thoughts and actions.” (3)

Let me leave off here and return to the next part of the subject tomorrow.


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