Could We Have Made It to the Finish Line on Our Own?

What a time of contradictions this is as the status quo crumbles and disparate forces make themselves felt.

I can’t think of one country in the Arab world, for instance, that I would call free or democratic. Granted that other countries represent themselves as free and democratic but also may not merit that designation either.

Almost all the nations in the Arab world that I can think of have a monarchy, strongman, military regime, or some other form of enforced rule.

And so for any regime to join in helping to see that Gaddafi does not massacre his people is to invite trouble at home from one’s own people.

Does this mean that breaking the strongman mould in the Arab world must only be a difficult process? Is it possible to conceive of any monarchy or despot doing what, say, the British monarch did over time – yield power to the people’s rule and shift to a position as a constitutional monarch rather than a divine-right king or queen?

Is it conceivable that any despot would say “I’m going to preside over the nation only until such time as it picks my successor through verifiably-democratic means. After that point, I will leave”?

What would it take to have all despotic regimes make peaceful transitions to democratic rule? Is that just a pipe dream or is there some way that we haven’t thought of to this moment to bring such a desirable conclusion about?

I frankly don’t even know how to think about the topic. But given that, as part of the events we look forward to in the next year and a half, one of them will be the return of freedom to the planet, is there a way to think about it?

Where would we start? What must come first? Who on the planet as it’s now constituted could lend a hand? Who is untainted with corruption to lead such an action? By what authority might they lead? How would they accomplish the goal?

The United Nations? The international court system? Where might leadership come from?

When we reflect upon ET/UFO disclosure, we see that the dark has kept that hung up since forever. I think nothing short of passing the divine deadline and the passing of the need of the Light forces to respect the free will of the dark will see disclosure happen.

We have had years to effect disclosure before the unknown deadline and no efforts have succeeded. I would not be surprised to learn later that the galactics just at some point resigned themselves to waiting for the deadline. We are too fractious a bunch to manage and the perils we were ready to impose on those who tried for disclosure were too great.

Will we too, in transitioning from despotism to democracy, have to wait for the deadline there as well? Must the transition be an imposed settlement rather than the work of cooperating terrestrials?

Are we so far gone, so sunk in corruption, dissension, and disagreement, that we cannot manage, as a planet, to move from force to willingness, from enslavement to freedom, from privilege to equity, without bloodshed?

I’m afraid I think we are. As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t think terrestrials will prove to have been willing to cooperate and successfully achieve any of the significant transitions that will prepare us for Ascension without the help of interdimensional beings – either galactic or spirit.

We may wish to think of ourselves as competent and adequate players, but I sadly say that, if the final outcome of success were to depend on us alone, I don’t think we will make it to the finish line. The part played by interdimensional beings, in the last analysis, will I think prove indispensable.

We could not have made it on our own.

That is my most mature opinion at this point, all things considered.

If I were right, what would that say about us humans? That we are a supremely fractious lot? That we would rather die than cooperate? That we hold onto our privileges until the last breath?

We speak of escaping the fate of Atlantis this second time around. But, if it were not for the invisible help we’re receiving, would we have escaped it? Perhaps we would not have. Perhaps we never will be able to without outside help.  For me that is a supremely sobering thought.

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