A Renaissance of Integrity: Transcript of Archangel Michael in An Hour with an Angel, March 5, 2012

An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael March 5, 2012

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Things are building. There are many planetary events happening right now. In addition to discussing these events, we will talk about how people are doing with these events and changes, and recommendations for dealing with them.
Geoffrey West filled in for Steve who is away. Geoffrey is a visionary consultant of galactic and global inner peace and healing. His website is
Thanks to Ellen for all that you do to spread your light and your gift of transcribing the An Hour with and Angel radio programs.

[The show experienced audio difficulties. The transcript has been edited to remove discussion of the difficulties.]

Graham Dewyea: Welcome to live radio, and all the fun that comes with it! All right. So I’m going to wait for Geoffrey to come back, and fortunately we don’t have any feedback. And welcome to our listeners, and we’ll be on our way shortly.

How are you doing tonight, Linda?

LD: I’m doing just great. Can we just then begin with a little meditation and prayer while we’re waiting for Geoff to join us?

GD: Absolutely. Do you want to spearhead that? As I need to be looking for his number here on the board.

LD:  Let’s go while we wait for our intrepid host. So let’s take a nice deep breath of blue, of Archangel blue, of Michael…

LD: So, take a nice deep breath of blue – the blue of the midnight sky, the blue of mother Mary, the deepest sapphire you’ve ever seen. And it’s the blue of Archangel Michael, of his blue flame of truth. So as we let go of that human chaos, of the hilarity of the human experience, just drop into your heart, allow yourself to be here with us, with Archangel Michael, and with all those who surround you each and every day and every moment of every day, as we join together in our hearts.

And feel yourself as if you’re extending your hand, and – whether it’s from California to Seattle, or New York to New Jersey, or Paris to London – feel yourself connecting with your fellow light-workers, as we ask and we pray for the blessings of the Divine, for truth and courage and stamina, for discernment, for wisdom and understanding, and understanding in our human hearts, as we go together on this journey of love, as we let go and we completely relinquish struggle and strife, conflict, as we join as a circle in this commitment to peace, to Archangel Michael’s strategic peace initiative, to the understanding that first we hold the peace within, and that we express that between ourselves and each other and to the collective all over the world; that we hold this flame of blue peace brightly, freely; and that we declare our freedom today as brothers and sisters of the light, as brothers and sisters of Earth, and as brothers and sisters of the stars. We join as one, amen.

GD: Amen. That was very beautiful, and…. Archangel Michael, this is Graham, and I welcome you to the show. Thank you – and good evening – for coming. If you would, share some opening comments.  We have a lot of events that are happening in the world right now that I think reflect the changes that we’re expecting with the Shift, and I invite you to share anything you’d like. Thank you very much.

AAM: Greetings.  That is quite all right. For is it not exciting? Now you are getting a preview of sometimes how our communications with the human realm go astray! And we invite you to see that this is not a tragedy, not an error, not a mistake, for there is absolutely no such thing.

And we welcome you all. We welcome you, brothers and sisters, Geoffrey, Graham, Linda, and all who attend this night. I am Michael, brother and friend, archangel and warrior of peace, warrior of love, musician and artist of love. And my time grows nearer when I will be able to return to that!

Yes, there are many things that are transpiring, events that are transpiring upon your planet, that are the unfoldment that we have spoken of. And so many of you have asked, “Well, Lord, when will this begin? How will this take place?”

And we have said so often, “it will depend on you, because we are in this co-creation together.” And similarly we have said, at the exact same time, “Why do you wish this transformation, this transmutation, to be stretched out, to take a long time?” For it is painful, it is dramatic, needless to say. And God knows – and Mother knows as well! – that the human race loves drama. But this is not the kind of drama that you enjoy, and this is not the kind of drama that you wish to enmesh yourself within.

I ask of you – all of you, my brothers and sisters of love, of peace – to stand back, even while you are observing and individually and collectively taking action. Joy is an expression of love, of endearment, of union and community. You can never take joy in another person’s, or group’s, demise. You cannot judge it. Yes, you have been very discerning, and you have certainly followed my lead and my requests, and you have marched, you have flown, and you have been stalwart with me.

But now that this time of Shift is upon you in ways that you have not previously, perhaps, envisioned in such a clear manner, we ask for you not to join in any way, shape or form of judgment or relishing of what is happening to another, for that cannot be of love. So yes, there is divine justice, and there is an absolute balancing that is taking place. And we want you to understand that, as it is taking place on Earth, upon your beloved Gaia, that those ripple effects are felt throughout the Universe, that that rebalancing is taking place far further than any of you even can imagine.

But the key to that amplification effect is for you to hold love, is for you to hold peace. You do not stand as judge and jury, my friends. You do not stand as judge and jury of your children, of your family, of your friends, of your neighbors – not of anyone. Do we sometimes pick someone up and say, “No, you are not permitted to continue in this manner any longer”? Of course we do! That is my job. And that is your job, as you work with me.

But we do not fall into that old human paradigm of old Earth and say, “Now we will punish you. We will judge you. We will seek retribution.” No. That is not loving. That is not kind. That is not gentle. Retribution comes in the rebalancing. It comes in the brilliant light of a new dawn. It comes in you stepping forward and assuming your rightful place, as light-holders and showers of the way. It is its own reward.

So, during this time of what we have spoken of, of incredible change and shift, as you collectively and individually are making peace with old Earth, with the third dimension, with all the old ways that have shackled you, that have barred you, do you wish to stay and continue that conversation? Or do you wish to ascend with us to a new reality where co-creation of the new is truly the focus and the watchword?

I ask you, we all ask you – for you are our beloved family; yes, a family of billions,  it is an extended family – and we are asking you to join us in the new, and in the new there is no place for fault or blame or guilt. That does not mean, my brothers and sisters, that there is not room for acknowledgment and responsibility, for that is the bedrock. For when there is self-responsibility and mutuality, then  there is joint responsibility and there is not an exercise of greed, of taking, of usurping power, for that power is already there. It is within you.

And so, as you see those who have tried and succeeded in many ways to control – and I could go down a list, but why would I wish to do that? – as you see that happening, feel the compassion – not sympathy, compassion – understanding about fallen angels and lost souls, and send them love. Send them forgiveness. And then begin with me – with all of us, with the Company of Heaven and far beyond, with your brothers and sisters from the stars – and let us build anew, because that is what this transition is about.

The old can only drag you down. Do not go there. My mission of peace has just begun, and I have need of you. You have travelled with me forever, in faith and trust and hope. So now you see the fulfillment of what we have talked about, the crumbling, the elimination, and yes, the destruction of the old. But let it go, and come with me, for there is further yet to go.

My dearest Geoff, are you with me, or is it you, dear Graham?

Geoffrey West: It seems I have been privileged to return, Lord. Thank you for welcoming me. My apologies to our listeners. So that’s wonderful, and yes, I think the challenge will be, the opportunity actually will be for humanity to practice and exercise its desire to seek out the divine within, in choosing to not lay judgment on those who will be – who are resigning or those who may be arrested over the coming period of time. So there certainly will be opportunities for people to practice the Divine within.  

Now, we know that a lot of planning has gone into the events that are occurring. Is there a way to kind of summarize the planning that went into this? What was involved in it, and what will be next, the political area?

AAM: Yes, the political is what is taking place, even as you – even as we speak. And I wish to make an aside. Just as there has been difficulty this night – and do not think in some ways it has not been pre-arranged, or that there is not even some interference being attempted, but it is the same: Can we connect? Can we connect? Can we make it? Well, obviously the answer is yes.

The background, or as many of you have called [it], the back story to your civilization, to your societies, to your culture, has been financial. And that is why financial situations and the disintegration of that has been so front and center in the past several of your years. But now, yes, we move to the political. Because not so much that we wish to destroy, but there certainly has need to be destruction of many elements, and rearranging, reconstruction, new construction of what is your Earth based upon.

What does the community truly mean when they speak of political organization, of political power, of the – what is entrusted to political leaders? And I do not simply mean within either of your western nations, I mean throughout your entire planet. Because there has been far too much bondage – yes, lies, deception, self-gain, greed – and what has transpired so often is that those who are of the highest realm, of the highest integrity and ethics, have not been in a position to even have a say or to be heard within the creation of what you think of as political force, or governing rule.

Now, once again upon your planet, as this is transpiring, there is a threat of reaction, of war. Now, we want you to know, it is very, very seldom, rare – because of our agreements and because of Universal Law – that we interfere in such matters. But we wish to suggest to you, very strongly, that as this reorganization globally takes place, that was marked so beautifully by revolution and evolution in so many countries, it will not be allowed to deteriorate back into war. You and I, and many, in every realm, have worked too long and too hard. We are too close to that breakthrough to allow that interference to occur.

So what we ask of you – and this is where you also participate with us – is, as you see the political stage globally changing, hold the vision that it is peaceful, that there is no war, that there is no armed conflict, that there is no bloodshed, that it is a peaceful uprising, and that those who are assuming center stage are not only positioned, but they are of integrity, they are of ethics, and they are of the truth.

So pay attention, not to the drama, but to the individuals and to what is truly happening as light-workers, light-holders – we do not care; maybe they simply think of themselves as political, that is fine; we welcome them – but pay attention and support the emergence of light. And this is true in your own countries as well, where there has been much…irregularity – yes, in both Canada and the United States of America, and certainly throughout Europe – and we will not even begin about the Middle East.

So many of the indiscretions are coming to light. If we were to give you guidance, it would be to watch with your heart – yes, observe with your eyes, your keen intelligence, your understanding of how things have worked and how they shall work – and take it from there. We trust you so much! You have assisted so much. You are the best partners we could ever dream of. The Mother answers our prayers with you.

But it is time for a rebirth in the political realm, as it has been time in the economic realm. It’s time for a renaissance of integrity, my friends, of generosity, and of truth-speaking.

GW: That’s wonderful. Thank you, Lord. I know we’ve talked about this before. I think there are some light-workers who still have some reservations about President Obama, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this. But could you affirm once more for some of our listeners: is Obama still aware and aligned with his divine plan, at this time?

AAM: Yes, he is.

GW: Okay, that’s great.

AAM: I will not spend a great deal of time. One of the things that you are all practicing is forgiveness and tolerance. When we say that people are aligned – and particularly this one – it does not mean that he does not ever get sidetracked. It does not mean that he never missteps. But he is your star brother, and we suggest that you trust him. There is a bigger plan afoot.

But first, and always, vote with your heart.

GW: Absolutely. Thank you. For the light-workers who are taking the lead in exposing the cabal at this time, how are they being protected?

AAM: [laughs] I am sorry, for I have been told that sometimes our laughter upsets some! But let us assure you that those who are front and center, and those who are even midway, and those who bring up the rear, are mightily protected. We are very aware – as are your star brothers and sisters – of who is being monitored, what is being interfered with, and who is perhaps stepping into harm’s way.

Now, there are protections that each of you have been given, and I remind you this night of my sword and shield, which I would suggest to you that none have ever broken through. But they are being protected both in a very earthly manner by beings that have been incarnated, or reincarnated, or simply operating to take position, and those who are of the unseen forces. They are also being protected by their star brothers and sisters.

But I want to emphasize something to you, to each of you, this night: you are far more protected than each of you understand. No, it is not necessary that you have a full understanding. What you have need to understand, or what we would like you to understand, is that we protect you because we love you. But we also protect you because each one of you is vital in the unfoldment of this plan.

If your plan has been to be martyred or killed, then that would be the case, but let us also suggest that during this time we are not looking for martyrs. And so it is essential, it is part of our plan and part of the unfoldment, that there not be sacrifices in that way of those who are becoming the exposers of those who have not been of ethical behavior or truth.  They are protected.

That does not mean that there aren’t those who are fully aware of where they are, who they are, what they are up to, what their phone calls, emails entail, and actions entail. But they will not be hindered or interfered with. They will not be sacrificed uselessly. That is not part of the plan, but it also would not be fair. And we mean this in the truest sense. It would be a violation of why they came.

And you say, “Yes, but Lord, we have examples of centuries where truth-seekers and revealers have been martyred and sacrificed.” And I say, “Yes, that is absolutely true, but that is not during the time of trans-dimensional shift, that is not during the time of the re-establishment of the plan of love, of the plan of the Mother upon your Gaia.” So do not reference – and we know sometimes this is difficult, but – do not reference everything that is going on in the past, also reference it into the current situation and the future. Do not bracket yourself by only looking backwards.

There has been enormous planning, above and below. It has not taken years; it has taken decades and decades and decades. And then we could not even begin to describe the variables that have need and were needed to fall into place. Because we are also talking about human will and human decisions to choose this pathway.

And, my beloved ones, you are choosing. Make no doubt about it.  You are making this choice. And you are doing remarkably.

GW: Thank you, Lord. Yes, blessed be your shield of protection. We thank you for that as well. It seems that – or there are sources that indicate that – most, if not all, nations are now on board with the new economic model that is being proposed to replace the current one. Would it be correct to say this?  Do the countries understand that a new model of abundance is coming now?

AAM: No.

GW: Okay.

AAM: They do and they don’t. But to say that everybody is on board and ready to go would be an optimistic exaggeration. So, I do not wish to give you that impression. Is it well underway? Yes. But is it in place and ready to go, with agreement? No. We have seen too much back-and-forthing on those who still have power and, can we say, interests. No, we are not quite there yet, but we are well underway.

So again help us. You know how to visualize this, how to visualize equality, a new system of freedom, without the struggle, without the inequity. Many have, what we would say, signed the accord, but there are still some … hmm … major players and interests that have not come fully to that table. So we do not wish to mislead you.

GW: Okay. We certainly do appreciate that. Thank you. So that puts some of the responsibility then upon the light-workers, or we, the listeners. Now, most of our listeners I think know that Disclosure is happening now. And there are currently two petitions on the Internet seeking to promote the existence of our galactic families and the solutions they are offering. Both are a little bit slow in getting supporters.

We’re being told to pick up our effort, to share the message, to inform people, to make them aware so that they will not be fearful. And it seems like light-workers have been a little bit slow rising up to using the potential power in these petitions to help create awareness. Maybe they feel they won’t help. Are these petitions going to help shift awareness in any significant way? Is there any divine assistance behind the petitions? What can lightworkers do to help advance the issue of Disclosure?

AAM: Let us suggest to you that Disclosure is well underway, and it is definitely a combination of above and below. And when I say above, I mean not only my brothers and sisters of the Company of Heaven, I mean your brothers and sisters and my brothers and sisters of the stars. So yes, it is well underway, and there are more and more accidental sightings, shall we say, as well.

Now, let us talk about these petitions and other actions that we would say have been divinely inspired. We are glad you have brought this subject up, for this is divinely inspired.

My friends, we know that you are tired, and sometimes discouraged, and that you think, “Well, what will one more petition,” – particularly if it involves government – “what good will it ever do, regardless of what level or levels of government?” It is not about government. It is another example of all of you declaring your hearts and your knowing. Even the being who has been an Earthkeeper forever, who has always chosen to reincarnate upon planet Earth, is aware of their brothers and sisters of the stars. It is not simply starseeds who know this. It is all beings. And it has far surpassed any age group, any cultural group or societal group. It is the known secret in your societies.

So what you are doing in these petitions – and we ask you, we strongly ask and encourage you, sign these petitions – because it is yet another form of declaration and saying, “We know this to be true.” You have learned the power of declaring truth. That is one of the gifts and benefits that you have seen, not only in the past several years, but over hundreds of years.

So, yes, declare. There are several situations that are emerging, and again, it is in tandem with your star brothers and sisters who are as anxious for this to take place as you are. They have waited a long time. So they are with you in this, as are we.

Sign the petition.

GW: For the other lightworkers, do you have some suggestions that might help them decide how they might be able to – I know that they can sign petitions, and certainly I hope that they will be supported because I feel that they are meaningful. But I know a couple of questions have been brought to me, what other things could lightworkers look at doing? And I know this probably would involve getting in touch with their inner truth, but I think some lightworkers would appreciate hearing a bit more about what other suggestions might help at this time.  

AAM: Yes, and you also know, my beloved friend, that I could always preface what I say by getting in touch with your inner truth, and I know that sometimes we bore you to death by saying that. But there are many other things that you can do.

And it is as much the casual conversation, the conversation in the checkout line, or on the hiking trails as one of your sacred brothers does every day. It is about talking as if the knowing of your star brothers and sisters is as normal as knowing that you have a neighbor down the street, and that it is done without fear, without concern, without even blinking, as if it is absolutely the known norm.

Now, there has been much discussion, and certainly a great deal of furor about the visiting back and forth. But do project yourself. Ask to go to the healing ships at night. Ask specifically for your brothers and sisters of the stars to make themselves known to you, and that those upon the planet – and this is particularly important, and so I emphasize it – right now there are millions of your star brothers and sisters who have already been positioned upon the planet to assist with the Disclosure and with the arrival and exchange. They are being acculturated. They are not underground spies, they are simply emissaries.

You, my brothers and sisters of the light, are often more attuned and aware of this type of thing. When you see them, touch them with your eyes, touch their hearts, welcome them, subtly, actually, telepathically. Let them know that you know, let them know that you are available to assist, however, in whatever capacity you are able to. And sometimes that is very simple, and sometimes it is a challenge.

But begin to offer yourself to be the greeting group, to be the welcome committee, to be the acclimatizers for your brothers and sisters of the stars. Call to them, let them know, not only their positioned ground crew, but the human ground crew is ready. Too often you say, “Please come, please come, please come. We want evidence. Beam us up! We are sick of this.” But now you have need to say, “No, we are stalwart, we are anchored, we are ready. We can help.”

GW: And we are there.  Yes.

AAM: And you are there.

GW: Thank you, Lord. That’s wonderful. Now, within the scope of what you are willing to share, and without making any predictions, are there any hints as to potential truths that we may see break during the coming months? One source has talked about a deadline at the end of this month being given to the elitist cabal. And of course we don’t want to go into specifics, but are there little hints that people could maybe begin to look for?

AAM: It is like the domino effect. What we would suggest you look for is for those who you never thought could be touched, who have always viewed themselves and presented themselves as invincible, to be shown as not.

But more important than that – because, as I have said earlier, this is not simply about this individual or that individual – look to the groundswell of truth, and that is going to come forward through what you think of as your public media as a demand for truth. And what is going to occur – and I do not say this in a predictive way – but what you are going to begin to observe and notice in a media that has often been, can we say, slanted to the dramatic or to the power structures, you are going to see a groundswell of media in the public realm demanding truth on areas of Disclosure, of finance, of politics, of truth – of a demand, a public demand, for peace.

And we are not simply talking in the western world. You are going to see this groundswell all over your planet. And yes, you are going to see those who you thought were untouchable begin to fall.

We have said this will happen rapidly. We do not have any intention of this being stretched out.

GW: I think that will bring a lot of relief to many people around the world, myself included!

AAM: Then stay in your heart of compassion, and yes, breathe a sigh of relief!

GW: Yes, thank you, Lord. We have a few minutes left in our show this evening. I’d like to maybe shift the questions slightly, to go off planet for a moment. I’ve heard a question about the Moon. There’s a couple of sources. Since the Moon seems to have a lot of spiritual significance placed upon it, that’s why this has come up in my mind.

One source says that the Moon is an artificial satellite that will be removed from the vicinity of Gaia because it was a tool to perpetuate duality and the linear time cycles. Another source says that the Moon will be terraformed along with several other nearby planets, creating several beautiful jewels of life within this system.

Could you clarify that for us, please?

AAM: The Moon is an entity unto itself, and it is a beautiful entity that has been a partner not only to Earth but to many, for eons. Now, of course, what happens, when you change dimensions, when you truly shift and complete dimensions, then your vision and your understanding of the Moon or other planetary positions, or planets themselves, is and will be different. But do not think that the Moon is shifting simply because Gaia and you are. That would be an incorrect understanding.

She is already a jewel. She has worked in harmony, in tandem with inspiration, with Gaia. Will she shift with Gaia? Yes. Yes, of course she will.

GW: Okay, that’s reassuring, I think, to know for sure.

How about a little bit more of a fun question to ask of you? Some people may remember an old TV show called Touched by an Angel, and on several occasions Andrew, the angel of death, would join Monica and Tess on his days off. Now, obviously you would not experience time, but how might an omnipresent archangel experience leisure?

AAM: Oh, we experience leisure all the time. But if I was to say it in human terms, it would not be enough. How do we experience leisure? I stretch back. I go home with the Mother and Father, with Gabriel, Nathaniel and Shamuel. We play music. We create infinite sounds, harmonies that have never been heard before. We invent stories to amuse each other. We create patterns of light. Or we share the wonder of what we have created or witnessed in another Universe.

It is very much like you, in some ways, when you go home and you say, “You won’t believe what I saw!” Sometimes we laugh – well, we laugh a lot! – but sometimes we laugh at something that has gone completely awry. We say, “What on Earth happened?” And then we discuss in a leisurely way how we might remedy that, how we might help, or do better in a different way.

Our favorite thing to do is to just be, to recharge in that way, to float and simply be in union. For when we are not fully at home, connected as one, even though that connection is never broken, it is always a gift to go home.

[music up]

And we invite you to join us. You are always welcome. Go with my love, dear friends. Go with my blessings. Be the observer. Farewell.

GW: Thank you, Archangel Michael. What a wonderful way to end this week’s show of An Hour with an Angel, staying in touch with your inner self, finding that leisure and that peace within.

And may you carry that energy outward with you into the coming week, when we send blessings of love and light to those who are monitoring this show, hoping that they will embrace the light and find it in their hearts to step forward and come over and help co-create the new Earth.

Until next week. I’m Geoffrey West.

Steve Beckow will be coming back to the show on March 12, when our guest will be St. Germaine. Stay tuned to the 2012 Scenario and of course to BlogtalkRadio as well, InLightRadio. Have a wonderful night. Be in love, be at peace. Farewell.


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