Context and a World That Works for Everyone

If we were in Eden still.... (Watch out for that apple this time!)

I apologize if this discussion is difficult for some, but I’m speaking mainly to awakening Indigos, Crystals, Magentas, and Rainbows, who will take up many of the tasks discussed here and who only need a little stimulation of their nascent abilities and perhaps a small amount of direction to begin this work.

People who find this discussion strenuous need not struggle through it.

What is a Context?

A context is an idea, a way of speaking that refers to something that’s a whole. God is a whole. Love is a whole. Peace is a whole.  Everything can be contained in a whole.

A whole embraces all. God embraces all. Other forms, other dimensions, other universes all live within God because “God” is a way of saying “all.” Love contains within it love as well as hate, compassion as well as cold-heartedness. All goes on within love because love is everything.

Within a whole, what’s usually observed is that which isn’t working. It doesn’t have to be that way. The fish can see the water under certain circumstances – like enlightenment. But usually the fish is simply aware of a predator that’s chasing it or a rock it’s about to collide with.

This table I’m rattling away on, which holds up my keyboard, is working. When was the last time I thought about this table? Not since forever.

Actually that isn’t true because at some point during a conversation with a friend, a piece of tape holding something down on the table ceased sticking. It came undone and I became aware of it. Having become aware of it, I fixed it by replacing it with another piece of tape. I took unworkability and restored it to workability. And that’s the only time I’ve been aware of this table recently.

What we’re usually aware of in this world is that which doesn’t work – hunger, thirst, poverty, sickness, flooded fields, locust-infested lands, beetle-destroyed forests, and so on.  What then is our work in order to create a world that works for everyone? Simple. Take unworkable conditions and make them work – for everyone.

I have a friend who’s taking an unworkable condition within a context and inviting all of us around the world to focus on a point in time  – a deadline – by which that unworkability will be removed and matters restored to workability. I won’t mention his project to allow him the opportunity to announce it himself.

He’s the first person I’ve met recently who’s chosen to do this. (Others have chosen to do it a ways back in time.) But this is what you can do as well. Choose an aspect of the world’s unworkability and create a project designed to elicit global cooperation in making that condition work. Restore things to the way the context would have them be anyways.

If people are killing others, focus world attention on it and have it stop.  If people are polluting, focus world attention on it and have it stop. Restore us to the context, the default, the way it is anyways, which unworkability obscures. Convert unworkability into workability. That’s all there is to do in life. Workability does not need fixing; only unworkability does.

Always remember that, if you want something to stop, you must set a deadline for it. No sense saying “we shall overcome some day.”  There’s no way to coordinate a global project with a deadline like “some day.” To coordinate people, we must have a commonly-agreed-upon deadline. Man on the moon by 1970. The end of starvation on the planet by …? Ascension by Dec. 21, 2012.  In response to the latter deadline, millions of ships arrive here with hundreds of millions of people, all working to a common schedule.

There never was a time in human history where there wasn’t more of a chance of having what we set out to do actually happen. This is the time for the shot heard round the world, for the idea whose time has come. Where are the Paul Reveres? Where are the global  minutemen?

The idea of a world that works for everyone is an idea whose time has come. (1) And we are going to make that world of workability happen. Who else if not us? Who else would you rather it be than us?

Choose a condition of the world’s unworkability, make it your project to turn that unworkability into workability, set a date by which it will end, and call for its end by that date.  Coordinate us. Mobilize us. This is the time for that. This is the time for miracles. This is the time for results.

Context, Problems, and Workability

It’s my theory that God created dimensions like the Third Dimension, where there is deficiency, (2) to oblige us to come into social contact and learn to cooperate with each other.

On the Third Dimension, we have physical bodies that need food, water, air, sleep, etc. On the Fourth Dimension after death – or the Astral Planes – we don’t need food, water, air, sleep, etc. We may take some food, like fruits, if we so desire. (3)

On this dimension, our physical bodies are destructible; on the Astral Planes, our spiritual bodies (they are still physical, by the way, though we call them “spiritual”) (4) are indestructible.

That means that on the Third Dimension or Physical Plane, we need to cooperate with each other by growing food, procuring water, ensuring access to clean air, building homes and beds, delivering all of these goods to each other, etc. We need economies, factories, and stores. On the Fourth Dimension or Astral Planes, we need none of these things.

And in the Fifth Dimension or Mental Plane after Ascension as well, we’ll probably need very few of these things in most cases, none in others.

So it is only in this Third Dimensions that we have this plethora of needs, as opposed to just wants, or no needs and no wants.

We cannot satisfy all of our needs ourselves in the Third Dimension and so we’re brought into social contact and relationship with one another to satisfy our needs. I think we’re brought into this contact to learn to get along with each other and, in the end, to love each other.

Back in 1975 when I was a museum historian, I wrote that “if we were in Eden still” (i.e., the Fourth Dimension and higher), we would not need tools and other artifacts (5)  – so I was even thinking of these matters then.

We might say then that needs are often “problems” requiring solutions.

By the same token restoring us to an unhindered experience of context also does not deliver us from Third-Dimensional needs as long as we’re in the Third Dimension. We’ll still have them, perhaps fewer of them. And hence there’ll still be problems.

So it isn’t entirely true to think that we can fix unworkability, restoring it to workability, and all our needs will vanish. We’ll remain hungry, thirsty, sleepy, etc. as long as we’re in the Third Dimension. And we’ll continue – until Ascension – to attend to these “problems.”

But restoration to context will not solve the ongoing problems and needs built into life in the Third Dimension. However new approaches will be offered by the galactics that will make life easier. NESARA is an obvious example of a new economic and financial approach that relieves us of financial lack, debt, the prospect of financial manipulation, etc. New transportation technologies, robots, better computers, anti-gravity transportation are other examples of new and easier technologies.

To restore ourselves to an experience of context will require different approaches depending on whether action is needed or refraining from action is needed, and so on. In some cases it may involve a simple cessation of action (so to speak). So, for instance, to re-establish peace on Earth may be a simple matter in the first instance of people laying down arms. In the face of the rising energies, this cessation of hostilities will at some point become easier and easier, until it becomes obvious and we cannot resist it any longer.

To restore ourselves to unhindered experiences of context in other cases may, however, require action. So to restore health while in the Third Dimension may sometimes require the use of new healing technologies some of which we’ll invent ourselves, such as scalar medical devices that take away disease, as Priore and Bearden described, (6) or new sound and light technologies that the galactics will give us. Now we are not simply refraining from war but actively taking steps to heal disease.

Abundance requires a cessation of activities that support inequality, deprivation, predatory economic activity, etc. It requires a financial system (NESARA) that restores equality, abundance, cooperative economic activity, etc.

Health requires, among other things, putting the cabal out of the pandemic and toxic vaccine businesses, ridding the planet of the residue of toxic chemtrails and depleted-uranium residue, cleaning up oil pollution in the seas, cleaning up radioactive pollution from events like Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc.

Restoring the Earth as a planet to its pristine and original condition of health requires a host of other actions which you and I classify under the heading “terraforming.” We know, whereas the mass of society does not, that the galactics will be helping us with this work and that it’ll be accomplished in record time after First Contact.

So having this discussion with readers of this site is not a “pie in the sky” exercise. It’s applying what we know to plan the elimination of many problems, restoration of workability, and reacquisition of an unhindered experience of context.


(1) I acknowledge Werner Erhard as the source of that phrase and a great deal of this article.

(2) There will always be some form of “deficiency,” by divine design, until we know ourselves fully as God.

(3) See and following subsection.

(4) Strictly speaking, anything besides the Formless (God), the Trancendental, is physical. It’s simply that the materiality is of a finer and finer substantiality or higher and higher vibration.

(5) Artifacts are cultural objects that reflect the existence of human intentions and skills; they are one proper subject of study for a museum historian. See S.M. Beckow,  “Culture, History and Artifact,” in Thomas J. Sclereth, ed., Material Culture Studies in America. (ISBN 0910050619)

(6) “Tom Bearden: The Priore Machine and Phase Conjugation,” at

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