Starseeds and “ADD”

Quite coincidentally, I’ve had a couple of conversations recently about Starseeds and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and felt a need to make a comment on the subject.

Not like I know. This is just my best guess.

My understanding is that Starseeds came into terrestrial form with varying gifts. Some have the ability to see and think in ways that are radically different from the rest of the population. Others have runaway IQs. Still others have psychic gifts.

We all have blindfolds on, which we hope will come off soon. But the blindfold may not include the particular gift we bring, which itself is our support in doing the work we’re destined to do. That gift may be with us the whole of our lives so that we can refine it for use by the time our mission begins.

The people with high IQs may be engaged in describing or explaining things many of which may be unconventional. The people with psychic gifts … well, that could cover a range of services and I can’t say I’m very much acquainted with what they might be. I probably should leave that to someone who has psychic abilities.

Just to give you one example of a person who had the ability to think differently than the rest of us, consider Nicola Tesla. I’m not saying he was a Starseed. Probably he wasn’t. But his example gives us an idea of how different some people can think from us.

Tesla had the ability to visualize machines in his mind, which he could allow to run over time. He would check in on them from time to time and see where friction arose and then modify the machine in his mind. Let me let him describe that, speaking from the afterlife through Robert Leichtman:

“When I discovered the principle for generating alternating current, I worked out all the details in my mind. I literally visualized the generators right out here [pointing to the air space at arm’s length in front of his face] and mentally built them, operated them, and refined them until the design worked. I even tested their efficiency – all in my mind! I could set them in operation and let them run in my mind for a week or a month and then dismantle them, to determine the site and degree of wear and tear. That way, when I finally did build the physical generator, it always worked right the very first time I turned it on.” (1)

Starseeds diagnosed (incorrectly) with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are usually very much different from the people they mingle with, in a lot of ways. Here’s one discussion of some of those ways:

“[Indigo Starseeds] are intelligent, though [they] may not have had top grades or left school early to get out of the system. [They] may have trouble focusing on assigned tasks and appear to have symptoms that mimic Attention Deficit Disorder. They may be rebellious at school and refuse to do homework but conversely can multitask when they focus their attention.

“Many find themselves in special schools. They have the ability to retain information that other people might take ages to recall taking only minutes to absorb information. They are usually able to speedread although their attention to detail is often quite poor, especially when it comes to writing or spelling. Although many are are labelled Dyslexic they can be highly disciplined when properly motivated. They may have an unusual, evolved awareness of how things work even though they don’t always know how they do. Many know how to operate and troubleshoot with very little help and many will never consider picking up a manual to figure something out.

“They may have trouble with rage and get frustrated with people who do not get to the point. They have a deep intolerance for stupidity and ignorance. They may be rebels with a cause who have trouble with the legal, government and educational systems, which they view as ineffective. They may involve themselves in human or animal rights efforts, and feel like they would rather die and fight for their cause than watch a system that is broken. They may feel [disillusioned] with what is considered ‘normal’ 9-5 routine and have jobs which do not fit in with the norm. Males in particular do not like authority.” (2)

And another shorter version:

“Indigo Children … are currently affecting the way we parent and educate. They are highly sensitive and very psychic, and many feel they do not belong here. Too often, they are … diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. “ (3)

Gregg Prescott does not relate ADD to starseeds but his discussion of the “symptoms” is still germaine and helpful.

“The meteoric rise of children (and adults) who were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) makes one ponder … the spiritual relevence of this anomaly.

“Children and adults with ADD and ADHD commonly feel like they have a plethora of energy and need to find creative ways to expend this energy.

“The key word is “energy”.

“Every thought contains energy that is sent out to the universe and recreated within our societal mandlebrot as the ‘now.’ Many people diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, have a difficult time focusing on anything they find mundane, such as school, rules and authority figures (or anyone, in general) who cannot relate or understand them. There are many more undiagnosed cases of ADD and ADHD where people feel this same anomaly. …

“Ironically, those with ADD and ADHD tend to think outside the box as their minds are constantly wandering. They’re usually creative in the art and music field and have no problem maintaining focus when their minds are occupied on something they love to do.

“They will come up with ideas that are so outside-the-box that others will initially discredit their ideas because the ideas are too advanced and cannot be described articulately enough for others to understand the end results. They are often innocently forgetful and have a difficult time remembering things, past or present.” (4)

Many of us who haven’t had ADD have still may have had a rough go of it in this lifetime. For some this was, I would imagine, to introduce them quickly to what life is like in 3D and on Earth. Particularly those who have, or have had, medical conditions, it’s been a rough introduction. We’ll lose those medical conditions and hopefully the memory of the struggle when we’re firmly in 4D.

But for those who’ve been considered to have ADD, I think it’s time to recognize the situation for what it is: these folks are Starseeds here on a mission, bringing with them a mind that works very differently from that of most terrestrials, to accomplish a mission – and not some kind of disability. The sooner we ass Starseeds recognize why we have conditions that are seen negatively simply because they depart from the norm (and ADD is only one example), the sooner we’ll recover our ability to use them productively for the purposes they were intended for.


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