Gradual vs. Sudden Views of Ascension – Part 2 – SaLuSa

SaLuSa of Sirius

What I’d like to do is to look at the writings of two other major figures, both of them of the “sudden” school: SaLuSa of Sirius and Archangel Michael.

Others could have been consulted but these two offer the most information on the subjects seemingly in disagreement between the two Ascension scenario versions.

SaLuSa and Archangel Michael represent the view that Ascension will occur on Dec. 21, 2012 (or earlier), that we and the Earth will in fact disappear from Third Dimensionality, and that we’ll ascend to Fifth Dimensionality – not gradually, but suddenly.

SaLuSa tells us on June 9, 2012, that “the solar cycle was planned to complete in 2012.” (1) The end of the solar cycle, he explains, “allows for everyone to ascend.” (2)

On Apr. 18, 2011, he adds that “the solar cycle … will not result in the destruction of the Earth,” SaLuSa does hold that “a new Earth will arise with all souls that are ascending with it.” (3) “When Ascension takes place in 2012,” SaLuSa states, we will actually “lift up with the new Earth.” (4)

So SaLuSa does put forth the view that the Earth itself will lift up at the end of 2012 and we’ll go with it.

According to him, “ascension will place you in the fifth dimension or higher, which is far removed from the limiting vibrations you are now in.” (5) Moreover, this Ascension “applies to the whole Universe.” (6) The changes “are affecting … not just your solar system, but [the] Universe and Galaxy.” (7)

SaLuSa repeats the Ascension date of Dec. 21, 2012 on many occasions. On May 23, 2012, he tells us:

“At the time of the 21st December 2012, the high energy influx due to the alignment of your Sun and the Great Central Sun is going to ‘separate’ those who are ready to ascend, and those who are not.” (8)

On Oct. 31, 2011, he calls “21.12.12 … a major upliftment.” (9) “It is for your civilization the opportunity to leave duality, and not continue re-incarnating in the lower dimension.” (10)

On Aug. 27, 2012, he reminds us that:

“Before you reach the 21st December many opportunities will be given to those who are unaware of what is coming. Also to those who have decided that they have no interest in leaving your present Earth, so that they have no regrets afterwards.” (11)

On Feb. 24, 2012, he congratulates us on having a date we can agree on and align with: “That you have a date for the completion of this cycle is wonderful, as it means you have something to set your sights upon as you count the days that remain.” (12)

Not only does the Mayan calendar end on Dec. 21, 2012; SaLuSa tells us that a galactic alignment will occur on that day and be instrumental in bringing about Ascension:

“As things unfold this year you will see plenty of proof in respect of our part in the build up to Ascension. It is real and divinely decreed to take place with a high point due to the powerful alignment on the 21st. December 2012. From thereon you will continue to evolve into even higher dimensions, each one more beautiful and peaceful than the one before.” (13)

On Jan. 20, 2012, he reminds us that the end of the Mayan Calendar on Dec. 21, 2012 is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new age for humanity.

“Word of the year 2012 being an important one is spreading, but unfortunately because the Mayan Calendar ends on the 21st of December, it is being taken by some people as the end of the world. That of course naturally evokes fear amongst you, but with the coverage given by the Internet we feel that it will soon be understood that the ‘end’ is but the beginning of a new cycle.” (14)

“[21.12.12 is] only the beginning of another cycle of experience,” SaLuSa reminds us. (15) It is part of “an ongoing process,” according to SaLuSa. (16) He explains what awaits us after Dec. 21.

“Your spiritual journey of many lives is reaching its end where duality is concerned. However, it will still continue [after] Ascension, and you will never stop learning as you make your way through the higher dimensions. That will take you further along your evolutionary path, until you reach the Source.” (17)

“As things unfold this year you will see plenty of proof in respect of our part in the build up to Ascension. It is real and divinely decreed to take place with a high point due to the powerful alignment on the 21st. December 2012. From thereon you will continue to evolve into even higher dimensions, each one more beautiful and peaceful than the one before. (18)

Rather than the world end, it will keep evolving until we re-unite with our Creator.

“The world is not going to end and indeed it must keep evolving, as that is the nature of All That Is. It cannot stand still and is mystically attracted to the Source, where you will finally reach the ultimate completion of the return journey. The Creator draws all back into its Being, only to again commence further great cycles of experience.” (19)

SaLuSa addresses those people who worry that there will be a delay or a change of plans around Ascension. On April 13, 2012, he said:

“[Ascension] is a tremendous change of scope beyond your imagination, and involves Beings of unlimited power and love. They carry out the Will of God and in that lies your assurance that all will proceed according to the Divine Plan.” (20)

He tells us point blank that “nothing will stop the Ascension process from finally manifesting at the end of 2012.” (21)

SaLuSa’s colleague, Atmos, also assures us that, because it is “happening by divine decree, … we can confidently assure you that it will not be delayed. Why otherwise would we of the Galactic Federation be encircling your Earth, with millions of craft in readiness for First Contact and the restoration of Mother Earth.” (22)

As we reach the last days of the end times, SaLuSa sees all of us worrying about loose ends. He tells us:

“You are now in the last few months before the big day, and understandably some are questioning whether they should plan for the future beyond it. They ask about matters like investments or property ownership, and generally about lack and in many cases poverty.

“We ask you to now take matters on a day to day basis, as very soon many problems that beset you now will have been solved by the planned changes. Abundance and prosperity will soon answer your various needs, and eventually you shall want for absolutely nothing at all.

“Much is to follow after Ascension, but equally your desperate needs will be seen to as soon as possible We are fully aware of what we need to do to make you happy and able to rest in peace, by knowing that we are authorized to do so.” (23)

Thus, for SaLuSa, “the countdown to Ascension has started.” (24)

“The energies around the world continue to build up, and are carried by the grid that is lifting up the Earth. All is preparing for the final thrust of energy, that will propel it into the new level of expression and out of duality. It will also fulfill the promises of a new Age that will be unlike anything you have experienced previously. and truly bring about a heaven upon Earth.” (25)

So SaLuSa is a proponent of the “sudden” view of Ascension. Ascension will happen on Dec. 21, 2012, he says, at the end of the solar cycle and the Mayan Calendar, when a high energy influx due to the alignment of our Sun and the Great Central Sun will separate those who are to ascend from those who are not.

On that day, we and the Earth will migrate to Fifth Dimensionality. Because this plan is seen to by great beings assisted by millions and millions of higher-dimensional galactics, nothing can delay or postpone the plan.

Where do Matthew and SaLuSa agree? That there will be an Ascension at the end of 2012, Matthew says to Fourth Density and then gradually on to Fifth; SaLuSa says to the Fifth Dimension all at once. Both agree that all darkness will end on the planet at that time. Both agree that everyone will be immeasurably served by the event and will leave the suffering of Third Dimensionality. And both agree that spiritual evolution will continue on past that date into the distant future.

As soon as possible, I’ll post Archangel Michael’s view of Ascension. Having considered both sudden and gradual views, you’ll then have what you need to make your own assessment and decide which version you prefer.


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