Irene Weakening: Hidden Hand?

CNN is now describing Hurricane Irene as a “sloppy storm,” “weakening,” “lacking an eye,” etc.

The storm was downgraded from a Category 3 to a Category 2 and now to a Category 1 and that’s a hopeful sign.

Without word from SaLuSa, Matthew or others, we can only speculate that the galactics are mitigating the storm.

“Rashida Mungin, a nurse at NYU Langone Medical Center … said nurses recalled the horrific story of New Orleans hospital patients getting trapped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 — and wanted to avoid a similar situation.” (1)

Well, we know that FEMA, the CIA and other Illuminati agents conspired to ensure that no service reached New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. (2)

CNN reports that:

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency ‘is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency,” the White House said in a statement.””

In 2005, Matthew Ward said that:

“Federal Emergency Management Administration is a misnomer. It implies that the purpose of this unwieldy but powerful organization is to be at the ready to help in disasters of natural origin, but it is not that at all—FEMA was established to control the country’s population, period.” (3)

He advised us in 2004 that FEMA was part and parcel of the Illuminati’s program to extinguish constitutional rights.

“From the beginning, presidential directives for handling national emergencies have had the same aim: federal control that extinguishes constitutional and God-given rights. Never has assistance to those who need help been the reason for establishing FEMA, although that agency’s personnel pop up in natural disaster areas to keep this pretense somewhat credible.” (4)

We’ll get to see today and tomorrow whether anything has changed at FEMA in the last six or seven years; specifically, whether the work of the Earth allies has caused any shift in FEMA’s operational intentions.

Large-scale evacuations have been ordered from North Carolina to New York states in a massive response effort. Hundreds of shelters have been organized by the Red Cross.

Again we’ll see whether the situation with the Red Cross has also changed over the last years. Previously at least the top echelons of the Red Cross were said to be corrupted as well as FEMA. Here is an excerpt from an April 2011 article on that situation:

“Jean Hudon posted a series of articles recently the burden of which was that the American Red Cross was corrupted by the Illuminati. I thought the notion was preposterous when I first read it and wrote Suzy Ward asking her to comment on the story.  To my surprise, she wrote back and said that the rumor was unfortunately true.  Here are her comments:

“’Yes, it’s true.

“’Remember how quickly Bush and Clinton (a questionable pair to work in tandem, wouldn’t you say?) were on the scene after the earthquake in Haiti? They went to take control of all the money being donated to the Red Cross.’” (5)

“When Suzy said ‘remember,’ she was probably referring to a passage from Matthew’s Message of Jan. 15, 2011, where Matthew said:

“Suzy: ‘With so much money donated for the reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake a year ago, why is that country still a disaster zone?’

“Matthew: ‘Because those funds were stolen by the Illuminati after their technology caused the quake—that stealth is why former US presidents Clinton and Bush rushed to Haiti so quickly after the quake.’ (6)

“Please understand that I don’t believe that Suzy or Matthew, and I know I, mean to disparage the wonderful work of 95% of the people who work for the Red Cross, who are upstanding and decent people working their hearts out for compassionate reasons. But I think the message is that top officials are members of the Illuminati and have stolen much of the money given to the organization.” (7)

Believe me, I’ll be the first to rejoice if and when these organizations are cleansed and restored to their original humanitarian purposes. We’ll see in the days ahead if that has occurred or not.

It’s not a great time to be out of touch with SaLuSa and I hesitate to ask Suzy for information because I know she’s busy at the moment.

Again to offer us a baseline against which we can compare actual results, CNN is predicting that the storm could look like this.

“As of 5 a.m. ET Saturday, Hurricane Irene was about 35 miles south of Cape Lookout, North Carolina, and carried maximum sustained winds of 90 mph. It was moving north-northeast at 14 mph, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said.

“An ocean surge of up to 11 feet is possible in coastal North Carolina, tearing away beaches and probably damaging homes, businesses and other structures before sliding up the East Coast to New England, said Bill Read, the Hurricane Center director.

“A storm surge will also raise water levels up to 4 to 8 feet above ground level in areas stretching from the North Carolina-Virginia border to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

“‘The surge will be accompanied by large, destructive and life-threatening waves,’ the hurricane center said.” (8)

So I’ll be watching for any signs that FEMA and the Red Cross are again restored to their stated purposes and whether Irene is weakening as a result of galactic mitigation. I welcome the reconstruction of the two aid agencies and know it will come one day. Whether that day has arrived yet is what remains in question.


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