The Possible Meaning of Dire Events in Japan

Let’s pause and consider what has happened for a moment. We watched the cities of the Libyan dissidents fall one by one until virtually all that was left of the ground held by the dissidents was the city of Benghazi. I worried, perhaps you did too, that protest was going to be defeated in Libya and Arab elites and dictators elsewhere were going to be emboldened. It didn’t look good for the light.

And yet the more desperate the Libyan dissidents became, the more the international community moved to intercede. In fact the perilous plight of the anti-Ghaddafi forces somehow mobilized the international community which in the past has refused to mess with the inviolability of nation states and we now have our first instance in which the world community has stepped in, we hope decisively.

The world community would not move on Rwanda. Other African nations could  engineer the wholesale raping and killing of their citizens without so much as a reprimand from the international community. The inviolability of nation states persisted and overcame all scruples.

So let us now switch over to Japan. The situation again looks bleak. You and I have received word that the cabal of one nation (the United States) has caused a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions in another state (Japan). Anyone reading the articles on this site, or over at, will know that this is not the first cabal attack on another nation.

We’ve discussed the weather-warfare attacks on Japan, Haiti, and Chile, the probable earthquake caused in China some years back, and even extreme weather in the United States itself.  Our sources have put all of these down to the use of weather-control technology. Let’s leave them this go-round and focus instead on financial warfare. There have been many attacks by the American cabal against a range of countries.

According to Michel Chossudovsky, the cabal has been responsible for financial attacks against Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, and probably others that I’ve forgotten over the years. [Google Chossudovsky.] Currency speculators caused runs on those countries’ money, collapsing their economies. The same financial houses responsible for the speculation then came in and bought up the debt of major companies for pennies on the dollar.

Then enter the shock troops of the speculators: the IMF. The IMF required the prostrate countries to pay the financial houses (the speculators) back at 100 cents on the dollar, gutted their government bureaucracies and saddled them with unfavorable terms, ensuring that they would not threaten American standing as the world’s leading industrial economy.

So how many times did the speculators win? From their initial speculation, from the forced payback of the debt, and from ownership of the major companies of the countries. Not a bad return on no significant investment.

Chossudovsky called this “financial warfare.”

Oil in Ecuador

Another part of it saw multinational corporations come into places like Ecuador, Honduras, and Guatemala and rape the countries of their resources, subjecting their people to repression and subsistence wages. Often tremendous pollution was all the corporations left behind, destroying people’s drinking water, fields, and so on. When the people rebelled, the American cabal armed the nations and had them hunt down and kill the dissidents. The School of the Americas trained assassins to eliminate priests and nuns who sided with the people, popular politicians, and guerrilla fighters.

The rule of this cabal has been enforced by military warfare, weather warfare, and financial warfare.  And the various regimes which it installed or supported have ensured that the people of the world had no voice and no recourse against this old world order.

Now this same cabal has crippled Japan, caused a death toll expected to reach 25,000 and left nearly half a million people homeless. They have caused a nuclear accident that has frightened the whole world and all without very many people in the world being willing or prepared to see what is actually happening.

Even lightworkers refuse to believe that this cabal has caused so much suffering and devastation in the world. How complete has been our brainwashing!

I expect that, as in Libya, the situation will become so bad that some action will be triggered similar to what was triggered in Libya. Perhaps the nuclear situation will become so extreme that the governments of the world, who know the galactics are here, will be forced to turn to them to ask them to intervene. Perhaps it’s already that bad and negotiations are going on behind the scenes as we speak.

My point in saying this is to encourage people not to lose hope because the situation looks bad. Its very seriousness may be what is required to take matters to the next level and cause the total overthrow of what’s left of the dark. The direness of the situation in Japan may be what it takes to have the people of the world wonder from what quarter their salvation will come and then … enter the galactics.

We saw what major movement in the international community was caused by the serious turn of events in Libya. Let’s hope that a serious turn of events in Japan, if such is in the cards, will only result in the same galvanizing of the people of the world and a breaking of the stalemate that seems to exist which leaves the cabal with as much power as it still has. Let’s hope that from their misery is born a global governmental resolve to welcome other civilizations and cause the final downfall of the elite.

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