Pleiadian Starseed Ellie Miser Discusses Life Extension through Cloning

Ellie’s Account of Her Recent Cloning


I am in the process of sorting through and documenting a recent event in my life – I just received confirmation of something I had recently begun suspecting – I am a clone!

My original body was in the process of dying so a clone was manifested for what time I have left here! Clones created by mankind on Earth can last up to 3 months – those created on our ship last a minimum of 4 years.

My Pleiadian mate (Planinitar – Plen for short) created this body for me and is responsible for keeping it going.  Transfer into the clone began the night I woke up with two hearts beating in my chest – I was being soul transferred into this “new” body.

The original body has been “recycled” back into energy. It was in such bad shape, it could not have survived being transported to our ship intact. This one will get me there so I can be soul transferred back into my Pleiadian body permanently.

It took him 3 weeks of working on this body to adapt and adjust it to be compatible with 3D vibration as it was created in a 5D environment.

I was wondering why I don’t have to take naps throughout the day anymore!  Back “when”, I was having to take 2 to 3 naps to keep going – heart palpitations, pain and all that stuff – gone!  Now as soon as I have pain, I mention it to Plen and he tweaks it out!

Following was taken from my personal diary, or journal, to give a brief account of what has been happening:

11/9/10 – I had an exciting, but rather scary, experience last night!  I was asleep, “dreaming” – knew I was in my Pleiadian body that is in stasis on our ship.  I was young, shapely and appreciating my firm body – showing off to my Mom and Plen.  What a great feeling!!!!!

Plen has been taking me to the ship at night and “reintroducing” me to my body in preparation for being taken up when it is time for us all to leave here.  My one remaining cat woke me up at 4:17 a.m. for me to let him out to potty – when I came back to bed, I realized I felt TWO hearts beating in my chest!  And they were not in sync so it was quite a commotion going on in there!  One was on the far left and the other was centered.

Since my Earth father’s family all died of heart attacks, I got quite concerned that I was either having one or about to so I took a nitro capsule (time release, not the pill that works immediately) and tried to settle down but the double heart beat continued for a while longer so I stayed up, got on the computer and played games til 8 a.m., then went back to bed for a couple more hours.  By the time I went back to bed, my heartbeat returned to normal (one heart) and I had a good rest.

As I was talking with a friend who can see what is going on, before I even told him about having two hearts, he was shown a vision of me in my Pleiadian body.  I had been awakened before the unlinking process could be completed causing me to be connected to both bodies and hearts at the same time.

That tells me two things – 1) either I am about to die a physical death which is not in my contract, or 2) we are about to be out of here – finally!

11/14/10 – I got very “sick” but not in a way that could be diagnosed as one thing or the other – just weak and a lot of coughing.  That was the beginning of the adjustment period.

11/17/10 – Plen takes me up to the ship at night and has been carefully, slowly, making changes to rid my body of toxins and health problems that are manifesting as cells remember deterioration of my “old” body. The changes are causing a rather painful reaction by my body but I will be in better shape when he is finished.

I thought the first night I would have to go to hospital!  But Plen took me up that night and the next morning, after a good night’s sleep, I felt great!  The changes he makes manifest as “sickness” in various parts of my body such as short bursts of fever, sore throat, pain, congestion, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, sudden drastic energy drain – they come and go in random order, keeping me mostly in bed.  He said today that I will have one more rough day (tomorrow) but will begin feeling better the next day.

11/18/10 – Last night was hell!  Cold!  Woke up actually shivering all over!  Had not done that in over 30 years (last time was when I had pneumonia) – put heavy blanket on, then got too hot so today am miserable!  Throat sore from breathing cold air plus coughing with nothing coming up.  BUT the sun is shining and I look forward to a better day tomorrow.

11/19/10 – He said yesterday would be the last of the bad days and he was right.  Today I woke up feeling almost normal – whatever that is.  lol

12/5/10 – Got so cold, we had to light the propane heater for the first time this year.

12/6/10 – Last night was my worst pain ever!  Both hips hurting and when I stretched out a little, my right leg popped 3 times – in different places starting at the knee going down.

12/7/10 – Getting chilled the other night caused a “ball” of cold to settle into my back in the upper part of my right shoulder near the arm socket.  I mentioned it to Plen and he said he would take care of it. He said I would still have some pain the next morning but it would be different and then gone.

12/8/10 – He was right!  Little bit of aching in the shoulder but not the sharp pain I felt yesterday.  By afternoon, even the ache was gone!

12/9/10 – Got up this morning with NO PAIN – none whatsoever!  Wow!  Woke up at 6:30 coughing so figured I got worked on again last night.

I lay in bed, thinking about the past few weeks – difference in my life since the body changes.  Here are a few I thought of:

Before what I will refer to as “the change”, I was having heart palpitations, shortness of breath, spells of imbalance, severe back pain (both lower and upper), hands getting shaky, had to sit down and rest after walking short distances, even from one end of the house to the other (3 rooms), HAD to take at least 2, sometimes 3, naps throughout the day even after 8 hours sleep at night; had to eat toast or something immediately after waking from both night sleep and naps or my body would panic and I would get really bitchy and shaky.  I would eat dinner as late as 8 or 9 p.m., then stay on the computer til 1 a.m. or later to let the food digest or suffer stomach upset.

Now, I take no naps, feel the same all day, don’t HAVE to have toast as soon as I get up – actually, I have been up 2 hours already and have not had to make toast yet – feel great!  I eat when I get hungry – around 11:30 a.m. – then main meal around 5 p.m. – no craving for late night meal or snacks. I can walk much farther without having to stop and rest – feel so much younger inside my body and even looking younger (to me at least) on the outside.  [Actually, today, to show my son how good I feel, I did a high kick with both legs with no problem – showing off!  LOL] Cells retain memory so still having to have problems nipped in the bud as they manifest but Plen is doing great job of removing those problems before they settle in.

Back in my 30’s (I am now 79), I liked soft drinks (usually root beer) with my meals – as I grew older, I no longer wanted soft drinks – mostly tea (hot or cold) and coffee.  This week I have begun keeping cokes in the fridge to have with my sandwiches.  Used to crave chocolate and Bit-O-Honey (candy) – don’t care for it now. I snack on Triscuit crackers instead of sweets.

I was told Plen could “flip a switch” to restore my memories and abilities but I have to ask, meaning it sincerely!  I did ask but not sure how sincere I was – or am, yet.

I don’t want to mess up now, so close to being finished here by having to deal with learning how to discern which voices to listen to and which to block, and having visions come and go that I would have to somehow sort through as real or imagined, as people are still being confused by the negative energies that are frantically trying to keep us in 3D as we are their anchor.

I must focus on being an observer and not let myself get sucked into a false reality that is not my destiny – I must continue to stay in the NOW and not worry about tomorrow – worry is a form of fear and can manifest what we are fearing.  I am still guilty of being concerned about survival when, looking back through all my years on this planet, I have never gone without my daily needs, ever!  Even when I could not possibly see how they could be provided.  We are so loved and watched over!  To God be the glory!

Today, 12/10/10, is another great day with no pain!  Hard to believe after 18 years of aging, aches, osteoarthritis pain and 2 knee surgeries from years ago that were going bad again and all that goes with being elderly!

***I just told my son about my being cloned – he was okay with it – said he was approached years ago after several bad accidents and asked by my father Haiton and Plen if he wanted a “new body” but he declined saying he would deal with the one he had.  He has been through massive pain over the years but very seldom mentions it – unless I ask – and takes very good care of me.  He will go to our ship with me, when I go.


Update on my clone 12/11/10

I woke up this morning with a LOT of pain up and down my right side because of sleeping so soundly without moving for about 3 hours – BUT as soon as I realized I was hurting – and thought about it – it left!  I do believe Planinitar (Plen) is monitoring my thoughts so he can adjust my body to whatever is going on.

I got up, got dressed and went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee – my son, Jerry, was on the computer, playing his favorite game – I said “Look at this!” and did a Chubby Checker twist across the floor – a “happy dance” with no problem, no pain, no range of motion limitation!  Wow!  I LOVE this clone body!

I have been thinking a lot about what is going on and some of my thoughts have been along the line of how so many Starseed contracts have expired years ago but we are still here – obviously we volunteered for extended duty – but so many of us older ones (and some younger) have worn out bodies from processing energy or whatever our task has been so I do believe those of us who are either on the verge of death or have done, have been taken physically to our ship where clones were created to get us through what is left of this 3D reality.

Most of us have had very large, heavy bodies (obese mostly) which were necessary for our work – balancing, processing energies that were fed into this dimension and used for maintaining this “illusion of reality” that we have used for so many lifetimes for our spiritual lessons and work.  As the ascension process moved into the higher vibrations, our dense bodies could not keep up or adjust quick enough so many just gave out and gave up, thereby requiring either healing, if possible, or the other option of having a clone – or sometimes even through walk-in process where another person wants out – time is up – and they relinquish their body to another spirit who still has work to do so the owner of the physical body steps out and the other steps in to use it for whatever they have to do.

Those of us who have been raised to the higher (5D) energies so we can go physically to our ship at night for instructions or training for what is to be out next assignment, cannot endure the heavy density of this reality so we have to have a lot of maintenance (healing) or leave our 5D body on our ship and use a clone to finish up what we have left to do here – sometimes only to witness or observe the end times.

I KNOW my 5D Pleiadian body is in stasis on our ship so I believe I went back into it when my original Earth body gave out and “gave up the ghost” until my clone was ready for me.  That could have taken weeks, months or maybe even years of Earth time but only a few hours or days of space time.  For example, my space father is 600+ Earth years old but only 60+ Pleiadian years of age.

I have been a balancer – now I think I am mostly here to observe and witness – I have been a scribe or historian in many lifetimes – maybe that is why I wanted to observe these times so I can do a report on the process for use in other time lines.  Just a thought.

Blessings and joy,
What exactly is cloning?
Cloning is the creation of an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another. This means that every single bit of DNA is the same between the two!

[Cells retain memory of injuries, illnesses, disease, etc. so the clone’s cell memory can manifest, over time, symptoms of previous health issues but they can be easier controller if/when that does happen since the clone is in better condition when we take possession of it. Just MY belief based on my personal experience.]

You might not believe it, but there are human clones among us right now. They weren’t made in a lab, though: they’re identical twins, created naturally.

Cloning in biotechnology refers to processes used to create copies of DNA fragments (molecular cloning), cells (cell cloning), or organisms.

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