Were the Mumbai Bombings Part of an “Exit Strategy” from Afghanistan?

U.S. secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, right, shakes hands with S. M. Krishna, India's foreign minister, in New Delhi, India.

CIA Black Operations are the Predominant Source of Terrorism

I watched Hillary Clinton yesterday in Delhi, at the second round of the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue, trying to persuade India to work towards closer integration with Pakistan and Afghanistan to combat terrorism.

Sec. Clinton said, at one point, that the Indian government needed to do a better job in preventing terrorism. I found that an ironic statement.

In a previous article, we looked at how most terrorist episodes in the world have been staged by the Central Intelligence Agency.  (1)

Although none of our sources have said that the latest Mumbai bombings were caused by the CIA, they have said that the 2008 Mumbai Attacks were.

“Terrorism” itself is largely an invention of western governments controlled by the Illuminati and pushing an agenda, as Matthew Ward put it, ” to dominate the entire planet and kill or enslave its peoples.”  (2)

Looking back over our history, SaLuSa tells us: “You have been deceived time and time over, and wars have been engineered” to stampede you. (3)   Atmos explains:

“There are many instances of covert operations over many years that go way back into your history that have been concealed. You would have had no way of knowing what was secretly taking place as such decisions are inevitably taken by those in high positions.” (4)

So yesterday Sec. Clinton faulted the Indian government for failing to prevent terrorism.  Let me see if I understand this. One of the most likely suspects behind the Mumbai explosions is faulting the Indian government for not being able to catch … her own team, right? Does Hillary suspect that everything about her deception, if it is a deception, is known? Not by us certainly, but by the galactics?

If I am correct, the latest Mumbai attacks were part of a policy aimed at setting up a regional power to hand off to so that American forces could leave Afghanistan. Apparently it doesn’t matter how many people die to forge a policy. Never mind bemoaning terrorism. We need to bemoan our own conduct. We are the terrorists.

Could the faked “death” of Osama bin Laden on May 2 also have been part of creating that exit policy? Twenty people died in Mumbai; someone died in Abbotabad, someone whose identity we don’t yet know.  And we must sit here powerless to do anything about these events.

Is this the way that foreign policy is being, and has been, crafted all these years?  Through engineered explosions, false interpretations and duplicity with erstwhile allies?

Are we being schooled in picking out these Machiavellian plots that pass for threats and “policy” responses? SaLuSa hopes we are:

“Since 9/11 the people have recognized the truth behind it, and also that a number of other events that have fuelled the threat of terrorism, are not what they seem. Consequently there is less faith in the pronouncements of government officials, and we see discretion practiced as necessary to avoid being misled.” (5)

The galactics are not yet able, apparently, to interfere with the smaller acts of terrorism, though they have the authority to prevent the larger ones, as Matthew suggested last September:

“By God’s honoring Earth’s free will decision that killing and destruction end, not escalate, the crews are authorized to intervene however necessary to prevent the free will of those who attempt to start another war or anything else to create chaos.

“However, the crews cannot interfere with Earth residents’ free will decisions to be suicide-bombers or halt troops from obeying commanders’ orders.” (6)

Some time back (2003), he also discussed the limits of galactic intervention:

“Many attempts rivaling ‘9/11’ that have been undertaken have failed due to the vigilance and technological capabilities of these on- and off-planet beings. This is not interference in your affairs or a denial of the free will of the dark minds, it is in response to the massive free will desire for freedom from terrorist activity that these beings are acting.

“Terrorism on a smaller scale, while resulting in needless death, anguish and property destruction, is not under the same purview, and those acts are officially blamed on people who had no hand in them at all.” (7)

Given that the phoney killing of Osama Bin Laden happened on May 2 and the Mumbai explosions on July 13, two and a half months later, might someone in the CIA black ops unit right now be laboring on plans for a “terrorist” attack to set up our listening for the tenth anniversary of 9/11, two and a half months into the future?

If they are, I hope it has no chance of success. I’d rather believe that the scenario that SaLuSa puts out has more chance:

“More people than ever are learning how you have been tricked into the belief, that recent tragedies such as 9/11 are the work of outside forces. This is bringing about a great energetic push to bring the facts out into the open, and have the perpetrators face criminal charges. This energy like any other one reaches a certain point, when it becomes so powerful that nothing can prevent it from bringing about a response.

“That point has been reached, and the facts which have been collected of various incidents are on the verge of becoming public. No crime against Humanity can be hidden forever, and the revelations will be part of the cleansing.” (8)

The Time of Separation and, Finally, Peace

If the Illuminati’s false-flag exit strategy will not successfully remain hidden, how is peace to come? The rising energies will of themselves bring peace, Ker-On tells us:

“There will be a surge of Light that will see a powerful response to the dark forces, as they try in vain to re-establish their authority. Even in the theatres of war there are doubts surfacing as to the purpose of it all. Peace is becoming a word that resonates with happiness, and although brave men and women serve their country in a patriotic way, they are questioning their resolve and sense of duty.

“Changes are inevitable that will see a totally different outlook where war operations are concerned. The changes are coming from within and when people lay down their arms, a new era of peace will begin.” (9)

It may seem distant in our future to us now, SaLuSa says, but it is coming nonetheless:

“Peace must seem a long way off at present, yet it will come upon you because you are benign at heart, and cry out for release from the continual warring that is endemic through your history.” (10)

In the meantime, we are now in the Time of Separation, which St. Germain colorfully called “the filtering out process of the bad eggs.” (11) SaLuSa described it this way: “The world is slipping into two realities, and the division will take place in accordance with the Law of Attraction.” (12)

In his latest message (July 20, 2011) he referred to it again: “Perhaps you can see how your civilisation divides itself into two factions, and you are in a time when they will draw further apart.” (13)

Archangel Michael also predicted it:

“There is an intense polarization building between the various factions, not just in isolated places around the world, but in every country, involving every race, culture, religion and political affiliation. We have told you that the chasm between the Light and the shadow lands is widening, and it is very apparent from both a lofty and earthly viewpoint.” (14)

And Emmanuel also described it last year:

“Division has started at third-dimensional level, and the groups of frequencies present in your plane of existence are being regrouped.  From now on, you will be seeing many signs of division and regrouping manifesting in your reality.  Companies will split, friends will stop seeing each other, families will separate, groups will be divided, etc. And at the same time you will be witnessing the absolute opposite; you will join new groups, you will feel closer than ever to your loved ones, family and friends.

“This change is neither positive nor negative. It is existential.

“This is a natural step in the mass-ascension process.”  (15)

So the separation of those who follow the dark from those who follow the Light will be accomplished and it will see to elements like the Taliban and the dictators and other minions of darkness. We need not worry ourselves about success but simply allow the rising light energies and the Law of Attraction to do their work, until finally peace arrives.


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