Task Descriptions

 Archival Committee

The task that falls to the archivists is to organize the articles in the righthand column of the 2012 Scenario site, keep them up to date by transferring those whose shelf-life has passed to the “General Archive” at the bottom of the column, and take articles that go well when grouped together and assemble them into .pdf files as e-books.

The real job of the archivists is to produce e-books for the awakening population so that they can quickly read up on a subject like NESARA, Disclosure, Ascension, etc.

The archivists also may wish to redo the manner in which e-books are publicized on the site. They may also want to start a completely new site dedicated just to e-books on the events of 2012.

One of the matters that will need to be handled is to devise a way of getting articles from their “post” stage to their “page” stage (i.e., from the blogroll to the righthand column) and we can figure out how we want to do that.

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