Recipients of the Hope Chest Respond to Your Donations

Logo designed by Anthony MorriosnKaren at the Hope Chest writes:

“I want to draw your attention to three thank you emails from Hope Chest recipients that especially resonate with me (they are in the inbox in Hotmail).  This circle that readers are and have created by sending God’s Substance (money) to lightworkers in need fills my spirit with joy and additional hope as lightworkers respond to receipt of HC gifts to them.  We participate with them in their joy, wonder and relief that there is a place and a team that will assist them when we can.”

What more can I add to that? Here are the three lightworker emails that Karen – and I believe the recipients themselves – wish you to receive after you recently sent funds in to the Hope Chest (“General Lightworkers” option).

I just received notice of an award of $XXX from you. I had let go of any idea that might happen. The gratitude that fills me up spills over. I am so grateful that my “mother hubbard cupboard” will have entries this week. Along with a bountiful garden – even in winter it is producing plenty of greens. There is always enough to share from the garden. Now a bit of store-bought goods will fill that out. Thank you from a grateful heart. When I am able to return to you to help others I’ll feel even more reward.

Blessings to you in your generous service.


OMG!  What a glorious day to wake up to!  Sunshine and financial relief!  *sigh*

Thank you SO VERY MUCH!  We will get busy Monday with the car situation! [Broken car and rural dweller with no means of getting to town.]

I truly am overwhelmed – so many blessings, my cup is surely running over!

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Namaste and love


I just wanted to thank you very much.  I’m not in the habit of begging for money yet it seemed i had no choice.

Day by day things seem to be working out.  Yesterday when you sent the $XXX I had just decided to walk away from money or ‘the love of money’ or being obsessed by money and rather start to do work not for money but  for experience and just trust spirit for my needs to be provided for.  I had just declared this to a friend when i received the notification from Paypal!

I’m so very grateful!  I’m having to come up with the first month daycare fee’s so i can work and it’s been a catch 22, need to work to afford to pay for daycare, need daycare to be able to work.

Anyhow, this means a lot on many different levels.  I’m feeling more confident that I will be getting back on my feet in no time!

Kind regards,


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