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Special Message from Jesus for Listeners of 2013 – Hope for Our New World

jesus-4-258x3001-150x150Special Message from Jesus for Listeners of 2013 – Hope for Our New World

John Smallman

Stephen: Here is the special message from Jesus, channellled through John Smallman, which John read out to listeners during the 3-hour live InLight Radio Special, 2013 – Hope for Our New World which aired tonight, Sunday January 20, 2013.

You can listen to the whole program here:–hope-for-our-new-world

Message from Jesus:

Listeners to this program 2013 – Hope for Our New World, are all involved directly in holding and extending the divine energy field enveloping Earth to assist in humanity’s imminent awakening.

The love burning in your hearts, and that you extend so willingly to all on Earth, is an extremely powerful and irresistible force that, added to the power of many, many others all over the planet who are intending that humanity awaken and leave the illusion to dissolve into nothingness, is far more effective than you can possibly imagine.

Your prayers and meditation are an essential part of humanity’s awakening process, so regardless of any doubts you may be experiencing, please increase rather than reduce the time you spend quietly and silently holding your Light, as you intend that our Father’s plan for humanity be magnificently fulfilled. And know that no other outcome is possible or required.

The divine plan is not some imaginary concept that a few anxious and unhappy humans have concocted to assuage their fears, it is the Master Plan that God has provided to ensure that you all awaken from the nightmare of the illusion. God is Love. You know that. So how can you possibly believe or imagine that He would or did create an environment in which so many are constantly suffering? He gave you free will, and He honors the choices that you make as you use that divine gift. However, He wants you to awaken into Reality where all your needs and desires are instantly met, where your happiness is endless, and that is what His plan assures and guarantees.

Embrace the Love that He offers you in every moment, share It indiscriminately and unconditionally, and create a Heaven on Earth through which you can make your way Home to the divine realms in which you were created and in which you have your eternal existence. Love, as you well know, is the key to joy, to existence. You were created from It, It is with you always, but you do have the option while in the illusion to pretend It is not. It is within you, not outside, so go within and and allow Its fond embrace to melt away all your fears and doubts.

When you dwell on the sufferings and dissatisfactions with which the illusion attempts to distract your attention from your inseparability from God, it is as though you turned your back on Him and refused to see or acknowledge His Love for you. Pay attention to His Love for you, and only to His Love for you, and let all your doubts and anxieties fall away as you experience the peace and confidence that doing so provides.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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