On Being Rebuffed … and Getting It

What follows is an illustration of what it looks like to complete an item of unfinished business.

Part of looking good is to maximize one’s victories and minimize one’s defeats.  But I’m actually not very much interested in looking good (old paradigm). I’m more interested in being transparent.

So let me look at an incident that happened for me today which was a break in my well-being and could have sent me into a futile attempt to look good and stop being transparent.

The incident arises out of publicizing Matthew’s allegations that the Japanese earthquake was caused in part by the Illuminati using weather-control technology. I’ve run into some resistance from lightworkers who think that viewpoint lacks credibility.

Just one change to the discussion here. Matthew has actually said in a letter from Suzy Ward today that it isn’t HAARP that caused the earthquake; it’s weather-control technology that the cabal received from the little Greys. So for “HAARP” substitute “weather-control technology.”

One lightworker, whose columns I post here, said the following to one of her correspondents, also an editor. The first paragraph is a quote from me and her comment begins in the second paragraph:

“We have to stop acting like lemmings and doing the Illuminati’s work for them. We need to keep our eye on the ball and not be led around by the cabal. The cabal caused a HAARPquake in Japan. The cabal needs to be shut down. They caused that HAARPquake most likely to take our attention off the popular revolt in Wisconsin and Libya. They also want to prevent ET/UFO disclosure.


“You have shown great wisdom and have developed credibility amongst your readers. Don’t throw it away by sending out such emails.

“All is in perfect order and alignment for the change we have been waiting for, and you, more than anyone I know, have been promoting this change to your base. It would be a shame to lose your footing.”

So I’m “completely” wrong. So let me just get that for a moment. Completely wrong. OK, got it.

A second 2012 blogsite owner says:

“Some of you have adamantly stated that this was the work of the dark cabal, using the feared HAARP technology.  Many channeled messages have confirmed this yet I don’t buy it.  Not for one second did I believe this to be a man-made event.  I know it’s easy to jump on the band-wagon when sources like Matthew Ward and Ben Fulford say, with utmost certainty, that this was perpetrated by the dark cabal in a last ditch effort to hold on to their fading power.  But I am not one to accept everything I’m told for the sheer fact that I must use my own discernment whenever possible.

“So what does my discernment say?  Well, unlike the messages we have been reading as of late, I know in my heart that this is Mother Earth clearing out her closets and ridding herself of all the bad karma she has accumulated.  Additionally, She is repositioning herself to be ready for the up-n-coming ascension not to mention reconfiguring Her surface as is required for the end of this cycle.”‘k

So the Japanese earthquake and tsunami were natural, as is known in this writer’s heart.

What does it feel like to find oneself in a position which I have put other people in but have never, up till now, been in myself – that is, of being “completely wrong”?

Well, I smart. I feel embarrassed, humiliated. I thought I would feel combative, but that’s not happening. Just humiliated.

I see unfinished business rising to the surface. How do I know? Because it persists. It does not disappear.

Your unfinished business will probably be different from mine.  I don’t feel it as useful to consider how I should answer my critics as I do to see how I can complete the unfinished business that arises from being called completely wrong.

This perceived rebuff does raise old issues. What are they and how will I handle them? I keep staring at an old incident and know enough to realize that there is no sense trying to choose among incidents if I want to get at the cause of my embarrassment. I need to take the memory I’m given.

The memory I’m given is connected to the school patrol which I belonged to in Grade Seven. I quit the school patrol, why I can no longer remember. But, the day after I quit, the school announced a banquet and told us that each member of the school patrol would receive a pin – and it was a very nice one – and I wanted that pin. So I finagled my mother into getting me reinstated into the school patrol to get that pin.

Now what has that to do with this feeling of humiliation? Well, I didn’t want anyone to know that I was rejoining the school patrol just to get that pin or, if they did, to criticize me for it. I wanted my finagling and my desire for the pin to be invisible.

And I’m wanting something about this incident to be invisible too.  I want to look successful. I don’t want to look like a buffoon. I’m avoiding in this instance looking like a buffoon and these people are casting me as “completely wrong” – i.e., a buffoon.  So that’s my investment and that’s the connection between the present incident and the earlier incident.

Now if I were dedicated to looking good, then I would be in a very difficult situation because I’d crash and burn trying to do everything i could to strut like the emperor who had no clothes. I ‘d march up and down, puffing myself up in various ways and wanting you to say that I cut a fine figure. I’d be calling in debts and chits and reminding everyone what a good soul am I and never letting on that anything was wrong.

But in truth I don’t look so good today.  In various places on the Internet, I’m being represented as the lightworker equivalent of a buffoon. If you’re concerned with looking good, better not say you know me today. Wouldn’t look good.

Now, how do I feel inside having seen that. Well, seeing that has released me from the sense of feeling embarrassed. I’m restored to self. Since the truth will set me free, and I feel released from embarrassment, I must have told the truth. This for me is the criterion I use to know if I’ve told the truth: the truth will set me free.

Here I go sitting with that for a few seconds.

Yes, I still feel released from humiliation and embarrassment.  Yes, I must have told the truth.

Lightworkers disagree on whether the Japanese earthquake was manmade or natural.  I say it was manmade but others say it was natural. I cannot say for certain whether I’m correct or whether they are.  I have no idea. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’ve taken matters as far as I need to. I cannot prove anything. In the meantime, we can all agree on helping Japan. So why don’t we agree on that?  Why let ourselves be be divided over any issue even if we don’t agree?

But, coming back to clearing this upset, looking good, etc., what I’ve just done is I’ve dealt with a current upset by locating the earlier, similar incident that fuels the current upset. Notice that the cause of the current upset was not in present-day circumstances, not really, but in old, unfinished business (the school-patrol incident).

Having said all this, I’m going to list a number of articles on this site that also look at this upset clearing process because we’re going to need it in the months ahead, when the rest of us feel a break in the continuity of our wellbeing for any reason. (1)

I’m not committed to looking good. I am committed to being upset-free and transparent.

Now back to work….


(1) These articles are also on the upset-clearing process.

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