A World That Works for Everyone

Werner in 1979

In my life two people have remained an inspiration to me – John F. Kennedy and Werner Erhard.

They shared in common the fact that they wanted to create a “new frontier” and a “world that worked for everyone.” They shared in common elevated characters and inspiring thoughts.

Both were attacked by people who could not tolerate their vision. Kennedy was assassinated, some say for wanting to close the Federal Reserve, others for wanting to close the CIA, and still others for being willing to reveal that extraterrestrials exist and are visiting and engaging us. But let me leave J.F.K. for another time and instead concentrate on the second man, Werner Erhard.

After creating the est network, which was for me a training ground in workability, Werner was threatened with death by an organization which competed with his and which lost business to him. In addition, one of his children was promised a great deal of money for bearing false witness against him (she later admitted the fact and retracted the allegation). Werner was not assassinated, but he was obliged to retreat from society and continue working his miracles for world peace and harmony from behind the scenes. He is alive today and will assume a place of honor eventually, I believe.

He founded the Hunger Project to rid the Earth of starvation by 2000. He will have been twelve years out in that prediction. He inspired a generation of lightworkers and his thoughts have become part of the language of difference-making and workability.

At one point Werner offered workshops to the leadership of the Soviet Communist Party. It’s rumored that his mentoring persuaded Mikhail Gorbachev and the Soviets to develop glasnost and perestroika, the first being a policy of truth-telling and the second an economic restructuring, which led to the collapse of the Soviet empire, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the end of despotic rule in Eastern Europe. It ended the Cold War but did not stop the last cabal from pursuing its despotic ends, as we know. That work was left to us.

It’s also rumored that Werner was instrumental in the negotiations that brought peace to Northern Ireland. But I have no certain knowledge of the truth of these rumors,

Nonetheless, I personally heard Werner give voice to the ideal of a world that works for everyone.

Such a world can exist and is the ideal towards which we’re all working. On Dec. 21, 2012, if all accounts be true, it will come into existence.

I’m not convinced that it can come into existence before – from many angles. This world that we live in now, which is often described as Third-Dimensional, supports disease, old age, and vermin. Such a world will not work for everyone, by definition.

It permits the mingling of people of low together with people of high character and vibration. The world after Dec. 21, 2012, as well as the world that presently exists in the afterlife, do not do so. There people are sorted out according to their vibration.

It does, and will until some unknown future date, support the free choice of those who care about people and those who don’t care. The people who don’t care have contributed to making this a world that does not work for everyone, a world of unworkability.

The world that will exist for most of us after Dec. 21, 2012 will not be accessible to people of low vibration. Those who have created a world of pandemics, weather warfare, chemtrails, poverty, persecution, and so on, will not be coming along with us to that new world. Free choice will persist but those who choose to make others suffer will be left behind.

The new world will not allow disease, old age and vermin, whether one chooses to believe that or not. It will see our setting become disease- and vermin-free and our bodies restored to their prime and not growing old. These sound like marvellous things now but gradually we’ll accept them.

We’ll have no further hunger or thirst, no need to slave for a living or to sleep excessively. Much will be changed that will turn Earth into Heaven, according to those we listen to. Our setting will transform into exactly what Werner saw – a world that works for everyone – with no one left out save those who choose to exclude themselves, something that cannot be prevented by universal law.

I used to wonder how possibly this world, with its defects, could be changed into a workable world. And now I know. Did Werner, who was an enlightened being, glimpse the Fifth Dimension?

So keep that ideal in mind because it’s the ideal towards which we’re travelling – the ideal of a world that works. To quote Werner again, it is an idea whose time has come. The Worldwide March of Millions, again quoting him, is envisioned as a shot heard round the world, a wake-up call to a world that works.

We need a sense of our goal. We need a star to steer by. For me, that star or goal, is a world that works, with no one left out. “Out” will cease to exist. By dropping anything and everything that separates, that marginalizes, that harms, we bring ourselves a step closer to creating a world that works, a world in which we can be all that we are and all that it’s possible to be. Mark my words. Step by step, we will accomplish this journey. No matter what occurs, whether interpreted as good or bad, we are making our way to this New Age, this Golden Era, this world that works.

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