Time to Put It Behind Us

Ain't going to happen

Why is it that we flirt with catastrophism? Three days of darkness, pole shift, asteroid collision, CMEs.

We have around this planet a protective ring of ships manned by ascended beings from many high dimensions, including celestial beings. They’ve told us repeatedly that nothing will be allowed to prevent Ascension, which we know is a Divine Plan in any case that cannot be prevented.

They’ve told us that any who wish can come along, with a few small provisos (light is needed). They’ve said that they’ll work with us to get us over the hump, if need be.

We’re fortunate to know this.

And yet even though we know this, what we trade between us like baseball cards are stories of fresh catastrophes, in some case not so fresh.  In some cases, these scenarios have been addressed repeatedly. And yet they fly.

Yes, there are some Earth changes. Yes, there will be regional disturbances. For sure, there will be some people leaving.  But Earth catastrophes? No.

What need in us is served by remaining in a state of alarm over the fate of the Earth, when no reason for alarm exists?

Whatever need it serves in us, if we really do succeed in exciting fear from the population, all manner of bad things will follow. A populace made fearful tramples over everyone in its rush for the door. Do we really want that?

Everyone on all the discussion groups, Facebook, Twitter, all the distribution lists, etc., please think for a moment before posting a new rumor about Elenin, Niburu, cabal training exercises, etc. Some of these scarey things may even be happening, like the training exercises. Some legislation designed to corral us or deny us supplements may even make it to the books. But no matter what, all will be rolled back and none of the operations designed to bind us will succeed.

It’s time for us to realize and express our power, not our lack of it. While it’s true that the Company of Light has all in hand to deliver us from evil, as the book says, there is no deliverance from fear save our delivering ourselves. It’s time to put fear behind us, no matter what pleasures being frightened used to give us long ago.

St. Paul once said it was time to put behind us childish things. We are in the childhood of humanity and wanting to pass over that threshhold to adulthood. That takes some resolve and activity. It takes a degree of willingness to give up the thrill of fear and the hit of satisfaction when we get over it. That whole area of life now has to be surrendered just as we surrendered other childish things.

If you receive a fresh notice that Elenin will land on your house, so to speak, perhaps don’t forward it. Let the rumor die with you. It’s time to put fear behind us. There is much building to do.


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