With Marianne Williamson Here, Who Needs Gandhi?

What follows is a trilogy of lightworkers’ presentations, suggested by my wife D’Arcy, whose common work is to alert us to the dangers that faced us from the planetary controllers and what to do about them.

Carol Rosin told us that the cabal had a plan to create imaginary enemies and through this ruse to create a military-industrial complex of undoubted strength and power which would subvert democratic society; Naomi Wolf showed us how this same cabal followed ten steps whose cumulative effect was to undermine democratic institutions; and Marianne Williamson showed us the social and economic results of this process and how to band together to defeat the intentions of the people behind it.

If you’re

  • supporting Occupy Together today (Oct. 28, 2011),
  • wondering when a Martin Luther King or Gandhi will come along and lead this movement,
  • wondering
    • what to do,
    • how it will all work out,
    • how it should be,
    • or how to talk about it,

well, watch this video. Half hour. Don’t postpone.

Marianne Williamson tells it like it is in Los Angeles, Oct. 12, 2011.

In my view, Marianne has the capacity and ideas to lead us – if you need a leader. Thanks to D’Arcy.

YouTube Preview Image

If the video doesn’t work, go to Youtube and watch it.

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