What Is It We Want?

In between stories of the White House selecting its Christmas tree (in October) and Dubai’s elite riding a $10 million Lamborghini-like bus, the news anchor for CNN, the home of the “best” political news team, tried to wrap her head around what OccupyWallStreet wanted.

She tried several approaches and had the best luck with the medical model, but even there the “symptoms” she found were so disparate that she gave up and turned to frustrating new wildfires breaking out in Austin and a shooting spree in California. Who knows these days if both occasions weren’t manufactured to take attention away from the protests.

But for the benefit of the anchor and her audience, perhaps we can say what the protests on Wall Street, across the nation and around the world are about – for the benefit of those who buy a worldview that prevents their understanding, whether they are on the “best” political news team or the worst.

The people rallying in Occupy Together protests around the world are battling first and foremost for the right to live, in the face of elitist governments doing their best to depopulate this globe through machinations hardly known to the public. They are resisting such little-suspected schemes as pandemics, toxic vaccines, chemtrails, the manipulation of foods through GMO engineering, the depopulating effect of endless wars, including planned nuclear conflagrations,  conventional wars, and the spread of death and destruction through weather-warfare events like engineered earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis, and so on.

They are rallying to bring down financial and economic systems that preside over the undermining and betrayal of nations through stock-market and currency manipulations, forced economic takeovers, debilitating aid arrangements, inflationary printing of money, inequitable taxation, destruction of the social-safety net for workers, refusal to support universal medicare, elimination of jobs through automation, shifting of work to low-wage, unorganized labor regions, the floating of financial bubbles, illegal mortgage foreclosures, a leftover legacy of pollution, and other examples of financial warfare.

They are rallying for political, religious, and other freedoms, which have been whittled away by elitist governments through false-flag attacks and state terrorism aimed at creating enemies where none existed before and whittling down constitutional freedoms in the name of “national security.”

They are rallying for governments who are responsive to the needs of the 99%, whom governments today ignore in favor the wealthy and powerful 1%. They are rallying for an end to discrimination, oppression, and exploitation.

They are rallying for the restoration of human dignity, where people have been treated like cattle by the various elites of the world in their pursuit of wealth and power.  They are rallying for a future in which people everywhere can share, support, and serve each other, rather than compete, oppose and defeat each other. They are rallying for an education that enhances and beautifies the life of children. They are rallying for a social order that reflects the care, love, and beauty of the divine order.

You won’t be able to understand what they are rallying for as long as you wear those rose-tinted glasses that see everything only in a ways that serve the privileged. You won’t be able to understand it as long as you mouth the words you’re told to speak by people who support a social order as inequitable, unjust and uncaring as ours is today. You won’t be able to understand them until you set aside the ways you’ve been told to think and actually observe and think for yourself, see for yourself what those marching in so many cities around the world see.

That day cannot come soon enough. We welcome you to join us. We don’t share the same perspective of the social order that we’re leaving. We won’t imprison you, torture you, or force you to think like us. We’ll welcome you into our world and forgive and forget what went before. So long as we can now build a world that works for everyone, with no one left out. So long as we can welcome now and open ourselves to a future that sees us all as brothers and sisters and the weakest and neediest among us as the ones who need the most support, not the wealthiest and most powerful.

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