Summary of Our Success So Far. Sky’s the Limit

There’s been so much happening, but happening here and there, in bits and pieces, that it may be well to pause, draw it all together, and consider what progress we’ve made in our blossoming Global Spring.

We saw American workers take on corrupt government in Wisconsin. We witnessed Aung Saan Su Kyi be released from house arrest. We’ve seen entrenched dictators swept out of numerous Arab states and a burgeoning Occupy Movement spreading across the western world and beyond.

We’ve watched a growing class of superb journalists emerge who are making the case for clean government and business and getting it heard. They include Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Dylan Ratigan, Jon Stewart, Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Tom Hartmann, Lee Spiegel, among many others.

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We’ve seen destroyed (with no one harmed) two, and probably more, deep underground bunkers in which the cabal stored its arms, sought shelter from their planned nuclear World War III, and carried out their reprehensible experiments. We’ve heard from our sources that top Illuminati are being arrested and removed or are fleeing to far corners of the globe.

We’ve heard Andrew Basiago, Arthur Neumann and many others “out” the secret space fleet, teleportation to Mars, time travel, and many other secret and black programs. We’re hearing that dark underground extraterrestrials, who were revealed to our knowledge by such whistleblowers as the assassinated Phil Schneider, may be leaving the planet by 11-11-11.  These negative alien races provided technology and other aids to the military-industrial complex.

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We’ve seen chemtrails subside, if not disappear. We’ve not had a manufactured pandemic in perhaps a year. We’ve not had a HAARP-engineered or other weather-controlled disaster in at least a few months.

We’ve seen an article in which ex-CIA personnel acknowledge the cover-up of the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials. We’ve seen a petition be mounted for UFO/ET Disclosure on a White House website.

We’ve seen a petition mounted for NESARA, when the mere mention of that name was grounds for being jailed some years back. We’ve heard of the meeting of around 80 non-Illuminati finance ministers who agreed on creating a non-corrupt financial system.

We’ve seen Italian President Sylvio Berlusconi brought to court on sex and corruption charges, Donald Rumsfeld denied immunity in a torture case, Rupert Murdoch brought before a British parliamentary committee, IMF Chairman Dominque Strauss-Kahn thrown out of office.

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We hear that Disclosure and NESARA are near. We know that amazing events are due to occur on or around 11-11-11 and 12-12-11. Most of us are probably feeling the impact of the elevated energies.

We’re definitely on a roll that you and I know to be unstoppable. It’s getting embarrassing knowing what’s ahead for the world and not being able to share it and be heard by the rest of society. Unexpressed joy can be an upset.

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But even if we can’t get the rest of the world to believe that we’re headed for a global shift and a Golden Age for humanity, let’s keep sharing among ourselves on our blogs, in our discussion groups, on Twitter and Facebook.

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As the Boss said the other day, this is only the beginning. It’ll just keep getting better and better from here on in.

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