Up and Down Jacob’s Ladder

I just had a reader ask me about dark entities and higher dimensions.  In the course of answering, I shared two discussions of spirits ascending on a visit from the Astral Planes to higher dimensions. Perhaps I should share those two accounts here.

They are descriptions by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson of a temporary visit to the ruler of a plane much higher than his own and by Frances Banks of a visit to the Mental Planes from the Astral Planes. So Banks would be visiting the Fifth Dimension from the Fourth.

There is much more to their descriptions, and I give the URLs that the descriptions are taken from so you can read the rest. But for the purpose here I simply wanted to illustrate the preparations that may be taken to help a person adapt to a higher dimension  so they could visit it (Robert Hugh Benson) and what happens when a person goes somewhere on a higher dimension that they shouldn’t go (Frances Banks).

First is Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson recounting a visit to the ruler of a high spirit realm. I leave out most of the description, concentrating instead on his guide’s manner of preparing Benson for the trip upwards in the spirit planes and the difficulties Benson had.  I’ve bolded the passages that relate to these two subjects.

“[The Chaldean, Omar] came behind [Ruth and I] and allowed his hands to rest upon our heads for a brief moment. … The Chaldean told us that … placing his hands upon our heads … would … have the effect, in addition to giving us power to travel, of adjusting our vision to the extra intensity of light that we should encounter in the high realm. … The Chaldean asked us to make ourselves completely passive and to remember that we were upon a journey for our enjoyment and not as a test of our spiritual endurance. ‘And now, my friends,’ said he, ‘our arrival is awaited. So let us be off.’

We immediately felt ourselves to be floating, but this sensation ceased abruptly after what seemed but a second of time, and thereafter we had no sense of movement whatever. A light flashed before our eyes. It was extremely bright, but it was by no means startling. It vanished as quickly as it came and coincidental with its disappearance I could feel the solid ground under my feet. And then the first vision of this high realm opened before our eyes. …

We were standing within the realm of a king – that was evident to us at once. We stood upon an elevation some height above the city; our good friends had taken us to this particular location to present us with this superb view. It would not be possible, they said, to spend more than a limited period here, and so it was the wish of the Chaldean’s master that we should see as much as possible within that period.

A long description of this bright and blissful realm follows and then Benson continues.

Our good friend, the Chaldean, then mentioned to his ‘master’ that our stay had almost reached its limit. The latter said he was sorry to observe that it was so, but that such powers as had been invoked for us had their limitations, and, so, for our comfort, we must work within them. However, he added, there are other occasions and thus he extended further invitations to us.  (1) [Emphasis added.]

And here is Frances Banks, thrust back from the Mental Planes to the Astral Planes because she tried to enter a place that was denied her, given her present state of evolution:

“The thought came to me suddenly, what of the inner courts?

“And I found myself with this speed of thought to which I am only slowly becoming acclimatized, ascending the steps towards one of the great doors which stood open. Here, I felt, was revelation indeed!

But when I reached the top step, a Light blinded me. The shock stopped my progress. I stood still, blank in mind and dazed, unable to push my way into this blinding flash. I was aware that the brilliancy of this Light was too much for my state.

Immediately something seemed to be extinguished within me. My own light had become dimmed. I had the inexplicable experience of shrinking. Again I felt the strange, half-frightening sensation of dwindling … and dwindling….

And I was back again in my garden [on the Astral Plane].” (2) [Emphasis added.]

That was up Jacob’s ladder of consciousness. Now let’s go down.

To illustrate a voyage to a lower dimension, here is T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), descending to the Lower Summerlands to do some rescue work. The Lower Summerlands are just above the Stony Plane, which is itself just above the Winterlands.

“Toleration of these lower conditions is hard for me, however, and my endurance of them is short-lived. Living in the pure air and brightness of this sphere it is harder than ever to endure the murk and gloom. I have made a few returns and effected a few rescues, but now I have left this work to those who are more practiced in it.” (3)

And here is a discussion of the difficulty that Philip Gilbert, a man who reminds me quite a bit of Matthew Ward, has in staying on the lower planes when his energy is so much higher:

“A difficult aspect [of working in the Lower Summerlands] is that the repressed ‘power’ in me which is ‘dammed up’ when I ‘decrease my rate of vibration’ is buzzing in me like a thudding dynamo and I can’t hold it in check for long so that (especially at first when I was not used to it) I was apt to ‘vanish’ as far as the other person was concerned, which simply means that I have gone back to my real state. … Our ‘brakes’ will only hold for a short period. (4)

And here are spirits describing their descent to the Stony Plane, which is one plane above the Winterlands or Dark Planes.

John Heslop, resident of the Christ Sphere: “Below the Grey World [Lower Summerlands] there are lands of gloom and sadness [Stony Plane], till you reach the land of total darkness [Winterlands].” (5)

Benson: “The dark places [lie] beyond the belt of mist that separates them from the light.” (6)

Arnel: “Above the murky ocean of mist and vapour a dull light rested from above but could no sink beneath the surface far, that ocean was so dense. And down into that we had to go.” (7)

Arnel: “So we took the path downwards and, as we went, the gloom became more gloomy and the chill more full of fear. But we knew we went to help and not to fear aught and so we did not hesitate in our steps, but went warily.” (8)

So you can see that the higher planes are airy, bright, warm and inviting and the lower planes are dark, gloomy, murky, and uninviting.  The travelers must prepare themselves for the higher planes but are able to withstand the lower without adaptation.

I enjoyed that so much that I determined to offer a view of the Dark Planes or Winterlands. I’ll do that in the next post. But let the reader beware. Don’t read it if you don’t want to see the worst it gets.  No victims please. If you read it, you did so because you chose to. And you chose to, I assume, because you wanted to know just how bad life after death can get.


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