How the Truth of the Tsunami Will be Known

I said earlier that the perpetrators of the tsunami may set the record straight themselves through books they write on the astral plane.

Let’s examine some of the processes by which the truth of a crime of such a staggering nature will be known. In the first place, books will be available that tell the history of the tsunami with complete accuracy.

Silver Birch tells us about books on the spirit planes in a general way:

“There are many, many books [in the spirit world]. There is a duplicate of every book known to your world, and there are many other volumes of which there are no originals in your world. There are vast halls or buildings dedicated to all the arts, and literature has its place among them. It is possible to obtain knowledge of any subject in which you are interested.” (1)

Medium Charlotte Dresser asked her father and her spirit source, Mary Bosworth, to tell her about spirit books.

Dresser: “Can you give us any impression of how knowledge is thus stored?”

Father: “It is all so intangible to your way of expression, I do not know that I can describe it. But if you can picture wireless telegraphy as impressing itself in words than can be read,—if you can think of thought expressing itself almost simultaneously, flashing itself on pages, perhaps you can get an idea of the way books are formed.

“There are such great minds here, and the greatest of earth’s writers find their powers so exalted and so easily expressed, that books may appear without labor. We have libraries, and there are books and books, and knowledge, comes easily to those who seek. Clairvoyance might express it somewhat,—an illumination that presents the thought without effort. This on the part of the reader. The writer gives his thought inspirationally, and the words are transferred to the page without effort.

“Something like this. I cannot give any more definite description in your language.”

Later Mary contributed a little to the subject as follows:

Mary: “We have books, or the spirit counterpart of books. They are composed of etheric substance, but can be read by spirit sight, and enjoyed by the students and teachers here. They are not quite as earth books are, but are still something within the touch and sight of spirit, and can be read at any time. How could we store up the histories of worlds or the progress of other planet life if we only saw the present? Our teachers of history are wonderful in their learning and their memory, but they prepare the lessons given to others from the books that are within the reach of all in the libraries here.” (2)

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson describes how the perpetrators of crimes often write them.  They do so often to expiate their crimes. Without making amends and acknowledging the truth, there is no progress on the other side.

And no progress can for some mean remaining in a dark and barren plane, sometimes called “the Winterlands.” I may write about the probable destination of the creators of the tsunami later. They certainly won’t be happy with it.

“I have made another discovery that for the first time left me astounded. I found that side by side with the statements of pure fact of every act by persons of historical note, by statesmen in whose hands was the government of their countries, by kings who were at the head of some of those countries, side by side with such statements was the blunt naked truth of each and every motive governing or underlying their numerous acts – the truth beyond disputation.

“Many of such motives were elevated, many, many of them were utterly base; many were misconstrued, many distorted. Written indelibly upon these spirit annals were the true narratives of thousands upon thousands of human beings, who, whilst upon their earthly journey, had been active participants in the affairs of their country. Some were victims to others’ treachery and baseness. None was spared, none omitted. It was all there for all to see – the truth, with nothing extenuated, nothing suppressed.

“These records had no respect for persons, whether it be king or commoner, churchman or layman. The writers had just set down the veridical story as it was. It required no adornment, no commentary. It spoke for itself. And I was profoundly thankful for one thing – that this truth had been kept from us until such time as we stood where we were now standing, when our minds would, in some measure, be prepared for revelations such as were here at hand.” (3)

“Who … writes the book of truth in spirit? The author of the earthly volume writes it – when he comes into the spirit world. And he is glad to do it. It becomes his work, and by such he can gain the progress of his soul. He will have no difficulty with the facts,  for they are here for him to record, and he records them – but the truth this time! There is no need to dissemble – in fact, it would be useless.” (4)

Books are far more alive on the other side than they are here. They are not two-dimensional but multi-dimensional. Benson tells a little bit about this but there is much more to be said than he tells us here:

“We have our methods of printing, but they are totally unlike those of the earth. We have our experts, who are also artists at their work, and it is work they love doing, or else they would not be doing it. The method of reproduction here is wholly a process of the mind, as with all else, and author and printer work together in complete harmony. The books that result from this close cooperation are works of art, they are beautiful creations which, apart altogether from their literary contents, are lovely to look upon. …

“The books thus produced are not dead things that require a concentration of the whole mind upon them. They live just as much as the paintings we saw were living. To pick up a book and begin reading it meant also to perceive with the mind, in a way not possible on earth, the whole story as it was being told, whether it be history or science, or the arts. The book, once taken in hand by the reader, instantly responds, in very much the same way as the flowers respond when one approaches close to them. The purpose is different of course.” (5)

Other means besides books also exist that will tell the story of the world’s successes and its catastrophes. People can go to museums where the exhibits come to life. Here the transitioned mother of Rev. G. Vale Owens describes a museum exhibit in the Hall of Evolution that comes to life before the onlooker. She is able to zoom in on life and to go back into the past.

“In the centre was a large structure and this we entered and found ourselves in a large and spacious hall, the only compartment in the place. It was circular in shape and round the walls were carvings of a curious kind. We examined them and found that they were representations of the heavenly bodies; and one was the earth. But they were not fixed, but turned on pivots, half in and half out of the wall. There were also models of animals and tress and human beings, but they were all movable, and stood on pedestals in niches or alcoves. We inquired and were told that this was a purely scientific Institution.

“We were taken up to a balcony on one side of the circular space. It projected somewhat and so we could see the whole at once. Then we were told that a small demonstration would be made for our benefit in order that we might get some idea of the use to which these things were put.

“At length a blue mist began to fill the central space. Then a ray of light swept round the hall and rested on the globe which represented the earth. As it hovered about it the sphere appeared to absorb the ray and became luminous, and, after a time, the ray being withdrawn, we saw the earth globe was shining as if from within. Then another ray was sent on to it of a deeper and different kind and the globe slowly left the pedestal, or pivot, or whatever it rested on and began to float out from the wall.

“As it approached the centre of the space it entered the blue mist and immediately on contact began to enlarge until it became a great sphere glowing with its own light and floating in the blue space. It was exceedingly beautiful. Slowly, very slowly, it revolved on its own axis, evidently in the same way the earth does and we were able to see the oceans and continents. These were flat patterns, like those on the terrestrial globes used on earth. But as it revolved they began to assume a different aspect.

“The mountains and hills began to stand out and the waters to sway and ripple: and presently we saw minute models of the cities, and even details of the buildings. And still more detailed grew the model of the earth till we could see the people themselves, first the crowds and then the individuals. This will be hard for you to understand, that on a globe of some perhaps eighty to a hundred feet in diameter we are able to see individual men and animals. But that is part of the science of this institution – the enabling of these details being seen individually.

“Still more distinct grew these wonderful scenes, and, as the globe revolved, we saw men hurrying about the cities and working in the fields. We saw the wide spaces of prairie and desert and forest and the animals roaming in them. And as the globe slowly circled we saw the oceans and the seas, some placid and the others tossing and roaring, and here and there a ship. And all the life of earth passed before our eyes….

“Soon the scenes began to change on the revolving sphere and we were taken back thousands of years of the life of the earth and the generations of men and animals and plant life which had been from the present to the ages when men were just emerging from the forest to settle in colonies on the plains. … When we had satisfied our eyes for a while, the globe gradually became smaller and smaller and floated back to the niche in the wall and then the light faded out from it and it looked like an alabaster carving, just as we had seen it at first, set there as an ornament. …

“The animals about the walls were also used for a like purpose. One would be vivified by these powerful rays and / brought into the centre of the hall. When so treated it could walk of itself like a live animal, which it was temporarily and in a certain restricted way. When it had ascended a platform in the centre space, then it was treated with the enlarging rays – as I may call them, not knowing their scientific name – and then with others which rendered it transparent and all the internal organisms of the animal became plainly visible to the students assembled.

“Then it was possible to bring over the living model a change so that it began to evolve backwards- or should I say ‘involve’? – towards its simpler and primal state as a mammal, and so on. The whole structural history of the animal was shown in that life-like process. … Also it was possible for any student to take charge and continue the development according to his own idea and this not of the animals alone, but of the heavenly bodies and also of nations and peoples, which are dealt with in another hall, however, specially adapted to that study.” (6)

The same device could be used to watch a re-enactment of the Japanese tsunami, including the operation of the forces that caused it and who the people were who operated the devices. So nothing of what happened on that terrible day will remain unknown. It will be known in as much detail as one wishes.

Some time back I said that Matthew had ways of knowing what was happening on Earth. The ways I’m describing here are simply general ways. They are open to everyone. But you can see that they offer everyone exact knowledge.

I think (I don’t know) that Matthew’s ways are probably higher than these. Remember that Ashtar told us a little about Matthew, in a letter Suzy sent to me back in August 2009. Here is what he said. I had addressed him as “Lord Ashtar”:

“Steve, this is Ashtar. I prefer simply Ashtar, not Lord or Master or any other added affectation. …

“I want to tell you why you can trust the information we transmit to Suzy Ward. We know Matthew—all highly evolved beings in the universe know this soul—and his soul and his mother’s vibrate at the same high frequency, where only truth is passed between beings wherever they are, and she is known by us as a uniquely clear receiver.”  (7)

Matthew doesn’t like to speak about himself but this comment from Ashtar reveals a little: “All highly evolved beings in the universe know this soul.” Ashtar was not speaking in an affected manner here either.

Matthew therefore resides on a plane that is, I would think, undoubtedly well above the Astral or Mental (4th and 5th Dimensions) and so has access to ways of knowing that are more refined and to spirits as well who see farther than most. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t make mistakes or phrase things in ways he later revises. But it does mean that he has ways of knowing what’s so.

Finally, if the person wishes, they can go back in time and actually observe the event again. There are many ways that he or she could do that. I will cite only one, from Frederic Myers, founder of the  Society for Psychical Research.  Meyers has advanced to the Mental Plane, which he calls the “fourth” level of consciousness and we call the Fifth Dimension. This is the plane that we will be advancing to through Ascension.

It is not clear to me whether “the Great Memory” refers to the Akashic Records. I don’t think it does. But Meyers is able to participate in surveying the sweep of history. Meyers is free of the physical body whereas we will not be. I cannot say at this point whether that will make a difference in the extent to which we will know the past or not.

“To each human being his shadow, to each earthly event and scene a shadow or recorded image. Before the traveller in eternity rises to the Fourth level of consciousness, he surveys this memoried life of earth. Vast are the panoramas that extend before his vision. His sensitive perceptions may now register all the loveliness of the Renaissance period in Italy, all the cruelties and brutalities of the wars that ravaged Europe during mediaeval times. He enters the Greek world and may seek – if he is of a philosophic turn of mind – Socrates, Plato, Plotinus, all imaged within this memory, and still instructing the earnest young men of their period. But he is immediately aware of the different order of these perceived objects. They are automatic, without life in the sense that no souls dominate these scenes that at first pass one by one before the vision of the observer.

“None the less, when observing the images graven in the Great Memory, he becomes rapt, absorbed, caught in the excitement of the spectacle, in the strangeness and amazing character of this extensive drama. His own nature casts off its limitations; mind and feeling become fertilised, increasing in intensity and in power. The traveller journeying back to the Stone Age and even farther still, to the Ice Age, may suddenly wheel forward noting the germ of things and events that are yet to be. For already within the Imagination of God lies enshrined the conception of the whole future of the planet Earth down to the most infinitesimal detail. In this manner the traveller is permitted a glimpse of the scenes contained in this vast book of life before he proceeds further along his road in eternity.

“As Christ was taken to a high place and surveyed from it all the kingdoms of the earth, so the pilgrim has been led to that pinnacle within the group-soul from which he may perceive the history of the earth extending apparently illimitably. Yet, as he increases in perception, his power to see the whole of a period in time as one act of thought increases also, and a century of eventful happenings may be grasped thus, in, as it were, one single and all embracing glance.

“Truly the traveller has emerged from the dark womb of earth and knows it now in detail and as a whole. (8)

On top of all these, people can, under strictly-controlled circumstances, consult the Akashic Records themselves.  I’m not sure if Matthew can or not. My recollection is that Ashtar can. Certainly the archangels that we hear from can.  These would be the most accurate and the deepest of any records.

When a person passes through the Judgment, which I have written about elsewhere, (9) they consult their own Akashic Records themselves, which is open to a person during the Judgment and more generally when they have passed a certain stage of development.

These then are some of the ways in which who perpetrated the tsunami will be known to all. Those who think themselves clever enough to escape detection on Earth will be shocked and surprised at what they find on the other side.

And this Earth is not our real home. The spirit planes are more truly our home than this realm is. Here we lumber around encased in a temporary wet suit of the consistency of India rubber, constrained, forced to eat and drink, sleep and breathe, and suffering if we encounter inhibitions to any of those processes. But there we are free of all constraints and in our native surroundings and conditions.

Except if we cause a tsunami. Then we find ourselves in conditions that will definitely not be to our liking and for a very long time.


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