Emergence and the Reality Draw

I keep mulling over something someone said a long time ago. I’m changing his way of wording it because I don’t like his choice of terms. He said that life is a process of reality suction.  Everyone is trying to suck us into their reality and we’re trying to suck them into ours.

Not a very elegant way of putting it but the soundness of the thought keeps returning to me.

I think I’ll change it and say people are trying to draw others into their reality and others are trying to draw people into theirs.

Not like this is a bad thing. Perhaps we could say that we are sharing our mutual realities and we get to choose if we’ll adopt another’s view or not. Life is a mutually-negotiated process, continuously and eternally.

Now before I go on to the next point in the viewpoint I’m trying to sell to you, since we’re always selling viewpoints to one another, by this man’s theorem, I mention my primary assumption that the purpose of life is enlightenment. The purpose of life is for God to meet God in a moment of illumination.

Having said that, I go on to the next assumption which is that we cannot achieve enlightenment on the Internet by meditating per se or other similar actions. The Internet is not suited to meditating. It is suited to communication. Therefore a better thing to do on the Internet is to “emerge,” to stand forth as our truth, to communicate, to speak and to listen, and in the process emerge from our cocoons and be known to each other in all our glory.

OK, having named those as my assumptions, I now move on to the reality draw. I’m finding that in needing to negotiate my way through the reality draw, I’m emerging. In this latest round of adjusting to life in a much wider world than I’ve been used to heretofore, I need to make my peace with what I will post and what not, and why.

And what arises as I emerge is that my own point of view, to me that is, is what’s most important. I don’t mean most important in objective terms. I mean most important to me. I’m not here to develop your point of view. That’s what you’re here for. My responsibility is to develop mine.That’s what I’m here for.

So studying the point of view of others is rewarding and a good thing but developing my own is my basic task in life. Studying the point of view of others is input to developing mine.

So that’s one thing I’m learning from this time out.

The other thing I’m learning is that, if I dedicate myself to putting out the point of view of others too much, I don’t emerge. It’s one thing to post every news story that has any worth, but it’s quite another thing to emerge. i can so busy myself that I don’t emerge and if that becomes the case I missed the boat. (And here I go selling my point of view to you) I assume the same is true for you.

So I’ve had it all bass-ackwards. All the work I do here is to emerge. The posting of things is secondary. And I assume the same is true for you in what you do. This site is the vehicle of my emergence. Nothing more. If that assists you, all to the good. But it’s not here to provide a compendium of every good article that ever existed.

My standing forth as my truth is my service. My emergence is my service. There is a shifting of attention going on over here from the outside world to the inside world. And I feel stronger for it.

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