How the Galactics Reason

SaLuSa’s message today was quite synchronous with an intention of my own: An Hour with an Angel intends to interview Commander Ashtar next Monday and ask him about secrecy.  That discussion is more generally intended to shed light on how the galactics proceed with various matters by taking this one instance and looking at it more closely.

What do the galactics need to keep secret and why? What unfortunate consequences could result if something secret becomes public knowledge? Who decides what the galactics will discuss and what they won’t?  Do the galactics make timely disclosure of that which no longer needs to be kept secret?

The discussion is being held for us as ground crew, Earth allies, lightworkers and starseeds – and SaLuSa discusses a matter here that has been moulded or shaped by the galactics in part in secrecy so let’s have a look at what he says.

SaLuSa tells us that the original rumor that there would be an important Disclosure event around Aug. 4 arose from fears of a  dark false-flag attack. He says:

“The idea of the 4th August being a special day, was born out of rumours circulating for quite some time that suggested that the dark Ones were themselves proposing to use the Olympics for a false flag attack.” (1)

The galactics did not simply correct this impression but allowed us to believe that something might happen even though they knew it would not, as SaLuSa acknowledges here:

“We anticipated your thoughts that saw a way of countering such an idea, and rather than discourage you we stood aside to allow you free expression. By doing so in short time large numbers of Lightworkers shared the same desire for Disclosure to come out, in some form or another, during the Olympic Games.”

One of the reasons they did not counter the idea was because they saw that a groundswell of opinion in favor of Disclosure would carry the Disclosure ball forward, would build a protective aura of light around the Olympics, would increase the authority of the galactics to protect the Games by the Law of Attraction, etc. He discusses how the galactics reasoned around the matter of Disclosure and the Olympics generally:

“We feel this is the time to explain how there is gain from your focus upon the 4th August and the period that the Olympic Games are held. When a possible date is given for the changes you have been promised and are anticipating, it is understandable that you are excited and place your whole attention upon it.

“It is creating an enormous amount of goodwill by bringing the people together as never before. The benefits ripple out all across the world and help overcome the prejudice created and played upon by the dark Ones.

“You have been in this position several times only to be disappointed, but few of you realize that there is lasting value in what you have achieved. The thoughts, prayers and desire you send out for a specific purpose create a pool of powerful energy that provides the conditions for its manifestation.

“So even when the result is not what you have focused upon, you have helped bring it that much nearer to fruition. So perhaps you will understand that when we see the potential for strengthening the Light upon Earth, we will not cast doubt upon what you are doing but even encourage you to do so.

 “That created a great aura of Light around them and offset the intentions of the dark Ones, and made it more difficult for them to succeed. So do you understand why we would not interfere, or try to distract you from what you were doing? …

“So what we are saying now about the Olympic Games is keep your positive focus upon it, knowing that it will put a Light barrier in place for its protection. Anything more that is achieved will be wonderful, but whatever you do it will take you a step nearer to Disclosure.”

To allow us to believe that Disclosure was possible served a grander purpose than saying that it was probably not.

“What we knew about it did not matter, because your actions were serving a grand purpose even if you were unaware of it. In reality if sufficient numbers of you were all focusing on the same outcome, you could achieve a positive result. We would not pre-judge it or tell you it could not be done, as that would sway you in a way that could prevent it from happening.”

He confirms that there actually was a spacecraft visible – not a hologram, not a Blue Beam projection, but an actual spacecraft.

There was of course a Space Craft present when the opening ceremony was taking place, and it was intended to be seen as a way of showing that we were there. It received little coverage but millions of people observed it, and it will be another positive step forward to bringing pressure to bear upon the Governments to acknowledge our presence.

He reminds us that the galactics will not permit a false flag attack to happen, but still invokes secrecy.

“We are aware that quite a number of sources are creating fear by spreading the idea that a false flag attack is imminent, but by doing so they give the dark Ones the precise energy they feed off. We do have Divine authority to intervene and whilst there may be an attempt to frighten people with a fake alien attack, nuclear devices will not be allowed to be used.

“We shall be ready to assess any attempt of the Illuminati to cause trouble, and that is all we are prepared to comment on for now.”

If the galactics did not maintain secrecy, the cabal might move from Plan A (false flag) to Plan B (perhaps a Manchurian-candidate mass shooting).

He adds that “it is already general knowledge that Steven Greer has made a film that will also bring about a move to bring about full Disclosure.” And other Disclosure plans are also afoot.

In my opinion, there are many things about what the galactics are doing that we don’t understand and which it would be counter-productive for them to explain before the fact. They do explain after the fact. And when they do, we usually find their explanations quite reasonable.

We have to keep in mind, I think, the size of what they are managing, the need to see to our free will, the fact that they don’t imprison, torture and murder as the cabal does, and so many other factors that are probably totally unknown to us.

We are the ground crew. We are the Earth allies. We are lightworkers and starseeds. SaLuSa asks us, as their allies, to have faith in them and permit them to decide matters of timing.

“So, Dear Ones, the pressure is on those who can authorize Disclosure to make it happen, and it cannot be held back much longer. So please do not think that if it does not happen as you expect, that it represents some kind of failure.

“Much is going on that requires good faith in us, knowing that all of the time we are working for your release from the dark Ones. Also remember that we have a far greater view of what is taking place on Earth, and move according to the opportunities that present themselves. We ask that you allow us to decide what is in your best interests and wholeheartedly support us. Anything less is not helpful to the cause or goal to get you firmly on the path to Ascension.”

Regularly we forget the important role we play, but as the energies rise on the planet and our full powers gradually return to us, I’d like to suggest that it becomes more and more important for us to remember the important role we play and the need for us to have faith in the plans and the reasoning of our star brothers and sisters around the matters that concern us so profoundly.


(1) SaLuSa, Aug. 8, 2012





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